20 Feet From Stardom
Backing singers tell their stories.
9 Month Stretch
The lady judge is guilty of sexual discrepancy but what has the most hated criminal in France got to do with it?
About Time
A young man who discovers he can travel in time decides to use it to try and get a girlfriend.
Barefoot And In The Kitchen
The evolution of how women have been represented in Spanish cinema, from the 1930s to the present day.
A serial killer finds himself falliing for a potential victim.
Chico & Rita
The turbulent romance between a Cuban pianist and a singer in Forties and Fifties.
Child's Pose
An upper class woman loses all sight of morality as she strives to save her son from a prison sentence for knocking down an killing a child.
Club Sandwich
A teenage boy experiences first love while holidaying with his mother.
Cutie And The Boxer
Two fiercely creative artists continue to spar after 40 years spent head over heels in love.


Dallas Buyers Club
When a fast-living heterosexual redneck develops AIDS, he refuses to take it lying down, and in his struggle makes some unlikely friends.
Devil's Knot
Drama based on the 1993 West Memphis Three murders.
The Dream
A cinematic encounter, examining cookery as art.
Empire Of Passion
A soldier embarks on an affair with an older married woman.
Adam leads a monotonous life until he discovers Anthony, a small-time actor physically identical to him.
Fear(s) Of The Dark
Ten animations from the dark side.
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Animated version of Roald Dahl's tale about a wily fox.
For Those Who Can Tell No Tales
An Australian tourist finds a trip to Bosnia changes her life forever.
Fruitvale Station
The true story of Oscar Grant, who set out one day to try and bcome a better person and ended up in a shocking encounter at Fruitvale station.
A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.
A woman finds late romance at a dance club, but will family intrude?
A period tale of Samarai warriors and their obsessions with honour, love and death.
The Golden Dream
A group of Guatemalan teenagers tries to make it to the US.


In The Realm Of The Senses
A man begins an affair with one of his servants.
I'm So Excited
When a plane is imperilled the passengers try to forget their plight but in the process discover the dangers of openness.
The King Of Pigs
This animation portrays the brutal world of school bullying as the starting point for a lifelong perpetuation of the instinct for violent revenge.
Like Father, Like Son
When he discovers his baby boy was accidentally swapped with another at birth, whom he has raised and loved, a wealthy businessman must decide which one he truly feels is his son.
Like Water For Chocolate
Food becomes emotional for a dutiful, sex starved daughter during the Mexican revolution.


Futuristic animation sees a young man begin to hear voices in his head.
Minuscule - Valley Of The Lost Ants
In a peaceful little clearing, the remains of a picnic hastily abandoned spark warfare between two tribes of ants.
Mary And Max
Claymation about the friendship between an eight-year-old Aussie and a 44-year-old New Yorker.
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
Study of brutality in a Japanese PoW camp
Mother Of George
A husband and wife find their marraige threatened by an inability to conceive.
New World
After the untimely death of Korea’s biggest crime syndicate chairman, power struggle between top lieutenants begins.
Of Horses and Men
A country romance about the human streak in the horse and the horse in the human.
A dream machine is stolen, leading to people being unable to distinguish reality from fiction.
The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes
Meglomaniac doctor brings together a piano tuner and a dead opera singer for his grand operatic masterpiece.
The Plague
Five people struggle to get by in the tough economic conditions around Barcelona.
A man whose daughter disappears, takes matters into his own hands.
A priest adopts his orphaned niece and grows furious upon discovering what happened to her and her mother.


The Railway Man
The true story of Eric Lomax, a victim of the Second World War's "Death Railway", who later in life sets out to find the Japanese soldier responsible.
T.S. Spivet
A young scientist secretly leaves his family's ranch to travel across the country to receive a prize.
Animation based on Yoshihiro Tatsumi's manga memoir A Drifting Life and other short stories.
The Unbeatables
A man goes on an adventure with the characters on his table football game.


Waking Life
Rotoscope hero attempts to divine the meaning of life through his dreams.
Who Is Dayani Cristal?
An anonymous body in the Arizona desert sparks the beginning of a real-life human drama.
The Wind Rises
Hayao Miyazaki brings together the engineer Jiro Horikoshi and the author Tatsuo Hori in a fictional epic tale of love.
Witching And Bitching
When three men go on the run after a heist goes bad, they run into a coven of witches.
A troubled young man is torn between a potential career as a kickboxer and a life of petty crime.
A loyal factory cleaner is refused a pension whilst a maid finds herself employed by the dog who inherited the house where she works.
An Alzheimer's sufferer finds a new place in the world after entering an old folk's home.
Waltz With Bashir
Animated documentary exploring the psychological aftermath of the First Lebanon War.
Le Week-End
A couple take a make or break trip to Paris.
Young & Beautiful
Portrait of a 17-year-old, who sells her body for cash.
The Zero Theorem
A reclusive computer genius, plagued with existential angst, works on a mysterious project aimed at discovering the meaning of life.
Zip & Zap And The Marble Gang
A group of kids rebel against strict rules at their school.

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