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Lady Buds Lady Buds
Lady Buds and The Gig Is Up
Burning (Country: Australia; Year: 2021; Director: Eva Orner)
Documentary about Australia's Black Summer of bushfires.
The Business Of Birth Control (Sweetening the Pill) (Country: US; Year: 2021; Director: Abby Epstein; Writer: Holly Grigg-Spall)
Considering the sometimes dark history of the development of the pill.
A Decent Home (Country: US; Year: 2022; Director: Sara Terry; Writer: Victoria Chalk, Sara Terry)
Exploring the threat faced by mobile home owners by private equity firms.
The Gig Is Up (Country: France, Canada; Year: 2021; Director: Shannon Walsh)
Documentary digs into the gig economy.
InHospitable (Country: US; Year: 2021; Director: Sandra C Alvarez; Stars: Tony Buba, Chuck Grassley, Josh Shapiro, Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, Emily Gee, Farzad Mostashari, Erin Ninehouser, Erin Fuse Brown, Evie Bodick, Monica Noether, Pat Basu, Nila Payton, Sara Innamorato, Darrell Gaskin, Ginny Bell)
Documentary follows patients and activists as they band together to fight a multi-billion dollar non-profit hospital system in Pittsburgh that limits vital care for vulnerable patients.
Lady Buds (Country: US; Year: 2021; Director: Chris J Russo; Writer: Tamara Maloney, Chris J Russo; Stars: Felicia Carbajal, Joyce Centofanti, Cheryl Mumzer Goldman, Pearl Moon, Chiah Rodriques, Sue Taylor)
The story of six women who come out of the shadows of the cannabis underground to enter the new commercial industry in California.
A Song For Cesar: Beware A Movement That Sings (Country: US; Year: 2021; Director: Abel Sanchez, Andres Alegria)
A consideration of the life and legacy of American labour leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez and the farmworker movement.
We Are Russia (Country: France, US, Russia; Year: 2019; Director: Alexandra Dalsbaek; Writer: Alexandra Dalsbaek)
Following young activists in the lead-up to the Presidential election of 2018 as they campaign for Alexei Navalny.
Who We Are: A Chronicle Of Racism In America (Country: US; Year: 2021; Director: Emily Kunstler, Sarah Kunstler; Writer: Jeffery Robinson)
ACLU lawyer Jeffery Robinson’s shattering talk on the history of US anti-Black racism is interwoven with archival footage, interviews and Robinson’s own story, exploring the legacy of white supremacy.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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