Edinburgh International Film Festival 2002
Dragonflies Dragonflies
Dragonflies and Dark Water
8 Women (8 Femmes, Eight Women) (Country: France; Year: 2001; Director: Francois Ozon; Writer: Francois Ozon, Marina de Van, based on the play by Robert Thomas; Stars: Danielle Darrieux, Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Fanny Ardant, Virginie Ledoyen, Emmanuelle Beart, Ludivine Sagnier, Firmine Richard)
Eight women, one body and a house full of lies.
Abouna (Our Father) (Country: Chad/France; Year: 2002; Director: Mahamat Saleh Haroun; Writer: Mahamat Saleh Haroun; Stars: Ahidjo Mahamat Moussa, Hamza Moctar Aguid, Zara Haroun, Mounira Khalil, Koulsy Lamko, Garba Issa)
Two brothers from Chad are affected in different ways when their father leaves home.
All About Lily Chou-Chou (Riri Shushu no subete, Lily Chou Chou no subete) (Country: Japan; Year: 2001; Director: Shunji Iwai; Writer: Shunji Iwai; Stars: Hayato Ichinara, Shugo Oshinari, Ayumi Ito, Yu Aoi, Takao Osawa, Miwako Ichikawa, Izumi Inamori)
A disaffected teen finds solace in music and fan chat rooms.
Australian Rules (Country: Australia; Year: 2002; Director: Paul Goldman; Writer: Phillip Gwynne, based on his novel, Deadly Unna; Stars: Nathan Phillips, Simon Westaway, Lisa Flanagan, Luke Carroll, Kevin Harrington, Tom Budge)
Racial tension hides beneath the surface of a tidy Australian fishing town.
All Or Nothing (Country: UK; Year: 2002; Director: Mike Leigh; Writer: Mike Leigh; Stars: Timothy Spall, Lesley Manville, Ruth Sheen, James Corden, Marion Bailey, Alison Garland, Paul Jesson, Kathryn Hunter, Sally Hawkins, Helen Coker)
Mike Leigh investigates the sad, heartfelt lives of high-rise South Londoners.
A Red Bear A Red Bear
A Red Bear and Pleasant Days
Angela (Country: Italy; Year: 2002; Director: Roberta Torre; Writer: Roberta Torre; Stars: Donatella Finocchiaro, Andrea Di Stefano, Mario Pupella, Erasmo Lobello, Tony Gambino, Matteo Gulino, Maria Mistretta, Giuseppe Pettinato)
Tale of star-crossed lovers in Mafiosi world of Sicily.
Baader (Country: Germany; Year: 2002; Director: Christopher Roth; Writer: Moritz Von Uslar; Stars: Frank Giering, Vadim Glowna, Laura Maori Tonke, Birge Schade, Daniel Krauss)
German jailbird lashes out at society with a series of uninteresting attacks and confusing exploits.
The Backyard (Country: USA; Year: 2002; Director: Paul Hough; Stars: "The Lizard", "Chaos", "Scar", "Heartless", "The Retarded Butcher")
A shockingly graphic documentary about the backyard wrestling phenomenon.
Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress (Balzac Et La Petite Tailleuse Chinoise, Xiao cai feng) (Country: China/France; Year: 2002; Director: Dai Sijie; Writer: Dai Sijie, Nadine Perront, based on the novel by Dai Sijie; Stars: Xun Zhou, Kun Chen, Ye Liu, Suang Bao Wang, Xiong Xiaoi)
Boys sent for re-education get the hots for local seamstress.
Bashkim (Country: Switzerland; Year: 2001; Director: Vadim Jendreyko; Stars: Bashkim Berisha, Riza Berisha, Djka Berisha)
A young Kosovan kick boxer and his family try to explain his rage and frustration.
The Backyard The Backyard
The Backyard and Le Souffle
Baadasssss Cinema (Country: UK/US; Year: 2002; Director: Isaac Julien; Stars: Samuel L Jackson, Pam Grier, Melvin Van Peebles, Quentin Tarantino)
Documentary about the 1970s blaxploitation films.
Buffalo Soldiers (Country: Germany/UK/US; Year: 2001; Director: Gregor Jordan; Writer: Gregor Jordan, Eric Axel Weiss, Nora MacCoby, based on the novel by Robert O'Connor; Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris, Anna Paquin, Scott Glenn, Elizabeth McGovern, Michael Pena, Leon Robinson)
Cynical depiction of life as a US soldier in Germany, 1989.
