The story of poet Siegfried Sassoon is told this week in Benediction, a novelist converses with the women in his life in Deception - see our conversation with director Arnaud Desplechin - and a young woman longs to escape her Hebridean island home in The Road Dance. Musical survivors get the documentary treatment in A-ha The Movie, there's a profile of Russian opposition politician in Navalny, and race issues leave students unsure how to handle an Emergency. A cop hunts down killers in Dobermann and a boxer becomes a priest in Father Stu, while an elderly couple face dark days in Vortex - we interviewed Gaspar Noé - and friends make a suicide pact in On The Count Of Three. Mismatched officers take on bank robbers in high octane spoof Cop Secret, which we discussed with director Hannes Þór Halldórsson and his co-star Auðunn Blöndal, while a filmmaker faces the death of his mother in Ahed's Knee, a writer deals with grief in Faye and a woman goes all out to protect her family in The Drover’s Wife: The Legend Of Molly Johnson - see what director/star Leah Purcell told us about it. A young couple try to survive a plague which causes aggression in The Sadness, cinema takes a look at itself in The Found Footage Phenomenon - see what co-director Phillip Escott had to say - and a young woman discovers the shocking truth behind her 94 siblings in documentary Our Father.

If you can't get to the cinema, we have plenty of suggestions for films to watch on television and streaming services in our Stay-at-Home Seven.


Packshot of The Childhood Of A Leader on The Childhood Of A Leader Streaming now on MUBI
Fable about the rise of fascism set in post-First World War Europe.
Packshot of The Worst Person In The World on The Worst Person In The World Streaming now on MUBI
Four years in the life of Julie, a young woman who navigates the troubled waters of her love life and struggles to find her career path, leading her to take a realistic look at who she really is.


Cannes Film Festival is under way - including a screening of Top Gun: Maverick - read about star Tom Cruise's visit to Cannes. We've also been getting in the mood with our Streaming Spotlight on Cannes Camera d'Or winners.


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Summer's child Colm Bairéad on bringing The Quiet Girl to the screen

Naked Ukraine protest on Cannes red carpet 'Stop raping us' message to Russia from female activist

Legendary composer Vangelis dies Musician's work carried him from the silver screen to other planets

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