EIFF 2002: Day 2

Cure for hangover: take one Timothy Spall...

by Weegeet

Hello Chaps!

Me again! Well yesterday was fun. With a raging hangover from the opening night party, I went to the press conference for All or Nothing. But it was a beautiful day, and seeing the equally beautiful Timothy Spall meant my head from hell disappeared fast. The things I have to put myself through!

The conference itself took place at the Sheraton and was very interesting. Director Mike Leigh, Mr. Spall and actress Lesley Manville were all correct and present.

Surrounded by a bunch of hacks with boring questions, all I wanted to know was what Tom Cruise is really like. The question burned and finally Timothy Spall who worked with Cruise on Vanilla Sky informed us that when Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston are not making movies, they're constantly watching them and Cruise loved Secrets and Lies and that's why he chose Timothy Spall for the movie. Well, woopeedoo! I needed more juice and I clearly wasn't going to get it here.

So, Indigo Yard who claim to be the official Film Festival bar, were having their own opening night party last night. I thought it rude not to show, but clearly others felt differently. There were no drinks promotions, no dancing, and worst of all, no people!

Well, a handful - but not a famous face in sight, much to my chagrin! The band were fantastic though, but had to rush off to do a more exciting gig at The Beat Bar. I, using the initiative for which I'm famed, followed them and had a far more interesting evening which lasted to the wee small hours of this morning.

The Film Festival must take note that I'm not being entertained as much as I should be, and I better be at a stormer of a party soon, or else!

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