Breath Control: The History of the Human Beat Box (Country: US; Year: 2002; Director: Joey Garfield; Stars: Doug E Fresh, Rahzel, Biz Markie, Fat Boys, Stetasonic, Emanon)
The phenomenon of human beat boxing revisited as a documentary.
Broadway Black Sea (Brodwey, Chernoye Morye, Brodvey. Chernoe more) (Country: Germany/Russia/Czech Republic; Year: 2002; Director: Vitali Manski)
Documentary about a Black Sea holiday locale over one summer season.
Bundy (Ted Bundy) (Country: US; Year: 2002; Director: Matthew Bright; Writer: Matthew Bright, Stephen Johnston; Stars: Michael Reilly Burke, Boti Ann Bliss, Stefani Brass, Marina Black, Wayne Morse, Tom Savini)
Biopic of serial killer Ted Bundy.
One Hour Photo One Hour Photo
One Hour Photo and Australian Rules
Changing Lanes (Country: US; Year: 2002; Director: Roger Michell; Writer: Michael Tolkin, Chap Taylor; Stars: Ben Affleck, Samuel L Jackson, Toni Collette, Sidney Pollack, William Hurt, Amanda Peet, Richard Jenkins)
An ambitious lawyer and a recovering alcoholic have a bad day in New York after a car crash.
Cinemania (Country: Germany; Year: 2002; Director: Angela Christlieb, Stephen Kijak)
There, but for the grace of God, go Scorsese, Tarantino, Truffaut and Godard in this documentary about seriously obsessive New York cinephiles.
The Clay Bird (Matir Monia, L'Oiseau d'Argile) (Country: France/Bangladesh; Year: 2002; Director: Tareque Masud; Writer: Tareque Masud, Catherine Masud; Stars: Nurul Islam Bablu, Russell Farazi, Jayanto Chattopadhyay, Rokeya Prachy)
Life as a Muslim seen through the eyes of Bangledeshis on the verge of civil war.
Confession (Itiraf) (Country: Turkey; Year: 2001; Director: Zeki Demirkubuz; Writer: Zeki Demirkubuz; Stars: Taner Birsel, Basak Köklükaya, Iskender Altin, Mirac Eronat, Gulgun Kutlu)
A husband suspects his wife of infidelity and tries to make her confess.
Cry Woman (Ku Qi De Nu Ren) (Country: China; Year: 2002; Director: Bingjian Liu; Writer: Ja Deng, Bingjian Liu ; Stars: Liao Qin, Wei Xingkun, Zhu Jiayue, Li Longjun, Wen Ging)
Tough girl hustles work in China and discovers she has talent as a professional wailer at funerals.
The Happiness of the Katakuris The Happiness of the Katakuris
The Happiness of the Katakuris and The Last Great Wilderness
The Cuban Game (El Juego de Cuba) (Country: Spain; Year: 2001; Director: Manuel Martin Cuenca)
Baseball in Cuba - and its impact in a historical context.
Dark Water (Honogurai Mozu No Soko Kara) (Country: Japan; Year: 2002; Director: Hideo Nakata; Writer: Yoshihiro Nakamura, Ken-ichi Suzuki, based on the novel by Koji Suzuki; Stars: Hitomi Kuroki, Rio Kanno, Mirei Oguchi, Asami Mizukawa, Fumiyo Kohinata, Shigemitsu Ogi)
Obvious but effective Japanese horror from the director and writer of Ring.
Decasia (Country: USA; Year: 2001; Director: Bill Morrison; Writer: Bill Morrison)
Think Mirroball for those who find Mirrorball lightweight.
Detained (Asurot) (Country: Israel; Year: 2001; Director: Anat Even, Ada Ushpiz; Writer: Anat Even, Ada Ushpiz; Stars: Najwa, Nawal, Siham)
Powerful documentary about the life of three Palestinian widows and their families.
Digging for Dutch (Digging For Dutch: The Search For The Lost Treasure Of Dutch Schultz) (Country: USA; Year: 2001; Director: Laura Levine)
Documentary about the world's most wacky treasure hunt.
Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress
Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress and Buffalo Soldiers
Dragonflies (Oyenstikker) (Country: Norway; Year: 2001; Director: Marius Holst; Writer: Nikolaj Frobenius, Marius Holst, based on the book by Ingvar Ambjornsen; Stars: Kim Bodnia, Mikael Persbrandt, Maria Bonnevie, Thomas Skarpordet, Tintin Anderzon, Tord Peterson, Shanti Roney, Anastasios Soulis, Ulla-Britt Norman-Olsson, Willy Karlsson)
Secrets from the past are prized open when an ex-con comes to see a couple in the country.
Every Day God Kisses Us On The Mouth (In Fiecare Zi Dumnezeu Ne Saruta Pe Gura) (Country: Romania; Year: 2001; Director: Sinisa Dragin; Writer: Ioan Carmazan, Sinisa Dragin; Stars: Dan Condurache, Ana Ciontea, Horatiu Malaele, Dan Astileanu, Valer Delakeza)
An alcoholic butcher finds himself sucked into a world of murder he can't escape.
The Eye Of The Day (De Stand Van De Zon, À La Hauteur Du Soleil) (Country: The Netherlands; Year: 2001; Director: Leonard Retel Helmrich; Writer: Leonard Retel Helmrich, Hetty Naakens-Retel Helmrich; Stars: Rumidja, Dwi, Barkti, Ibu Sum, Tani)
Documentary about an Indonesian family, trying to survey the politically turbulent times.
Frailty (Country: USA; Year: 2001; Director: Bill Paxton; Writer: Brent Hanley; Stars: Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, Powers Boothe, Matthew O'Leary, Jeremy Sumpter, Luke Askew)
Bill Paxton’s kids think he’s gone nutzo in religious thriller about a serial axe murderer.
The Guru (Country: US; Year: 2001; Director: Daisy von Scherler Mayer; Writer: Tracey Jackson; Stars: Heather Graham, Jimi Mistry, Marisa Tomei, Christine Baranski, Michael McKean, Malachy McCourt, Rob Morrow, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Ajay Naidu, Raahul Singh)
Dance instructor from Bombay goes to New York, meets a porn star and become a sex guru.
Morvern Callar Morvern Callar
Morvern Callar and Soft Shell Man
Heartlands (Country: UK/US; Year: 2002; Director: Damien O’Donnell; Writer: Paul Fraser; Stars: Michael Sheen, Mark Addy, Jim Carter, Ruth Jones, Celia Imrie, Jane Robbins, Mark Strong, Paul Shane, Phillipa Peak, Jade Rhodes)
Big-time loser turns his life around when he travels to Blackpool in an effort to win back his estranged wife.
Her Majesty (Country: New Zealand; Year: 2001; Director: Mark J Gordon; Writer: Mark J Gordon; Stars: Sally Andrews, Anna Sheridan, Mark Clare, Alison Routledge, Geoff Snell, Craig Elliott, Patrick Morrison, Todd Emerson, Alexander Gandar, Anton Tennet, Stuart Devenie)
A girl dreams of meeting Queen Elizabeth II.
The Happiness of the Katakuris (Katakuri-ke no Koufuku) (Country: Japan; Year: 2001; Director: Takashi Miike; Writer: Kikumi Yamagishi; Stars: Kiyoshiro Imawano, Keiko Matsuzaka, Naomi Nishida, Kenji Sawada, Shinji Takeda, Naoto Takenaka, Tetsuro Tamba)
Running a guest house proves deathly for a family. Just as well they know a few good songs.
Hoover Street Revival (Country: UK; Year: 2002; Director: Sophie Fiennes; Stars: Bishop Noel Jones)
The goings-on within the 'hood of South Central LA and their all-black gospel church.
Intacto (Intact) (Country: Spain; Year: 2001; Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo; Writer: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo; Stars: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Eusebio Poncela, Mónica López, Antonio Dechent, Max von Sydow, Guillermo Toledo, Alber Ponte, Andrea San Vicente, Jesús Noguero, Ramón Serrada, Marisa Lull)
If luck is a commodity, it can be bought and sold.
Detained Detained
Detained and Digging for Dutch
The Importance Of Being Earnest (Country: UK/US; Year: 2002; Director: Oliver Parker; Writer: Oliver Parker, based on the play by Oscar Wilde; Stars: Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Frances O'Connor, Reese Witherspoon, Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Anna Massey)
Wilde's tale of love and identity gets saddled with unfortunate dream sequences.
