Melissa Immaculate

Melissa Immaculate


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

It's an incongrous picture, a massive rosary being hung on a flat's wall while happy hardcore rattles tinnily from a CD player. It's affecting though, as we follow Melissa in the period before her conversion to catholicism. As outlined in her worksheet for 'About Becoming Catholic', she is to have her Baptism, Communion and Confirmation in one day.

She's looking forward to it, and well she should - her eyes light up talking about it, and behind the camera Julian Krubasik draws details, interacts with her well. We hear about her psychiatrist, Finbar, but we don't need the details. This is behind her, she is looking forward. This is a heartwarming little portrait, probing but not prying, a gentle little picture of an interesting time in someone's life.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2010
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Melissa is about to become a Roman Catholic and cameras track her preperations.
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Director: Julian Krubasik

Year: 2009

Runtime: 13 minutes

Country: UK


EIFF 2010

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