Dead By Dawn part two: when life is short, death is the main feature.
by Chris
A focus on the features from the horror film festival.
Dead By Dawn part one: life is short
by Chris
Thrills and chills from the famous horror film festival.
From the horse's mouth
by Chris
Legendary director Bela Tarr discusses his latest and final film.
Ginger Rogers' passion for fashion
by Chris
A look at the star's eye for dress and design
And the winner of the fashion Oscar is...
by Chris
We take a look at the glamour hits on the red carpet.
A taste of Ginger
by Chris
We profile dance legend Ginger Rogers as her top films screen again at the GFF.
In the court of the enfant terrible
by Chris
We tussle with Ken Russell.
Making memories matter
by Chris Docker
Kathie Russo in conversation about And Everything Is Going Fine
The Story Behind the Ghost
by Chris
We take a look at Willie Doherty's latest video installation.
Dance:Film Festival - it's a wrap
by Chris
We take a look at the highlights and look forward to some dance films at EIFF.
Making Flashdance look flashy
by Chris
We take a look at choreography on screen.
Care to Tango?
by Chris
As the Dance:Film festival continues, we take a passionate look at tango at the movies, from Valentino to Schwarzenegger.
Bringing dance film to book
by Chris
Tap into knowledge with our suggested reading list.
Tap into some movie dancing moves
by Chris
We take a look at some of the events running at the Dance:Film Festival.
Tracing the timeline of dance in film
by Chris
We take a waltz through some movie milestones.
10 of the best
by Chris
We celebrate the films of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
Let's dance
by Chris
We look back at the partnership of dance and film and forward to the Dance:Film Festival
Good Dick
by Chris, and Amber Wilkinson
Marianna Palka and Jason Ritter talk about the inspiration for their film.
EIFF 2008 Awards Announced
by Chris
The prizewinners gather in Edinburgh to celebrate.
In search of Better Things
by Chris Docker
Duane Hopkins talks about his startling new film.
A grand night out
by Jennie Kermode, Max Crawford and Chris
The Edinburgh International Film Festival opens in style.
On The Edge Of Love
by Chris
Keira Knightley discusses her new film as it premieres in Edinburgh.
East Of Havana a long way from truth?
by Chris Docker
Press conference concerns about the bias in Cuban rap documentary.
And the Oscar for glamour goes to...
by Chris Docker
Who shone on the red carpet?
How well do you know your famous films?
by Chris Docker
Here are some famous lines from Oscar-nominated movies. See if you can guess the movies, the characters and the actors who said them.
Oscars wild
by Chris Docker
We take a look at the history of the Academy Awards and look forward to this year's glitzy bash.
Getting kids into cinema
by Chris Docker
Glasgow Film Festival director Allison Gardner talks about her plans to make films more popular with youngsters.
Make me into a Movie!
by Chris Docker
A murderer from German literature stalks a path from page to screen.
Little Miss Sunshine Interview
by Chris Docker
EyeForFilm talk to directors Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton about their new film Little Miss Sunshine.
Day Fourteen: Sunday 27th August
by Chris Docker
Former Vice-President Al Gore introduces his documentary, and we catch the Best of the Fest
Day Thirteen: Saturday 26th August
by Chris Docker
As we reach the penultimate day of the EIFF, we reminisce with others and catch up with Driving Lessons
Day Twelve: Friday 25th August
by Chris Docker
Sir Sean Connery shares time with a live audience, and we ponder the various Awards...
Day Eleven: Thursday 24th August
by Chris Docker
Dead Man's Cards producers discuss the nature of film/cinema viewing, and Best of the Fest is announced!
Day Ten: Wednesday 23rd August
by Chris Docker
Sleep-deprivation happens to all dedicated film-festival buffs...zzzzzzzz. And a film is withdrawn from the programme.
Day Nine: Tuesday 22nd August
by Chris Docker
Rude awakening recalls a night with the bouncers from Dead Man's Cards.
Day Eight: Monday 21st August
by Chris Docker
The jury take questions from the press, and we discuss the BBFC's rating system.
Day Seven: Sunday 20th August
by Chris Docker
Little Miss Sunshine provides a ray of golden delight to the proceedings.
The Edinburgh International Film Festival 60th Birthday Party
by Chris Docker
The stars dress down, while we dress up to share the sights and sounds of the best birthday bash in ages.
Day Six: Saturday 19th August
by Chris Docker
London to Brighton director makes a Freudian slip discussing his initial financing
Day Five: Friday 18th August
by Chris Docker
Charlize Theron makes use of a popular Scottish phrase for the weather, and fanboy favourite Kevin Smith arrives for the premiere of Clerks II
Day Four: Thursday 17th August
by Chris Docker
The Jury announced, and a quiet day...
Feature : Sigourney Weaver interview
by Chris Docker
International star Sigourney Weaver reminisces on her previous work, and her fondness for comedy
Day Three: Wednesday 16th August
by Chris Docker
Autograph hunters are in luck at the 60th Edinburgh International Film Festival
Day Two: Tuesday 15th August
by Chris Docker
Star power floods Edinburgh as Snow Cake premieres. And there was a few surprise guests, too!
Day One: Monday 14th August
by Chris Docker
Graham Obree emerges from obscurity to triumph at the Opening Night Film of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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