Insomnia (Country: US; Year: 2002; Director: Christopher Nolan; Writer: Hillary Seitz, based on the script by Nikolaj Frobenius and Erik Skjoldbjaeg for Insomnia (1997); Stars: Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank, Maura Tierney, Martin Donovan, Nicky Katt, Paul Dooley)
Al Pacino is an LA detective come to Alaska to solve a teenage murder.
Irreversible (Country: France; Year: 2002; Director: Gaspar Noé; Writer: Gaspar Noé; Stars: Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel, Philippe Nahon, Jo Prestia, Stephane Drouot)
Brutal story of a violent rape, told in reverse. Now out to own in special collectors edition.
It Kinda Scares Me (Tomer Ve-Hasrutim) (Country: Israel; Year: 2001; Director: Tomer Heymann; Writer: Tomer Heymann)
Documentary about a group of adolescents in Tel Aviv.
Japon (Japón) (Country: Mexico/Spain; Year: 2002; Director: Carlos Reygadas; Writer: Carlos Reygadas; Stars: Alejandro Ferretis, Magdalene Flores, Carlos Reygadas, Barquin, Martin Cerrano, Rolando Hernandez, Yolanda Villa, Bernabe Perez, Fernando Benitez and Claudia Rodriguez.)
Mystery man seeks redemption and death in Mexico.
Once Upon A Time In The Midlands Once Upon A Time In The Midlands
Once Upon A Time In The Midlands and Just A Kiss
July Rhapsody (Nan Ren Si Shi, Laam Yan Sei Sap) (Year: 2002; Director: Ann Hui; Writer: Ivy Ho; Stars: Jacky Cheung, Anita Mui, Karena Lam, Shaun Tam, Tou Chung Hua)
A heartwarming tale about family relationships in China.
Just A Kiss (Country: US; Year: 2001; Director: Fisher Stevens; Writer: Patrick Breen; Stars: Ron Eldard, Kyra Sedgewick, Patrick Breen, Marisa Tomei, Marley Shelton, Taye Diggs, Sarita Choudhury)
Farcical romance as three couples become inextricably entwined due to wanderlust.
The Last Great Wilderness (Country: UK; Year: 2002; Director: David Mackenzie; Writer: Michael Tait, Alistair Mackenzie, David Mackenzie, Gillian Berrie; Stars: Alistair Mackenzie, Jonny Phillips, Victoria Smurfit, David Hayman, Ewan Stewart, Ford Kiernan, Sheila Donald, Martin Bell)
Two men take refuge in a retreat for lost souls in the countryside.
Morvern Callar (Country: UK, Canada; Year: 2002; Director: Lynne Ramsay; Writer: Lynne Ramsay, Liana Dognini, based on the novel by Alan Warner; Stars: Samantha Morton, Kathleen McDermott, Raife Patrick Burchell, Carolyn Calder, Dan Cadan, Jim Wilson)
After her boyfriend commits suicide, Samantha Morton runs away to Spain with her best pal.
My Little Eye (Country: UK, Canada; Year: 2002; Director: Marc Evans; Writer: David Hilton, James Watkins; Stars: Jennifer Sky, Stephen O'Reilly, Laura Regan, Sean CW Johnson, Kris Lemche)
People agree to take part in a reality TV experiment, which will see them share an isolated house for six months. But with a week to go, do their backers want them out?
My Little Eye My Little Eye
My Little Eye and Every Day God Kisses Us On The Mouth
Once Upon A Time In The Midlands (Country: UK; Year: 2002; Director: Shane Meadows; Writer: Shane Meadows, Paul Fraser; Stars: Rhys Ifans, Robert Carlyle, Shirley Henderson, Kathy Burke, Ricky Tomlinson, Finn Atkins, James Cosmo)
Rhys Ifans and Robert Carlyle tussle for the affections of Shirley Henderson.
One Hour Photo (Country: US; Year: 2002; Director: Mark Romanek; Writer: Mark Romanek; Stars: Robin Williams, Connie Nielsen, Michael Vartan, Dylan Smith, Erin Daniels, Paul H. Kim, Lee Garlington, Gary Cole, Marion Calvert, David Moreland, Shaun P. O'Hagan)
Robin Williams assumes the stalker role in this offbeat thriller.
