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01 March 2021

The Stylist
A lonely hair stylist becomes obsessed with the lives of her clients and descends into murderous madness.

26 February 2021

Night Of The Kings
A young man is sent to La Maca, a prison of Ivory Coast in the middle of the forest ruled by its prisoners. With the red moon rising, he is designated by the Boss to be the new Roman and must tell a story to the other prisoners.
The Vigil
A man providing overnight watch to a deceased member of his former Orthodox Jewish community finds himself facing a malevolent entity.

25 February 2021

The Dark And The Wicked
On a secluded farm in a nondescript rural town, a man is slowly dying. His family gathers to mourn, and soon a darkness grows, marked by waking nightmares and a growing sense that something evil is taking over the family.

22 February 2021

Open 24 Hours
After setting her serial killer boyfriend on fire, a paranoid, delusional woman gets a job at an all-night gas station.

19 February 2021

Burn It All
An enraged woman battles a ring of violent organ smugglers after returning to her hometown to bury her mother.
Test Pattern
A relationship is put to the test when a black woman is sexually assaulted and her white boyfriend drives her from hospital to hospital in search of a rape kit.
A woman in her sixties who, after losing everything following the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, lives as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad.

18 February 2021

A social media star finds herself at the centre of a terrifying game.

12 February 2021

A documentary about bullying looking at causes, effects and possible solutions.
The poignant story of one woman’s search, in the aftermath of an unfathomable event, for meaning in the vast and harsh American wilderness.
After a series of two-bit hustles and unsuccessful swindles, Ray takes a job in a strange new realm of the gig economy: trekking deep into the forest, pulling cable over miles of terrain to connect large, metal cubes that link together the new quantum trading market.

11 February 2021

After Midnight
A man struggles with loneliness, the possible collapse of his relationship and the fact that every night a monster tries to break into his house.

09 February 2021

The Legend Of Fall Creek
On October 31st, two preteens in a small town accidentally awaken an evil that has lain dormant for decades. They are forced to survive through a terrifying Halloween night of cat-and-mouse.
A malevolent spirit menaces a troubled family.
A passionate friendship develops between a sheltered 15-year-old and an enigmatic stranger in this Gothic tale.
The Strange Colour Of Your Body's Tears
A woman's disappearance forms the central mystery in this visually stylish neo-giallo.

05 February 2021

A decades-long feud between two sheep farming brothers comes to a head when disaster strikes their flocks.
The Wanting Mare
In Whithren, a line of women pass a recurring dream through multiple generations.
A Glitch In The Matrix
Are we living in a simulation?
A man invites his conservative father to live with him and his husband in Los Angeles, but his progressing dementia becomes problematic for them both.
Happy Cleaners
Two generations of a Korean American family struggle to understand one another as their dry cleaning business struggles to survive.

04 February 2021

A Nightmare Wakes
Out by Lake Geneva, Mary Shelley conceives the idea for Frankenstein and gradually develops her novel, amid personal turmoil and increasingly disturbing visions.

02 February 2021

First Blush
When a young couple form a relationship with another woman, they are prompted to acknowledge the problems between the two of them.

29 January 2021

The Funeral Home
An undertaker's dysfunctional family lives amongst coffins, wreaths and mischievous but nonviolent ghosts - but then a malevolent entity arrives.
Hard-hitting drama tracks the three decades that shaped the feared leader of a biker gang.

26 January 2021

A family struggle to survive as an asteroid breaks up in Earth's atmosphere and sends deadly fragments crashing down.
Portrait of Nasrin Sotoudeh, who is serving a prison sentence of 38 years in Iran for representing women who protested the country’s mandatory hijab law.
The Woman
A successful country lawyer captures and attempts to 'civilise' a woman he finds in the woods.

25 January 2021

12 Hour Shift
Nurse Mandy is just trying to make it through her double shift alive, but her nasty drug addiction, annoying coworkers, needy patients, and devious cousin are making it pretty tough, not to mention organ-stealing criminals and an injured convict.

22 January 2021

Agent Revelation
A CIA agent gains the power to talk to aliens after coming into contact with an ancient dust used to control humans.
Silence & Darkness
Two sisters, one blind and one deaf, begin to suspect that their father is up to no good.
Breaking Fast
Mo, a practising Muslim living in West Hollywood, is learning to navigate life post heartbreak. Enter Kal, an All-American guy who surprises Mo by offering to break fast with him during the holy month of Ramadan.
The Exception
Death threats see suspicion grow between four women in an NGO.
An elderly woman is convinced she knows what lies behind a spate of mysterious crimes... but nobody will believe her.

21 January 2021

Two best friends in a small Scottish town in the summer of '94 head out for one last night together before life takes them in different directions.
Give Me Liberty
When a riot breaks out in Milwaukee, America's most segregated city, medical transport driver Vic is torn between his promise to get a group of elderly Russians to a funeral and his desire to help Tracy, a young black woman with ALS.

19 January 2021

The Wolf House
The animated tale of a young woman who takes refuge in a house in southern Chile after escaping from a German colony.
Ten Minutes To Midnight
A late night radio host is trapped inside the station by a violent storm after being bitten by a rabid bat.
Exploring the criminalisation of pregnant women as seen through the eyes of a young mother swept up in new laws.
The Village In The Woods
A young couple travel to a remote village to take ownership of its pub with a view to selling it, but begin to suspect that something strange is going on.

15 January 2021

Coded Bias
Considering the racial bias issues of AI and facial recognition.
Acasa, My Home
In the wilderness of the Bucharest Delta, nine children and their parents lived in perfect harmony with nature for 20 years – until they are chased out and forced to adapt to life in the big city.

14 January 2021

A woman who trusted the wrong man must use all her resources to survive - but the forest is on her side.

12 January 2021

A volcanic eruption threatens the inhabitants of a small island.
Battle In Space: The Armada Attacks
In 2420, after aliens and powerful space wizards enslave human villages, a group of rebels organise a counter attack against their alien overlords by piloting fully loaded spaceships.
Clapboard Jungle
Following five years in the life and career of an independent filmmaker, supported by dozens of interviews, posing one question: how does an indie filmmaker survive in the current film business?

11 January 2021

The Bloodhound
A visit to a wealthy and reclusive friend lands a young man in a world of fear and despair.
Ham On Rye
A bizarre rite of passage at the local deli determines the fate of a generation of teenagers, leading some to escape their suburban town and dooming others to remain.

28 December 2020

The Blackout: Invasion Earth
Life on Earth is rapidly destroyed except for a small area in Eastern Europe.

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