22 Bullets
Jean Reno stars as a retired gangster out for revenge for a brutal assassination attempt.
3 Hours
Recreation of an incident in Iraq in which nine children were massacred by militants.
Au Revoir Taipei
Lightweight and funny crime caper about a desperate man trying to score an air fare.
Fathers and sons, and fishing.
The truth behind an alibi that kept a killer from justice for 20 years.
A young girl has a magical experience when taken to a theatrical performance of Alice In Wonderland.
And Everything Is Going Fine
Tribute to the writer and performer Spalding Gray.
An Act of Love
A man agrees to help his partner's sister have a baby.
A young man tries to reconcile with his father through football.
Film borne out of artist's residency with Edinburgh Mela.
The Astronomer's Sun
A man and a mechanical bear head to an observatory to confront his past.
Atomic Hubbub
Helpful advice on what to do to survive a nuclear attack.
A young woman invites in a stranger who has followed her home.
Barber's Dozen
The tales of people who frequent a barber's shop chair.
Colliding with the dusty window of an abandoned guest-house, an unwitting bird fails to realise the curious horror lurking within.
Blank City
Documentary on the DIY independent film movement that emerged in tandem with punk rock and No Wave in late Seventies downtown New York.
A Boy and his brother find their fantasy version of their dad is somewhat different to the real deal.
A first shift in a care home takes a sinister turn.
The Bite
A woman is waiting for her lover. The little girl she is taking care of is playing. When the young man arrives, the little girl decides to explore the park.
Blind Date
A man's quiet night in the pub is interrupted when a girl arrives looking for her blind date.
Bon Appetit
A little girl tries to get her ice-cream back from a hungry monster.
A hot summer of young love.
Using synthetic biological technology, a young man grows his own action hero.
The Cage
A son brings home an injured dove.
An old man walks through the desert checking his traps for food, but something else is stalking him.
A fluffy kitten dreams of rampaging through a city.
Drama about a World War II veteran, left crippled and entirely dependent on his wife.
Countdown To Zero
A history of the atomic bomb and the current nuclear arms race.
C'est déjà l'été
Life without hope in a polluted Belgian town.
Chase The Slut
A playful and assertive young woman is persuaded by her rich friend to seduce a nerdy religious boy.
Cherry Tree Lane
Urban horror about a culture-clash between an upper-crust couple, and trouble with local boys.
Cigarette Girl
Cigarette smuggler and dealer wants to quit.
A haircut promises to make a big difference to a teenager's life.
The complicated story of a love triangle between a walrus, a seal and a lobster who visit the same sauna.
The Crab
The fall and fall of an academic wannabe.
Crab Trap
A newcomer explores a troubled paradise
Three friends decide to become superheroes, spandex and all, in this low budget comedy.
Crook And The Highlandman
Factual film about the life of one of the members of mental health programme Stepping Stones.
The Cull
A boy clashes with his father as the older man tries to teach him about life on a remote Peak District farm.