Out Of Control (Country: UK; Year: 2002; Director: Dominic Savage; Writer: Dominic Savage; Stars: Tamzin Outhwaite, David Morrissey, Jamie Foreman, Frank Harper, Danny Young, Leo Gregory, Akemnji Ndifornyan)
Gritty drama about boys in borstal.
Pleasant Days (Szép napok) (Country: Hungary; Year: 2002; Director: Kornél Mundruczó; Writer: Kornél Mundruczó, Viktória Petrányi; Stars: Tamás Polgár, Orsolya Tóth, Kata Wéger, Lajos Ottó Horváth, András Réthelyi, Károly Kuna)
Newly paroled timewaster Peter wanders aimlessly from scene to scene as he continues to squander his life.
A Red Bear (Un Oso Rojo) (Country: Argentina; Year: 2002; Director: Adrian Caetano; Writer: Adrian Caetano; Stars: Julio Chavez, Soledad Villamil, Luis Hachin, Agostina Lage, Rene Lavand, Enrqique Liporace, Daniel Valenzuela, Freddy Forbes, Ernesto Villegas)
Ex-con tries to re-establish relations with his family and collect money due him.
The Eye Of The Day The Eye Of The Day
The Eye Of The Day and Irreversible
Revengers Tragedy (Country: UK; Year: 2002; Director: Alex Cox; Writer: Frank Cottrell Boyce, based on the play by Thomas Middleton; Stars: Christopher Eccleston, Eddie Izzard, Derek Jacobi, Diana Quick, Sophie Dahl, Justin Salinger)
A modern day adaptation of Thomas Middleton's 17th century stage play.
Rabbit-Proof Fence (Country: Australia; Year: 2002; Director: Phillip Noyce; Writer: Christine Olsen, based on the book by Doris Pilkington; Stars: Everlyn Sampi, Tianna Sansbury, Laura Monaghan, Kenneth Branagh, Deborah Mailman, David Gulpilil)
True story of three mixed race Aboriginal girls who walk home across the breadth of Australia.
Sex With Strangers (Country: US; Year: 2001; Director: Harry Gantz, Joe Gantz; Stars: Calvin, Julie, Shannon, Gerard, James, Theresa, Sara)
Documentary following the lives of couples who sleep around with any willing partner.
Soft Shell Man (Un Crabe Dans La Tete, A Crab In The Head) (Country: Canada; Year: 2001; Director: Andre Turpin; Writer: Andre Turpin; Stars: David La Haye, Isabelle Blais, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Chantel Giroux, Pascale Desrochers,)
A man returns home after an accident in the Indian Ocean to see his photographs in a new exhibit.
Something To Remind Me (Toter Mann) (Country: Germany; Year: 2001; Director: Christian Petzold; Writer: Christian Petzold; Stars: Nina Hoss, Andre Hennicke, Sven Pippig, Kathrin Angerer, Heinrich Schmieder, Franziska Trogner, Henning Peker, Michael Gerber)
Expertly constructed thriller in the tradition of Hitchcock and Chabrol.
Insomnia Insomnia
Insomnia and Japon
Son Of The Bride (El Hijo De La Novia) (Country: Argentina/Spain; Year: 2001; Director: Juan José Campanella; Writer: Fernando Castets, Juan Jose Campanella; Stars: Ricardo Darin, Hector Alterio, Norma Aleandro, Eduardo Blanco, Natalia Verbeke, Gimena Nóbile, David Masajnik, Claudia Fontán, Atilio Pozzobón, Salo Pasik)
Fortysomething businessman discovers the value of family over success.
Le Souffle (Deep Breath) (Country: France; Year: 2001; Director: Damien Odoul; Writer: Damien Odoul; Stars: Pierre-Louis Bonnetblanc, Dominique Chevallier, Maxime Dalbrut, Jean-Claude Lecante, Jean Milrod)
Harsh coming of age drama set in rural France.
Spider (Country: Canada/UK; Year: 2002; Director: David Cronenberg; Writer: Patrick McGrath, based on the novel by Patrick McGrath; Stars: Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson, Gabriel Byrne, Lynn Redgrave, John Neville, Bradley Hall, Gary Reineke, Philip Craig, Cliff Saunders, Tara Ellis, Sara Stockbridge)
A man undergoes a mental collapse.
