2 Birds
A group of teenagers experiment with ketamine and find themselves out of their depth.
(500) Days Of Summer
A greetings card writer recalls the highs and lows of romance.
A man with Asperger's syndrome falls in love and has to face his girlfriend's disapproving family.
A recent graduate takes a nowhere job at his local amusement park and discovers it's perfect preparation for the real world.
Afghan Star
Four hopefuls compete to become pop idols in post-Taliban Afghanistan.
When a divorced Palestinian woman and her teenage son move to rural Illinois at the outset of the Iraq war, they find their new lives full of challenges
An Education
A 16-year-old - and her family - are swept off their feet by a debonair older man.
Big Fan
Being the world's greatest New York Giants' fan proves tricky after an altercation with the team's star player.
Big River Man
A Slovenian endurance swimmer takes on the Amazon.
Black Dynamite
Blaxploitation spoof.
Examination of the life of Britain's self-titled "most dangerous criminal". Out on re-release.
Brooklyn's Finest
Trouble brews for three New York cops.
Burma VJ
Burmese journalists risk life imprisonment to report from inside their sealed-off country.
The Cove
Documentary exploring dolphin killing in Japan.
The Clone Returns Home
A Japanese astronaut who dies during a mission is subsequently resurrected as a clone and returns to his childhood home.
Cold Souls
A jaded actor discovers that in order to save his soul he must first open his mind. Plus read our with Sophie Barthes.
The inside story of the “Amazon Chernobyl” case in the rainforest of Ecuador, the largest oil-related environmental lawsuit in the world.


Dead Snow
Teens on vacation fall foul of a Nazi-zombie battalion.
The End Of The Line
The devastating effect global overfishing is having on fish stocks and the health of our oceans.
Five Minutes Of Heaven
Two men from the same town but from different sides of the Irish political divide discover that the past is never dead - in fact it isn't even past.
A French Gigolo
A fiftysomething woman who hires a gigolo finds their relationship becomes unexpectedly complex.
The Glass House
Four teenagers attempt to overcome their problems at a day centre in Tehran.
A baby presumed dead in the womb is miraculously born alive. Maybe.
Heart Of Time
Is love stronger than duty in the heartland of Mexico's rebel community?
Two old friends take male bonding a little too far.


The Informers
Wealthy Angelinos are consumed by a decadent Eighties lifestyle.
Instead Of Abracadabra
A magician's big break beckons.
In The Loop
Politicians spin while they're winning on the brink of a Middle East war. Plus read our interview with .
It Might Get Loud
The history of the electric guitar from the point of view of Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.
I Love You Phillip Morris
Having learned to lie about his sexuality, Steve finds he just can't kick the habit, even after he comes out and falls in love.
Johnny Mad Dog
As civil war rages in an unnamed African country, the lives of a boy soldier and a young girl fleeing the fighting become intertwined.
Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight
A businessman reaches the end of his tether.
Lessons From The Night
A cleaner reflects on life.
Love You More
Two schoolkids get amorous while listening to the new Buzzcocks single.
Lulu And Jimi
Lovers go on the run in late Fifties Germany.
Set in the 1970s, a unique take on the dangers of the American dream seen through the innocent eyes of a 15-year-old boy.


The Maid
A servant goes to extreme lengths to stay with the family she's obsessed with - and to get rid of the competition.
Ma Bar
What drives a 73-year-old powerlifting champion?
The Messenger
Two soldiers form a unique bond as they cope with their assignment with the Army Casualty Notification department.
The Missing Person
Neonoir about a private eye charged with following a man presumed dead after 9/11.
Mary And Max
Claymation about the friendship between an eight-year-old Aussie and a 44-year-old New Yorker.
An astronaut starts to lose the plot at the end of a mission to the moon - but is there something else going on? Plus read our exclusive interview with
A harrassed mum tries to prepare for her daughter's birthday.
Nollywood Babylon
Welcome to the wacky world of Nollywood, Nigeria's bustling home-grown movie industry.
Old Partner
Documentary about an elderly farmer, his wife and their loyal ox.
Pomegranates And Myrrh
The wife of a Palestinian prisoner searches for freedom.
Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire
An obese teenager tries to escape from her hellish homelife with the help of an inspirational teacher.
Protect You + Me
A meal with mum turns sour.


The Reckoning: The Battle For The International Criminal Court
A battle of monumental proportions unfolds as International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo faces down warlords, genocidal dictators and world superpowers in bringing perpetrators of crimes against humanity to justice.
Rough Aunties
A documentary looking at a women's organisation dedicated to rescuing abused children.
Rudo And Cursi
Two siblings rival each other inside the world of professional football.
Sin Nombre
The paths of a Honduran migrant and a gangland youth trying to escape his past cross on the top of a train.
An ordinary man tries to cope with life after an unexpected occurance leaves him 91cm to the side of himself.
The September Issue
Fly-on-the-wall look inside Vogue.
Taking Chance
Marine officer escorts fallen comrade back from Iraq.
This Way Up
Laying the dead to rest has never been so much trouble.
Sometimes Christmas is worth crying over.
Intimate portrait of the heavyweight boxer.
Unmade Beds
Two young foreigners find romance in the vibrant, artistic underground of London's East End.


The Winning Season
A misfit is brought in to coach his local girl's high school basketball team.
World's Greatest Dad
A comedy about a high school poetry teacher who learns that the things you want most may not be the things that make you happy.
When You're Strange
Documentary tracking the rise of The Doors, featuring rare footage of the band and Jim Morrison.
White Lightnin'
The outrageous cult story of Jesco White, the dancing outlaw.
The Yes Men Fix The World
A documentary about two friends who put on suits and pretend to be senior corporate figures in order to try and set the world to rights.

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The iconic man Jonathan Baker on Becoming Iconic and Inconceivable

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