Sci-fi short about a shipwrecked traveller, a strange desolate land and a fateful clash with the locals.
De Luce 1: Vegetare
Super 8/digital hybrid experimental film, exploring use of colour.
An ailing man seeks to reconnect with his family but inadvertently keeps making all his previous blunders worse.
The Dry Land
A US soldier returning home from war struggles to reconcile his experiences abroad with the life and family he left in Texas.
The unexpected predicament of Apollo 18 astronaut Glen Gordon.
Two boys are forced to face up to their crime.
The Edge Of Dreaming
Documentary exploring the relationship between humans and their dreams, from the personal perspective of the director.
Electric Light Wonderland
Three men unpack a mobile discotheque, quietly musing on what is to come.
Ever Here I Be
An exploration of the feelings of an impending break-up.
Evil In The Time Of Heroes
Rather difficult to sum up in a one-liner - a barmy Greek zombie flick meets Doctor Who.
The Extra Man
An aspiring author forms an unusual friendship with an oddball older playwright.
A Family Portrait
A family portrait session reveals underlying jealousies.
Family Tree
Family skeletons are unearthed by a father's refusal to attend the funeral of his first-born son.
Fatal Danger
A kitten dreams itself into an action movie.
Fly On The Window
A moody animation from the perspective of a fly observing someone's home.
Unreliable narrators and late-twenties hedonism in a strange brew.
Freetime Machos
A season of piss poor rugby in Finland and what the players think about sex.
Frontier Blues
Four Iranian men and a donkey struggle with life's complexities.
Genius Within: The Inner Life Of Glenn Gould
Portrait of the pianist as an unusual man.
Traces of the spring.
Get Low
Heatwarming tale of redemption, partially based on the true story of a hermit who threw his own funeral... while he was still alive.
Grim's Dyke
Experimental short.
The Good Heart
A barman tries to help a young homeless man by teaching him to be tougher, but finds his own nature changing in the process.
A bank clerk finds himself drawn into the criminal underworld after a shock to the senses.
Gypsy Cab
The phenomenon of the 'gypsy cab' - Russian, spontaneous, unlicensed taxis.
A professional gigolo has one week to stop a loving couple tie the knot in Monte Carlo.
The Henhouse
A hungry fox finds shelter from the city and the rain in the Hen House Cafe.
Henry of Navarre
French historical epic about the ascent of King Henry IV
HP Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror
A lavish audio production of one of HP Lovecraft's classic tales of terror.
HIGH School
When a drug test coincides with a valedictorian's first hit of pot, there's only one solution... get the whole school high.
A young man is forced to reassess his life when his fiancée dumps him days before their planned wedding.
Hotel Atlântico
Brazenly weird road movie about a TV soap actor's odyssey.
The long, low road to failure on the stand-up comedy circuit.
The Hunter
A man hit by tragedy takes matters into his own hands.


If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle
Drama about misguided youth and juvenile delinquency.
Incident By A Bank
A failed bank heist comedy, which takes place in one meticulously choreographed scene.
The Illusionist
A stage entertainer dedicated to a dying art finds his life transformed by a chance encounter with a young devotee.
I'll Be Right Here
A deranged and delusional screenwriter Moffat is holed up in an LA hotel room, ready to meet his idol Steven Spielberg.
In The Meadow
A middle-aged man and his young mistress head for a birthday picnic in the countryside. At least, that's the plan.
Jackboots On Whitehall
Animated re-imaginging of a German invasion during the Second World War
Journal And Remarks
Images from the Galapagos intermingle with pages from Darwin's book A Voyage Of The Beagle.
June 6th
Documenting the 65th anniversary of D-Day.
Just Before Dawn
Two women try to rediscover their youth an an isolated countryside party.
Kawasaki's Rose
Family drama about decades-old betrayal to the communist secret police.
Kick Off
Organising a football match amongst the ruins of broken lives in Kirkuk, Iraq.
The Kid
Adaptation of Kevin Lewis' autobiography of the same name.
Following an encounter with one of his former charges, Henry reconnects with himself and those who love him.
The Last Rites Of Ransom Pride
Outrageous comedy Western about a young woman taking her murdered lover back to his home to be buried.
A look at the lives of those visiting a launderette.
An animation about a small girl who discovers a whole world inside a leaf.
Lumphini 2552
Avant garde film using still photography captured in Bangkok's Lumphini Park.
Two Philippine grandmothers struggle with the aftermath of a murder.
The Loop
In a nightmarish world Lox has to decide whether to abandon hope or face his harsh surroundings. Can Lox temper his defiance and escape the loop?
The story of what happens when ordinary people hit the lottery jackpot.
The Lucky Ones
The comings and goings at a Registry Office in Krakow.


