A boy whose family is in crisis after his brother's death begins to put his life back together after meeting a friendly monster - but the monster may need his help.
The Age Of Shadows
Resistance fighters try to dodge the attention of Japanese agents while smuggling explosives through 1920s Korea.
All This Panic
What is it like to come of age in New York City? First-time director Jenny Gage follows vivacious sisters, Ginger and Dusty, and their high school friends over the course of their crucial teen years.
Angry Inuk
An Inuk filmmaker takes a close look at the central role of seal hunting in the lives of the Inuit.
A retired music critic is the last resident of a building targeted by developers - she becomes engaged in a cold war of sorts with the company.
The Autopsy Of Jane Doe
Father and son coroners get more than they bargained for when they examine a cadaver.
Below Her Mouth
Two women embark on a passionate affair that derails their lives.
A documentary about Benny Lynch, who was frequently described as the greatest boxer that Scotland has ever produced.
Berlin Syndrome
A passionate holiday romance leads to an obsessive relationship, when an tourist wakes one morning in a Berlin apartment and is unable to leave.
Bodkin Ras
The people in Forres don't work. Between nine and five they dissolve into the pubs, where the light shines as a warm glow in their midst. Then the stranger Bodkin arrives into town. He has come to this remote corner of Europe to hide and lay low.
When two old college friends spend time together, their resentment of one another comes to the surface - and gets physical.
A PI stumbles into a water conspiracy.
The Chamber
A submarine endeavours to locate a mysterious item at the bottom of the Yellow Sea off the dangerous shores of the Korean Peninusla. When an explosion causes it to overturn and take on water, the four-man crew enter a pressure cooker situation.
Check It
A documentary about a Washington DC gang made up of young LGBT people.
Life's problems are resolved with the aid of a miraculous goo.


A Dark Song
A grieving mother sets out to contact her dead chiild.
David Lynch: The Art Life
Documentary about the American filmmaker.
Dawn Of The Deaf
When a sonic pulse turns the hearing population into zombies, what effect will it have on the lives of the deaf people who survive?
Dirty Dancing
A lonely girl finds romance with a dance teacher at a holiday resort, but her strict parents disapprove.
A successful video game boss aims to track down her attacker after a home invasion.
The End Of The Game
A documentary portrait of a big game hunter who is determined to kill a cape buffalo.
A woman who uses clothes as an emotional crutch discovers her life isn't as ideal as she thought.
Folk Hero & Funny Guy
Two artistically inclined childhood friends, a comedian and a folk-rocker, set out on a tour together in hopes of regaining their “mojo” and finding love in the process.
In the aftermath of WWI, a young German who grieves the death of her fiancé in France meets a mysterious French man who visits the fiancé's grave to lay flowers.
Free Fire
A meeting between two gangs in a deserted warehouse turns into a shootout.
The Giant
Rikard is a 30-year-old man, severely deformed and suffering from autism, haunted by the loss of his mother. From time to time, he escapes from reality into an imaginary world where he is a 50m tall giant.
An indigenous detective arrives in a frontier town on the hunt for a missing person.
The Good Postman
In a small Bulgarian village troubled by the ongoing refugee crisis, a local postman runs for mayor — and learns that even minor deeds can outweigh good intentions.
Story of a small town doctor who is faced with a stark choice after his daughter is assaulted.
A recently released convict finds himself trapped between his urban criminal past and his new life on probation as the only black man in a conservative white Wisconsin farming town.
Handsome Devil
A loner and the star athlete at a rugby-mad school form an intense friendship, but it will be tested.
The Happiest Day In The Life Of Olli Mäki
Finland, 1962. Boxer Olli Mäki is 26 years old and in love. Expected to win a bout against an American, but he would rather be with his girlfriend than train.
Happy Hunting
An alcoholic drifter must battle withdrawal and psychotic rednecks after he becomes the target of a deranged sporting event.
When a man who runs a workshop hires an old friend, trouble brews for his family.
Washed ashore on a small Indonesian island, a man wakes up in hospital with no memory of who he is or how he got there - but a gang boss is on his trail.
Heal The Living
Drama about lives connected by an organ transplant.


