Instead Of Abracadabra


Reviewed by: Steve Harwood

Instead Of Abracadabra
"At once poignant, disturbing and at times, hilarious."

Tomas is 25, still lives at home with his parents, and dreams of becoming a famous magician. That he has only performed for his parents until now doesn’t seem to faze him, and the offer of appearing at a children’s party also presents the chance of romance with his attractive next-door neighbour.

Swedish filmmaker Patrik Eklund’s mesmerising short is at once poignant, disturbing and at times, hilarious.

As Tomas, Simon Berger gives a bizarrely moving performance, tinged with awkwardness but also displaying an unexpected self-confidence in his magical skills.

With a surprising sense of foreboding, Eklund quickly builds towards Tomas’ first big performance; a show of “gothic danger and mystery” where dying on stage could take on a whole new meaning…

Reviewed on: 19 Jan 2009
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A magician's big break beckons.

Director: Patrik Eklund

Writer: Patrik Eklund

Starring: Simon Berger

Year: 2008

Runtime: 22 minutes

Country: Sweden


Sundance 2009

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