Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

In the fine tradition of Gag-U-Lite comes a British comedy of mind-numbing dreadfulness.

There is a baldy bloke called Warren (Johnny Harris) who thinks he’s Eric Morecambe, looking for Ernie. And there is a fuzzy haired waiter called Clark (Noel Clarke), with a line in amateur ventriloquism, who is sick as a parrot because the obnoxious manager of the Greek restaurant where he works is carrying on with the bird he fancies. Through a series of unlikely coincidences the two meet and decide to become a double act and go on the road.

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Trouble is they are not funny. Warren looks like Droopy after the jail house exploded, while the more charming Clark has only one joke which begins to pall super fast. Their attempts to break into the stand-up circuit in London are thwarted and when they gate crash the Comedy Awards After Party they are picked up by an aggressive American agent (Thandie Newton) and forced to snort coke, which almost kills Warren. Funny? You’ll die.

Co-written and directed by Ben Miller, ex-Edinburgh Fringe favourite and TV star, this should have been an insider’s guide to laughter. It isn’t, despite a host of famous faces playing cameo roles. Showbiz is low biz until you make it and then it’s flattery, flowers and fat cheques. These guys are portrayed as innocents in a cynical cesspool of tired talent, which makes them neither cute, nor appealing. You wish that Clark would go back to the restaurant and win the heart of the girl. As for Warren? Brain damage might be an improvement.

Reviewed on: 16 Jun 2010
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The long, low road to failure on the stand-up comedy circuit.
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Director: Ben Miller

Writer: Ben Miller, Simon Godley, based on the play by Ben Miller, Simon Godley and Jez Butterworth

Starring: Noel Clarke, Johnny Harris, Oliver Chris, Michelle Ryan, Tamsin Egerton, Thandie Newton

Year: 2010

Runtime: 80 minutes

Country: UK

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