Bill Murray and Adam Driver play cops who run into trouble this week when The Dead Don't Die, an Uber driver finds himself working with a detective in Stuber and a tortured artist flees to the West in Never Look Away - see our interview with director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. An exploitation filmmaker finds her stars getting murdered in Knife + Heart, and a couple who fall in love at first site face trouble as they try to conceive in Only You. There are anniversary rereleases for The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, Nicolas Roeg classic Don't Look Now is in cinemas again and, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the original Jaws returns to the big screen. We're also bringing you reviews and interviews from the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal and Outfest Los Angeles.


33 people have died in an arson attack on animé studio Kyoto Animation Link

Teenagers accidentally open a cursed portal in video game adaptation Dreadout: Tower Of Hell Link #FantasiaFest

Queering The Script looks at how queer female fans have changed television Link #OutfestLA

Japanese teenagers fear they have been cursed when awful things happen to their friends' eyes in Stare Link #FantasiaFest

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Packshot of Rondo on DVD Rondo DVD Review
A invitation to cross sexual boundaries leads a troubled young man into a dangerous world.
Packshot of Destroyer on DVD Destroyer DVD Review
An LAPD detective whose undercover work ended in tragedy is faced to confront her past when the leader of the gang she was embedded in re-emerges.


We're bringing you all the latest from the Fantasia International Film Festival, where Critters Attack! is screening, as well as Outfest Los Angeles


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Five to look forward to at Fantasia Our pick of what's coming up in Montreal

Constructing the Sentence John Hawkes and Elfar Adalsteins on motivation and midges in their road trip drama

A familiar face Perry Blackshear on male friendship, mental illness and They Look Like People

33 dead in arson attack on Kyoto Animation Suspect under police guard in hospital

Parasite joins Pearls San Sebastian announces first titles in Audience Award contest

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We're bringing you reviews and interviews from the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal and Outfest Los Angeles.

We're looking forward to Frightfest in London.

We've recently been at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the New York Human Rights Watch Film Festival, Sheffield DocFest and Sundance London .

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