Barber's Dozen

Barber's Dozen


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

Three haircuts, intercut; Brian the barber with regulars Simon, Terry, and Roland. They tell stories, swap jokes, it's quality banter. Almost eavesdropping, Tara Manandhar and David O'Neill's film is entertaining, amusing, like a humorous conversation overheard on the train. The stories told are amusing themselves, but it's the sense of community, of being a part of something that makes it work. It might have been nice to see more, but as is often the case you can only catch so much within your shooting days, and Manandhar and O'Neill have made much of that they've captured - more elegant coiffure than combover, it's slight, compact, trim, if you will, but entertaining.

Reviewed on: 24 Jun 2010
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The tales of people who frequent a barber's shop chair.
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Director: Tara Manandhar, David O'Neill

Year: 2009

Runtime: 7 minutes

Country: UK

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