Greg Zglinski's Animals (Tiere) Greg Zglinski's Animals (Tiere)

The Karlovy Vary Film Festival is back this year for its 52nd edition with a strong selection of films from across Europe and beyond.

The festival runs from 30 June to 8 July.

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Karlovy Latest Reviews

The Misandrists
The Misandrists
A radical female ‘army of lovers’ is preparing itself to fight for a world without men.
The White World According To Daliborek
The White World According To Daliborek
A stylised portrait of an authentic Czech neo-Nazi, who hates his life but doesn’t know what to change.
L'Amant Double
L'Amant Double
A fragile young woman falls for her psychotherapist... and his twin.
How To Talk To Girls At Parties
How To Talk To Girls At Parties
Three teenage punks gatecrash a party on the Queen's jubilee night in London and have an unexpected experience that feels out of this world
Requiem for Mrs J
Requiem for Mrs J
Jelena wants to end her life and she’s only got a week to sort things out... a situation that proves difficult.
Let The Sunshine In
Let The Sunshine In
Isabelle, single mum, divorced artist with one child, is looking for love. True love at last.
A group of German construction workers on a job in Bulgaria begin to compete for the approval of the locals.
Jeannette: The Childhood Of Joan Of Arc
Jeannette: The Childhood Of Joan Of Arc
Musical about the French heroine.
Men Don't Cry
Men Don't Cry
When, less than two decades since the war ended in Yugoslavia, a diverse group of veterans gathers at a remote mountain hotel to undergo days of therapy, it’s hard to expect absolute harmony.
A Memory In Khaki
A Memory In Khaki
A Syrian director dusts off memories of the past, when people were persecuted for their political beliefs.
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Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Features

World of difference
Writer/producer Alex Lipschultz on the challenges of making Menashe
'I just don’t know about fame. I have never figured it out'
Good Time star Robert Pattinson on being a lone wolf - and stardom as a side dish
Landscape of love
Director Francis Lee talks about authenticity and emotion in God's Own Country.
Pastures new
Alec Secareanu and Josh O'Connor on preparing for God's Own Country.
Casey Affleck liberated by ghosts
Star talks Oscars, Rooney Mara and hiding under a sheet
Completing the trip
Bertrand Tavernier on Jacques Becker, Claude Sautet, Jean-Pierre Melville and his Journey Through French Cinema.
Sofia gets all her own way
The Beguiled director on Farrell, Kidman and Dunst.
In the spirit of Twin Peaks
Jon Nguyen on David Lynch: The Art Life, Naomi Watts, and the films that made it all happen.
Within a neurodivergent world
Rachel Israel on developing Keep The Change.
Voyaging further
More from Bertrand Tavernier on his Journey Through French Cinema.
Untold stories
Jon Nguyen on the art of filming David Lynch.
Heart of the matter
Katell Quillévéré on Heal The Living, organ donation and E.T.
Bertrand Tavernier's odyssey
The director discusses My Journey Through French Cinema.
Seeing Things Differently
The controversy over Blindness and what it tells us about blind people and the film industry.

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival News

Czech film takes top prize at Karlovy Vary
Home grown talent triumphs with Crystal Globe
Weird is a winner in Karlovy Vary
Critics make choices in Festival finale.
Karlovy Vary rewards Laverty and Loach
Filmmakers receive Crystal Globes for “outstanding work”
Europe’s finest vie for top prize
Lux nominees revealed in Karlovy Vary
Demons are forever in Karlovy Vary
Awards for Affeck, Thurman and Howard

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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