Morgan Spurlock chows down in Super Size Me Morgan Spurlock chows down in Super Size Me

The 2004 festival opened with the UK premiere of Che Guevara biopic The Motorcycle Diaries and wrapped up with a Korean retelling of Liasons Dangereuse, Untold Scandal, which replaced the much-touted 2046 after it turned out that it would not be finished in time.

Crowdpleasers included Super Size Me (which also won the Guardian New Directors Award for Morgan Spurlock) and Inside I'm Dancing, which took the Audience Award. The Michael Powell Award went to My Summer Of Love.

Short film winners included Billy's Day Out and Brand Spanking. Short Scottish Documentary Award went to Jim Hickey for And So Goodbye.

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The Desert Of The Tartars
The Desert Of The Tartars
A young army recruit is sent to a remote and mysterious desert outpost.
A documentary about checkpoints between Israel and Palestine.
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession
Documentary about the ground-breaking TV channel.
Super Size Me
Super Size Me
Documentary filmmaker acts as guinea pig in fast food experiment.
Ae Fond Kiss
Ae Fond Kiss
Dangerous liaison between a lapsed Irish Catholic and a first generation Pakistani Muslim.
Anatomy Of Hell
Anatomy Of Hell
French intellectual take on kinky sex between a gay man and a suicidal woman.
Dead Man's Shoes
Dead Man's Shoes
An ex-army man strolls into town, seeking revenge on his disabled brother's assailants.
A revenge drama from South Korea creates a mystery for the long term prisoner who is released. Now out to own as part of the box set.
The Ordeal
The Ordeal
A passing crooner is kidnapped by a loony in the woods.
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Motorcycle Diaries
Coming of age drama based on the writings of a young Che Guevara.
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Super Size Me is extra-large hit and the director, super nice.
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