Glasgow Short Film Festival 2018

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Tony And The Bull Tony And The Bull
Tony And The Bull and The King And I
Howls (Country: UK; Year: 2017; Director: Catriona MacInnes)
A young mum runs away to a woodland community in Scotland, where her son finds solace in a mysterious wolf.
The King And I (Country: UK; Year: 2017; Director: Daniel Cook; Stars: Graham Croan Bee)
A fly-on-the-wall view of Graham's life and home.
Plastic Man (Country: UK; Year: 2017; Director: Yulia Kovanova)
Breaking from daily reality, a man transforms into Plastic Man - armed with chemicals, ready to set landscape on fire. Is he the destroyer of Nature, or the voice of its resilience?
Taking Stock (Country: UK; Year: 2017; Director: Duncan Cowles)
Using failed attempts at profitable stock footage, a filmmaker reflects on life as a freelancer.
Tony And The Bull (Country: UK; Year: 2017; Director: John McFarlane)
A small window into the private life of Tony and his companion/pet Scrunch - a fully-grown Highland bull.

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