8 Women
Eight women, one body and a house full of lies.
Two brothers from Chad are affected in different ways when their father leaves home.
All About Lily Chou-Chou
A disaffected teen finds solace in music and fan chat rooms.
Australian Rules
Racial tension hides beneath the surface of a tidy Australian fishing town.
All Or Nothing
Mike Leigh investigates the sad, heartfelt lives of high-rise South Londoners.
Tale of star-crossed lovers in Mafiosi world of Sicily.
German jailbird lashes out at society with a series of uninteresting attacks and confusing exploits.
The Backyard
A shockingly graphic documentary about the backyard wrestling phenomenon.
Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress
Boys sent for re-education get the hots for local seamstress.
A young Kosovan kick boxer and his family try to explain his rage and frustration.
Baadasssss Cinema
Documentary about the 1970s blaxploitation films.
Buffalo Soldiers
Cynical depiction of life as a US soldier in Germany, 1989.
Breath Control: The History of the Human Beat Box
The phenomenon of human beat boxing revisited as a documentary.
Broadway Black Sea
Documentary about a Black Sea holiday locale over one summer season.
Biopic of serial killer Ted Bundy.
Changing Lanes
An ambitious lawyer and a recovering alcoholic have a bad day in New York after a car crash.
There, but for the grace of God, go Scorsese, Tarantino, Truffaut and Godard in this documentary about seriously obsessive New York cinephiles.
The Clay Bird
Life as a Muslim seen through the eyes of Bangledeshis on the verge of civil war.
A husband suspects his wife of infidelity and tries to make her confess.
Cry Woman
Tough girl hustles work in China and discovers she has talent as a professional wailer at funerals.
The Cuban Game
Baseball in Cuba - and its impact in a historical context.


Dark Water
Obvious but effective Japanese horror from the director and writer of Ring.
Think Mirroball for those who find Mirrorball lightweight.
Powerful documentary about the life of three Palestinian widows and their families.
Digging for Dutch
Documentary about the world's most wacky treasure hunt.
Secrets from the past are prized open when an ex-con comes to see a couple in the country.
Every Day God Kisses Us On The Mouth
An alcoholic butcher finds himself sucked into a world of murder he can't escape.
The Eye Of The Day
Documentary about an Indonesian family, trying to survey the politically turbulent times.
Bill Paxton’s kids think he’s gone nutzo in religious thriller about a serial axe murderer.
The Guru
Dance instructor from Bombay goes to New York, meets a porn star and become a sex guru.
Big-time loser turns his life around when he travels to Blackpool in an effort to win back his estranged wife.
Her Majesty
A girl dreams of meeting Queen Elizabeth II.
The Happiness of the Katakuris
Running a guest house proves deathly for a family. Just as well they know a few good songs.
Hoover Street Revival
The goings-on within the 'hood of South Central LA and their all-black gospel church.


If luck is a commodity, it can be bought and sold.
Brutal story of a violent rape, told in reverse. Now out to own in special collectors edition.
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Wilde's tale of love and identity gets saddled with unfortunate dream sequences.
Al Pacino is an LA detective come to Alaska to solve a teenage murder.
It Kinda Scares Me
Documentary about a group of adolescents in Tel Aviv.
Mystery man seeks redemption and death in Mexico.
July Rhapsody
A heartwarming tale about family relationships in China.
Just A Kiss
Farcical romance as three couples become inextricably entwined due to wanderlust.
The Last Great Wilderness
Two men take refuge in a retreat for lost souls in the countryside.


Morvern Callar
After her boyfriend commits suicide, Samantha Morton runs away to Spain with her best pal.
My Little Eye
People agree to take part in a reality TV experiment, which will see them share an isolated house for six months. But with a week to go, do their backers want them out?
Once Upon A Time In The Midlands
Rhys Ifans and Robert Carlyle tussle for the affections of Shirley Henderson.
One Hour Photo
Robin Williams assumes the stalker role in this offbeat thriller.
Out Of Control
Gritty drama about boys in borstal.
Pleasant Days
Newly paroled timewaster Peter wanders aimlessly from scene to scene as he continues to squander his life.


A Red Bear
Ex-con tries to re-establish relations with his family and collect money due him.
Revengers Tragedy
A modern day adaptation of Thomas Middleton's 17th century stage play.
Rabbit-Proof Fence
True story of three mixed race Aboriginal girls who walk home across the breadth of Australia.
Soft Shell Man
A man returns home after an accident in the Indian Ocean to see his photographs in a new exhibit.
Something To Remind Me
Expertly constructed thriller in the tradition of Hitchcock and Chabrol.
Son Of The Bride
Fortysomething businessman discovers the value of family over success.
Le Souffle
Harsh coming of age drama set in rural France.
A man undergoes a mental collapse.
Sex Is Comedy
A director struggles to shoot the sex scene central to her film.
Sex With Strangers
Documentary following the lives of couples who sleep with any willing partner.
Take Care Of My Cat
Korean coming of age drama.
Stylish German Se7en style thriller.
Conversations in a car reveal many aspects of modern Iranian life, especially for women.
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
Several intertwining stories of New Yorkers with no sense of direction in life.
This Is Not A Love Song
Two petty crooks are hunted over rugged country after a gun goes off by mistake in a farmyard.
The Trespasser
A hitman wreaks havoc when hired by two directors of a construction firm to eliminate a third.
Rockumentary following the lives of tribute bands and their fans.
A boy falls for his stepmother in this coming of age comedy.


Volcano High
Live action manga from Korea about violence at school, post apocalypse.
Waiting For Happiness
Abdallah returns to his village to bid farewell to his mother before embarking on his journey to Europe.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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