After Lucía
The story of a bullied teenager.
An elderly couple deal with the ravages of old age.
In a future where people pay to be infected with the same diseases as their idols, a dealer races to find a cure after a starlet whose illness he has stolen dies.
A CIA agent attempts to rescue six trapped Americans during the 1979 Iranian revolution.
Beasts Of The Southern Wild
Waters gonna rise up, wild animals gonna return from the grave, and everything south of the levee is goin’ under, in this tale of a six-year-old named Hushpuppy, who lives with her daddy at the edge of the world.
1920s re-imagining of Snow White.
Beware Of Mr Baker
Documentary about the flamboyant drummer.
Beyond The Hills
The story of two female orphans and their friendship in a remote Romanian monastery.
Black Rock
Three women camping on a remote island find themselves under threat from three crazed soldiers.
A police detective's disgust at the murder of a young girl leads him to make dangerous decisions.
A young girl’s life changes when she witnesses a brutal attack.
Unlikely relationships form between hostages and captors as they trek through the Philippine jungle.
A drama based on the real life case of fast food restaurant employees who abused vulnerable young people on the orders of a stranger on the phone who claimed to be investigating shoplifting.
Celeste And Jesse Forever
Two best friends struggle to come to terms with sharing the perfect divorce.
The Central Park Five
A documentary dissecting the wrongful conviction of five teenagers for a violent assault.
A bereaved, agoraphobic single father is beseiged by hooded teenagers who may not be quite human.
The Comedian
Trials and tribulations of a wannabe comic.


The Dead Man And Being Happy
An ageing hitman goes on a darkly comic journey to nowhere.
Doomsday Book
A trilogy of apocalyptic science fiction tales.
Dormant Beauty
Three stories explore Italian concerns in the context of a famous euthanasia case.
Easy Money
A poor student with an expensive elite lifestyle sells cocaine to pay for his extravagant habits.
End Of Watch
Two young cops are hunted by a vicious drug cartel.
Ernest And Celestine
The unlikely friendship between a gruff bear and an orphaned mouse worries authorities who believe the species shouldn't mix.
Everybody Has A Plan
Twin brothers - one a beekeeper with a criminal history, one a doctor - are drawn together into dangerous confrontations in the Argentinian swamplands.
A Few Hours Of Spring
An ex-con struggles to cope with his mother's failing health.
For No Good Reason
The life and art of Ralph Steadman.
The young Victor Frankenstein resurrects his beloved pet dog.
A Fish
When an academic discovers his missing wife has become a shaman, he fears he is beginning to lose his mind.
Gimme The Loot
A pair of graffiti artists attempt to pull off a daring tagging mission
Ginger And Rosa
Two teenage girls living in 1960s London are driven apart by a scandalous betrayal.
Good Vibrations
The story of Terri Hooley, Ulster’s Godfather of Punk, and the record shop and music label through which he promoted cult bands.
A jaded journalist helps his friend stand for the local city council.
Great Expectations
An adaptation of the Dickens classic about an orphaned boy who comes into a fortune.
Here And There
After years in the US, Pedro returns home to his family in Mexico, but the lure of the north remains as strong as ever.
A Hijacking
A brutal drama about a ship hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean and the subsequent struggles for survival and freedom.
The Hunt
A much loved teacher's world is shattered when a pupil accuses him of sexual molestation.
Hyde Park On Hudson
The story of the love affair between FDR and his distant cousin Margaret Suckley, centered around the weekend in 1939 when the King and Queen of the United Kingdom visited upstate New York.


In The House
Fiction and reality become blurred between a teacher and student.
Les Invisibles
Exploring the lives of 11 gay, lesbian and bisexual men and women over the age of 70.
It Was The Son
A dysfunctional family struggles to survive in a challenging environment, but might wealth make things even worse?
I, Anna
A detective falls for a woman who may be mixed up in a murder case.
John Dies At The End
Two friends use a drug that enables them to warp space time in an attempt to save the world.
Journey To Italy
A seminal film about a marriage in crisis.
A boy with a difficult home life befriends an injured jackdaw.
Keep The Lights On
An autobiographically inspired story of a passionate long-term relationship between two men driven by addiction and secrets but bound by love and hopefulness.
Kelly And Victor
Two people trying to survive in difficult circumstances embark on a passionate affair
Like Someone In Love
A drama centered on the relationship of a young woman and old man in Tokyo.
Laurence Anyways
A teacher and aspiring writer in Nineties Montreal tells his girlfriend he wants to live as a woman.
Lawrence Of Arabia
A biopic of TE Lawrence focused on role in the Arab/Turkish conflict during the First World War.
Teenager Lore and her four younger siblings are left to fend for themselves after her Nazi SS parents are taken into Allied custody.
The Loves Of Pharaoh
A dramatic tale of life and love in Ancient Egypt.


Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence In The House of God
Fresh scrutiny of child abuse in the Catholic Church, with deaf victims bearing witness.
A fabric business owner dreams of his son taking over from him one day, but his son has embarked on a secret career as a stand-up comedian.
My Brother The Devil
A pair of British Arab brothers trying to get by in gangland London learn the extraordinary courage it takes to be yourself.
Museum Hours
A museum attendant shows a Canadian visitor the sights of Vienna and in the process falls in love with it all over again.
My Amityville Horror
A documentary about the famous Amityville 'haunting' case focusing on Daniel, who was ten at the time and remembers something very different.
Nameless Gangster: Rules Of The Time
A corrupt customs offcer becomes involved in racketeering.
Gael Garcia Bernal stars as a Chilean adman trying to organize a campaign to unseat Pinochet in Pablo Larraín’s smart, engrossing political thriller.
Our Children
A couple's relationship becomes strained under pressure from one of their adoptive parents.
Gothic horror entwining the story in 1930s Catalonia of a group of children who cannot feel pain, with a man searching for his biological parents in the present day.
Paradise: Love
A cautionary tale about European female sex tourists on the beaches of Kenya.
The Pervert's Guide To Ideology
A documentary exploring the film criticism and philosophy of Slavoj Žižek.
Post Tenebras Lux
Juan and his family live in a country house, where they enjoy and suffer a world apart. No one knows if these two worlds are complementary or if they strive to eliminate one another.
Four ageing opera singers are reunited in a retirement home.


A fishmonger's fantasies of appearing on Big Brother threaten to ruin his life and that of his family.
The Red And The Blue
Bittersweet personal stories interconnect in a high school in Rome.
The Reluctant Fundamentalist
A successful stockbroker finds his glittering career shattered after the Twin Towers fall, and is drawn back to the conflict in his homeland of Pakistan.
Richard III
Shakespeare's 15th century horror comic.
Robot And Frank
A curmudgeonly OAP's kids install a robot as his caretaker.
Room 237
Wander down the corridors of the Overlook Hotel in this exploration of theories surrounding Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.
Rust And Bone
A bare-knuckle boxer embarks on a relationship with an injured whale trainer.
The Samurai That Night
A man obsessed with avenging his late wife, mown down by a hit-and-run driver, threatens to kill the guilty driver... but will he find his inner samurai to act on the threat?
Save Your Legs!
A feeble amateur cricket team blags its way into international competition.
The Secret Disco Revolution
A documentary about the progress of disco and its liberalising influence on popular culture.
Seven Psychopaths
A booze-fuelled screenwriter becomes entangled in the Los Angeles underworld.
An intense story of two people who struggle to keep their longings for freedom under control, set against a beautiful and remote landscape that reflects their isolation back at them.
A sound recordist returns home to Ireland to record locations away from man-made sound, and in the process finds himself inexorably drawn into his own past.
Simon Killer
A recent college graduate goes to Paris after breaking up with his girlfriend of five years. Once there, he falls in love with a young prostitute and their fateful journey begins.
A snapshot of life for a 12-year-old, who steals from the rich at a local ski resort to support him and his sister.
Song For Marion
An elderly man struggles to deal with his terminally ill wife's desire to be part of her local choir.
Spike Island
In summer 1990, members of a smalltime indie band desperately try to scrounge tickets for a big Stone Roses gig.
The Sessions
A man in an iron lung hires a sex surrogate to help him lose his virginity.
A young couple on a caravan holiday find themselves going on a killing spree.
Tall As The Baobab Tree
After her brother has an accident, her father is forced to sell her younger sister into an arranged marriage, but Coumba hatches a plan to save her.
Thursday Till Sunday
A ten-year-old becomes aware of the strains on her parents' marriage over the course of long car journey.
Documentary about Russian artists' group Voina.


Village At The End Of The World
A portrait of Niaqornat, a remote village in northern Greenland with a population of 59.
Violeta Went To Heaven
A biopic of the Chilean folk singer, composer, ethnomusicologist and painter Violeta Parra.
A young Saudi girl who will stop at nothing to earn enough money to buy the bicycle she craves.
The Wall
A woman chronicles her time after becoming separated from the rest of humanity.
What Richard Did
When a teenager does something shockingly out of character, his future is threatened.
White Elephant
The story of the friendship between two priests who settle in a Buenos Aires slum area to carry out their ministry and social work.
Wolf Children
After falling in love with a werewolf she meets at university, a young woman is left alone to raise two half-wolf children who must be hidden from prying eyes.
West Of Memphis
A documentary team sets out to challenge the conviction of three teenagers, labelled Satanists, for the murder of three boys.
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?
Two sisters, a former child star and a now disabled Hollywood actress, are bound together by co-dependency and mutual resentment.
Wish You Were Here
Four friends embark on a carefree holiday, but only three return home. Who knows what happened on that fateful night?
A young boy, a prince and a balloonist escort a young giraffe halfway across the world, having adventures on the way.
An Israeli hostage and a Palestinian orphan form an uneasy bond as they flee Beirut militias.

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