The Man Next Door
An architectural battle of wits.
María's Way
Story of a woman who greets those on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain
Jolly is a 14-year old introvert girl in love with her classmate Kenneth. Her world is turned upside down when the neighbor's son arrives to bury his father.
Melissa Immaculate
Melissa is about to become a Roman Catholic and cameras track her preperations.
What would you do if the "Missing" person in your newspaper sat next to you?
The Man Who Would Be King
Two schemers plot a coup in the Middle East.
The coming of age story of a 13-year-old boy named Cesar, whose awkward bravado and fanciful imagination have earned him the nickname of Mosquito
My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?
Two detectives try to work out how a young man came to kill his mother with a sword.
Mondo’s Search For The Sun
When one day the sun fails to rise as expected, Mondo becomes determined to discover its fate.
A human/extra-terrestrial love story cum road movie.
The Moon Bird
An orphan girl takes on a sorceress with the help of her magical feathered friend.
Mother Of Many
An animated film about a midwife who helps to bring lots of babies into the world.
The Mouth Of The Wolf
Archive and modern footage is a love letter to Genoa.
Mr Nice
Rhys Ifans stars in a crazed biopic of factotum Howard Marks.
Mundane History
A male nurse cares for a paralysed patient in Bangkok and waits for something to happen.
The Mystery Of Flying Kicks
Documenting the phenomenon of trainers being left hanging from telephone poles, trees and the like.
My Invisible Friend
Tomas is incredibly shy... perhaps an imaginary friend will help.
NASA: A Volta
A drug deal goes awry.
Native Son
Lonely farm-hand finds someone to be close to.
The Newly Coming Seasons
Four seasons pass in the Demilitarized Zone in Korea.
A look at the life of the eponymous orangutan, imprisoned in a zoo.
A man trying to cross into the US finds himself 'trapped' in Tijuana.
A Not Sad Story
A man, a woman and a dog experience unexpected animated adventures.
No Sleep Won't Kill You
Haunted by strange dream figures since childhood, an isolated man undertakes a dangerous experiment, sleeping less and less, with unexpected results.
The Oath
The story of two men whose fateful encounter in 1996 set them on a course of events that led them to Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden, 9/11, Guantanamo, and the US Supreme Court.
Ollie Kepler's Expanding Purple World
A man with a passion for astrophysics experiences a schizophrenic break after suffering a bereavement.
One Thousand Pictures: RFK's Last Journey
Documentary on the journey of Robert Kennedy's funeral train.
Beasties, romance, black magic, comedy and horror - sounds like it's got it all!?
Out Of The Ashes
The story of the unexpected rise and rise of the Afghan cricket team.
Paradise Later
Shots of pollution in an Indonesian river are accompanied by the sounds of a travelling salesman reporting to his board.
A girl on the verge of womanhood imagines life away from the constraints of caring for her father.
Peepli Live
Social satire about not-very-suicidal but desperate farmer.
Pelican Blood
A passionate romance between two young people planning to end their own lives.
The People Vs George Lucas
A documentary looking at the arguments for and against each part of the Star Wars series and its creator.
Pig In A Poke
A ventriloquist butcher finds himself in conflict with his pig puppet.
The Pizza Miracle
A son returns to say farewell to his dead father.
Police Adjective
A young policeman crosses swords with his supervisor when he hesitates to turn in a teen caught with drugs.
Atari struggles with his useless robot, but his real struggle is more complex.
Prayers For Peace
Stop-motion animation confronting the memory of the artist's younger brother killed in the Iraq conflict.
Putty Hill
A troubled family is united by bereavement.
Two couples recount their complex sexual and romantic involvement.


