Glasgow Short Film Festival 2022

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One Hundred Steps One Hundred Steps
One Hundred Steps and Displaced
Displaced (Country: Kosovo; Year: 2021; Director: Samir Karahoda)
​In post-war Kosovo, driven by the ambition of keeping their beloved sport alive, two local table tennis players wander from one obscure location to another.
Impossible Figures And Other Stories I (Country: Poland; Year: 2021; Director: Marta Pajek)
Following an explosion, a mysterious and elegant elderly woman wanders deserted city streets, recalling what was and what could have been.
Mir (Country: Serbia; Year: 2021; Director: Gorana Jovanović)
A lonely Lenin statue is haunted by Laika's death in space.
One Hundred Steps (Country: Germany, France; Year: 2021; Director: Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca)
The eighth audio-visual collaboration of Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca references the work of Bob Quinn, Irish filmmaker.

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