Sex Is Comedy (Scènes Intimes) (Country: France; Year: 2002; Director: Catherine Breillat; Writer: Catherine Breillat; Stars: Anne Parillaud, Gregorie Colin, Roxanne Mesquida, Ashley Wanninger, Dominique Colladant)
A director struggles to shoot the sex scene central to her film.
Take Care Of My Cat (Go Yang I Rul Boo Tak Hae) (Country: South Korea; Year: 2001; Director: Jeong Jae-eun; Stars: Bae Doo-na, Lee Yo-won, Ok Ji-young, Lee Eun-shil, Lee Eun-joo, Oh Tae-kyung)
Korean coming of age drama.
Tribute Tribute
Tribute and All About Lily Chou-Chou
Tattoo (Country: Germany; Year: 2002; Director: Robert Schwentke; Writer: Robert Schwentke; Stars: August Diehl, Christian Redl, Nadesha Brennicke, Ilkur Bahadir, Jasmin Schwiers, Monika Bleibtreu, Fatih Cevikkollu, Johan Leysen, Ingo Naujoks, Florian Panzner, Gustav-Peter Wohler)
Stylish German Se7en style thriller.
Ten (10) (Country: Iran/France; Year: 2002; Director: Abbas Kiarostami; Writer: Abbas Kiarostami; Stars: Mania Akbari, Amin Maher, Kamran Adl, Roya Arabshahi, Amene Moradi, Mandana Sharbaf, Katayoun Taleizadeh)
Conversations in a car reveal many aspects of modern Iranian life, especially for women.
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (13 Conversations About One Thing) (Country: US; Year: 2001; Director: Jill Sprecher; Writer: Jill Sprecher, Karen Sprecher; Stars: Matthew McConaughey, John, Turturro, Alan Arkin, Clea Duvall, Amy Irving, Barbara Sukowa)
Several intertwining stories of New Yorkers with no sense of direction in life.
This Is Not A Love Song (Country: UK; Year: 2002; Director: Bille Eltringham; Writer: Simon Beaufoy; Stars: Michael Colgan, Kenny Glenaan, David Bradley, John Henshaw, Adam Pepper, Keri Arnold, Chris Middleton)
Two petty crooks are hunted over rugged country after a gun goes off by mistake in a farmyard.
The Trespasser (O Invasor) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2001; Director: Beto Brant; Writer: Marcal Aquino, Beto Brant, Renato Ciasca; Stars: Paulo Miklos, Marco Ricca, Alexandre Borges, Mariana Ximenes, Malu Mader, Chris Couto, George Freire, Jayme del Cueto, Sabotage)
A hitman wreaks havoc when hired by two directors of a construction firm to eliminate a third.
The Trespasser The Trespasser
The Trespasser and Confession
Tribute (Country: US; Year: 2001; Director: Kris Curry, Rich Fox; Stars: Larger Than Life, The Missing Links, Sheer Heart Attack)
Rockumentary following the lives of tribute bands and their fans.
Tadpole (Country: US; Year: 2002; Director: Gary Winick; Writer: Heather McGowan, Niels Mueller, Gary Winick; Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Stanford, John Ritter, Bebe Neuwirth, Robert Iler, Adam Lefevre, Peter Appel, Alicia van Couvering, Kate Mara, Hope Chernov)
A boy falls for his stepmother in this coming of age comedy.
Volcano High (Whasango, Hwasan Highschool) (Country: Korea; Year: 2001; Director: Kim Tae-gyun; Writer: Jung Ahn-chul, Kim Tae-gyun, Park Heon-soo, Huh Gyun, based on the story by Suh Dong-heon; Stars: Jang Hyuk, Shin Min-ah, Kim Soo-roh, Kwon Sang-woo, Gong Hyo-jin, Jung Sang-hoon, Kim Hyung-jong, Huh Jun-ho, Jo Sung-ha, Park Dong-bin)
Live action manga from Korea about violence at school, post apocalypse.
Waiting For Happiness (Heremakono) (Country: France/Mauritania; Year: 2002; Director: Abderrahmane Sissako; Writer: Abderrahmane Sissako; Stars: Khatra Ould Abdel Kader, Maata Ould Mohamed Abeid, Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Mohamed, Nana Diakite)
Abdallah returns to his village to bid farewell to his mother before embarking on his journey to Europe.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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