The Rebound
A young New Yorker finds himself smitten with the single mother next door, despite a challenging age difference.
Red Hill
Life proves tough for a young police officer in a small town, as he begins to wonder if he'll make it through his first day alive.
Relative Madness
A documentary portrait of an unconventional family.
Documentary shot by two filmmakers embedded with an Afghanistan US Army platoon for a year.
The Rhythm Of The Story: The Quest
Abstract film about story.
A frustrated young girl who has been blind since birth encounters a boy on the run.
Rob And Valentyna In Scotland
Two cousins have an odd-couple adventure.
The Red Machine
A young thief is persuaded to help a US government agency steal a Japanese encryption device on the eve of war.
The Runaways
Rock biopic.
R: Hit First, Hit Hardest
Sentenced for an unexplained stabbing, a young man enters a violent prison.
Sauna Tango
A physiotherapist fixes up clients to the tune of the tango.
Savage Messiah
A spectacular, highly sexualised biopic of the artist Henry Gaudier.
Savage Mountain
As food runs low and tensions run high on the slopes of Savage Mountain, something sinister is at hand.
Save Our Bacon
A farmer needs ten more pigs in a hurry, but the only one he has turns her snout up at prospective suitors.
Scene 32
Avant garde depiction of the salt fields of central Kaatch.
The Secret In Their Eyes
A man looks back at a crime that happened a quarter of a century previously.
The Sentimental Engine Slayer
A lonely young man muses on murder.
Shadow Play
A group of shadow characters embark on a strange adventure.
Memoir of a journey and an ill-fated film shoot in Russia’s Arctic north.
The Silence Beneath The Bark
When a tree falls in a forest, two subteranean inhabits go on a journey of discovery.
The Silence Of Sons
A hoarder manages to obtain a precious cupboard in impoverished Eastern Europe, but the cost may be higher than he imagined.
Silent Voices
A prison in Marseille forms the centrepiece of a series of interlocking stories.
The reeling of the Golden Orb Weaver a spider – unique for the golden hue of the web it weaves.
Sing Me To Sleep
A man whose elderly mother is ill invents a girlfriend in an attempt to please her.
Black comedy about a two-man emotional exterminator team.
Skip 11
Observing the construction of an artwork in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.
A window-washing duel.
A Small Act
Giving poor children in Kenya a chance of further education and offering them hope for a better life.
Snowman's Land
When a contract killer on the run takes what looks like an easy job in the mountains, things go from bad to worse.
Son Of Babylon
In the days following the fall of Saddam, a Kurdish grandmother takes her grandson on the search for his father.
A coming-of-age tale mixed in with the genesis of Northern Soul.
Soul Boy
A boy goes in search of his father's lost soul.
Synchronised soldiering meets Busby Berkeley
Stanley Pickle
A mysterious girl turns a man's carefully ordered life upside down.
State Of Flux (Wave #1)
Exploring the nature of chaotic systems through the examination of water.
Strawberry Girl
A girl talks about her hellish summer job on a strawberry farm.
Superhero Me
A documentary about superheroes with the potential to make valiant efforts in the ongoing battle to save the world.
Tad's Nest
Animation inspired by a childhood tale of eels.
The Tail Gunner
The first instalment of their "microEPIC kitty kitty series".
The Tannery
A fox has a life after death experience.
Thelma, Louise And Chantal
Three women discover shared passions and form a powerful bond as they go on a road trip together to an ex-boyfriend's wedding.
Third Star
Four friends go on holiday to Barafundle Bay in this gentle, affectionate comedy with an unexpected end.
Thunder Soul
A tribute to the Kashmere Stage Band, looking at their remarkable history and the influence of Conrad "Prof" Johnson, who turned a school band into a worldwide sensation.
Trees Of Syntax, Leaves Of Axis
Examination of maple trees set to a contrapuntal violin score.
Toy Story 3
When their owner grows up and leaves home, his toys have to adapt to a new way of life in a day care centre.
An unlikely tea party takes place to celebrate a birthday.
In 1977 West German terrorist Norbert Kröcher was arrested for having planned to kidnap the Swedish politician Anna-Greta Leijon. Among the people arrested during the following raids was Kröcher’s former girlfriend ‘A’. This is her story.
Two Eyes Staring
When a family move to the countryside, their daughter befriends a little girl who 'lives' in the basement.
Two In The Wave
Account of the friendship between Truffaut and Godard.
A closeted gay fisherman finds himself trapped in an unusual love triangle.
Until The River Runs Red
A mysterious girl claims to be the second coming of Jesus, but why are the police investigating her disappearance?


Four young friends go on a trip to the seaside.
The Veil
The secret life of a nunnery in Venice.
Welcome To Twister
An old man makes up a bed-time story for his three grandchildren... but things get wild in the Old West when they start to join in.
What Light (Through Yonder Window Breaks)
Sunlight cast through a window breaks free and takes on a life of its own.
Whisky With Vodka
Dry comedy about the drunken antics of a past-his-prime star, which threaten to derail his latest movie.
Winter's Bone
An unflinching Ozark Mountain girl hacks through dangerous social terrain as she hunts down her drug-dealing father while trying to keep her family intact.
World's Greatest Dad
A comedy about a high school poetry teacher who learns that the things you want most may not be the things that make you happy.
Wound Footage
Unification of the digital with the analogue world.
Went The Day Well?
Local people come together to fight off the Nazis after the invasion of a small English town.
Yellow Cake
Animated satire exploring oppression and rebellion.

Filming sensations Mathieu Amalric on Pierre Léon, Jeanne Balibar and the sounds and colours of Barbara

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