The Rhythm Of The Story: The Quest

The Rhythm Of The Story: The Quest


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

It is in some ways surprising that this is in the Animation strand at EIFF 2010 rather than the Black Box programme - the latter favours experimental films, which this would seem to be. From the notes it apparently abstracts different theoretical elements from a variety of disciplines, but in practise it's a field of flashing shapes with something approaching music in the background. Without a key, it's a map to what should be familiar territory that has been rendered in some impenetrable code. It's pretty, even, in fairness, mesmerising, but even being aware that there is perhaps meaning doesn't help find it. Propp's Morphology Of The Folk Tale reduced any number of stories to lack, quest, and resolution. Unfortunately for The Quest, the lack is comprehensibility, and the resolution is not to bother.

Reviewed on: 20 Jun 2010
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Abstract film about story.
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Director: Karn David

Year: 2009

Runtime: 5 minutes


EIFF 2010

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