Rabbit-Proof Fence walked away with the Audience Award Rabbit-Proof Fence walked away with the Audience Award

The 56th edition of the Edinburgh International Film Festival kicked off with drama Morvern Callar and wrapped up with the Hollywood remake of Insomnia, starring Robin Williams and Al Pacino.

Among the celebrities who visited the city were Heather Graham, Jimi Mistry and Samantha Morton. Phillip Noyce's re-examination of the plight of Aborigines in Australia, Rabbit-Proof Fence, won the audience award, while gritty borstal-based drama Out Of Control snagged the Michael Powell Award For Best New British Feature. The Guardian New Director's Award went to Carlos Reygadas for Japon, while Marius Holst received a special mention for Dragonflies. Joachim Trier won The European Short Film Award: Prix UIP and The Kodak and Short Film Bureau Award for Best British Short Film for his film Procter, while the McLaren Animation Award for New British Animation went to An Eye For An Eye, produced and directed by Shynola with Ruth Lingford. The Saltire Society Greierson Award for Short Documentary went to Sky High, which was directed, produced and edited by Anna Jones.

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Edinburgh International Film Festival Features

EIFF 2002: Day 12
Closing film and closing party. Christopher Nolan shares our Insomnia.
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Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan hits town.
EIFF 2002: Day 10
Meeting the Heartlands crowd.
EIFF 2002: Day 9
Comedy and Tragedy
EIFF 2002: Day 8
Comedy and Tragedy
EIFF 2002: Day 7
Lily Chou Chou Party
EIFF 2002: Day 5
Is Once Upon A Time In The Midlands the next full Monty?
EIFF 2002: Day 4
Heather Graham and Jimi Mistry at The Guru premiere.
EIFF 2002: Day 3
Gaspar Noe's Irreversible; Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon show.
EIFF 2002: Day 2
Cure for hangover: take one Timothy Spall...
EIFF 2002: Opening Night
Morvern Callar opens festival. Samantha Morton eschews opening party.

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