A sexual relationship between siblings is complicated by a pregnancy.
In Between
Three Palestinian women share a flat in Tel Aviv.
In The Radiant City
A man resurns to his estranged family at a challenging time.
I Am Not Your Negro
Essay film based on James Baldwin's writing about the story of race in modern America.
After hitting rock bottom, former youth boxing champion Jimmy McCabe returns to his childhood boxing club and his old team.
Broadcasting through a makeshift network of discarded televisions, this story is tangled up in the aftermath of Los Angeles's worst earthquake nightmare.
Lady Macbeth
A woman sold into a loveless marriage develops a mind for murder after starting an affair.
The Levelling
A woman returns to her family farm after her brother's suicide.
Liberation Day
The story of Laibach's visit to North Korea.
Lipstick Under My Burkha
Four women search for freedom in small town India.
The Last Seduction
A tough, sexy New Yorker goes on the run with drugs money she stole from her husband.
The Lost Boys
Cult brat pack movie about a boy trying to save his big brother from becoming a vampire.
The Lost City Of Z
The story of British explorer Percy Fawcett, whose search for a lost city in the Amazon grew into an obsession.
Lost In France
Story of a tour by musicians on the Chemikal Underground Records label.
The Lure
The story of an eccentric millionaire's buried treasure and those who are searching for it.


Mad To Be Normal
The story of psychiatrist RD Laing and his unique community at Kingsley Hall, East London, during the Sixties.
The Maltese Falcon
A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette.
A young cleaning women, suddenly unemployed, is willing to do anything to fulfil her dream of owning her own hairdressing salon.
Faust meets Arabic myth in the Moroccan desert.
A fading actor aims to redeem himself by turning private eye and catching a killer.
Multiple Maniacs
When she discovers that her boyfriend has betrayed her, the leader of a criminal gang vows revenge.
My Life As A Courgette
Stop-motion story of a boy, who is sent to a group home for orphans after the death of his mum.
Story of the Nobel prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda, who becomes a fugitive in his homeland.
Night Of The Living Dead
Film that set the template for the modern zombie movie.
The Night Of The Virgin
One New Year's Eve party, Nico, a naive 20-year-old, sets out ready to lose his virginity at all costs. In the middle of the party, his gaze crosses Medea, a cunning and attractive mature woman.
The Odyssey
Biopic of the underwater pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.
Old Stone
A psychological thriller about a taxi driver battling bureaucracy and legal manipulation in China.
Original Bliss
A woman tortured by her loss of religious faith falls for a charismatic psychologist.
Original Copy
A documentary tribute to the dying art of Indian cinema posters, with each cinema once employing a dedicated artist to paint a massive original mural for that week’s Bollywood blockbuster.
The Ornithologist
An ornithologist searching for black storks is swept away by rapids and awakens in a mysterious, dark forest.
The Other Side Of Hope
A middle-aged restaurateur befriends a young refugee.
A Russian member of the French resistance, a collaborator and a naive SS officer collide with tragic consequences.
A day in the life of 12 residents of a Melbourne suburb.
Personal Shopper
Ghost story set against the backdrop of the Paris fashion world.
Baffling Seventies horror flick about a scary tall mortician, killer dwarfs and sci-fi spheres
The Postman Always Rings Twice
A bored woman seduces a drifter in the hope that he'll kill her husband.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is stalked in South American jungle by alien killer.
The Princess Bride
Ordinary farm boy Westley takes on the world to recover his true love in an enduringly popular comic fantasy.
A Quiet Passion
The story of American poet Emily Dickinson.


Four separate versions of a death in the forest. Reissued on the big screen.
The Road To Mandalay
Two Burmese people flee their country's civil war in search of a new life in Thailand.
Rules Don't Apply
An unconventional love story of an aspiring actress, her determined driver, and the eccentric billionaire whom they work for.
Salt And Fire
A scientist blames the head of a large company for an ecological disaster in South America. But when a volcano begins to show signs of erupting, they must unite to avoid a disaster.
The Seasons In Quincy
Four film essays about the much loved artist and storyteller.
An unhappy young woman discovers purpose and passion when her boss dishes out spanking sessions.
Seven Samurai
A village enlists a group of samurai to defend them from bandits.
Shin Godzilla
Japan is plunged into chaos upon the appearance of a giant monster.
A Silent Voice
When a former bully is bullied himself, he grows up determined to make amends to the hearing impaired girl he used to pick on.
Small Town Rage
A documentary examining the work and influence of ACT UP Shreveport in the conservative Deep South.
Spectres Are Haunting Europe
A documentary portrait of life in the Idomeni refugee camp.
A documentary about the first ever performance by pioneering Deaf and disabled theatre company Graeae.
Swim Team
The Jersey Hammerheads is a competitive swim team made up of a diverse group of teens on the autism spectrum.
The Teacher
A teacher creates a climate of fear in the classroom.
Tickling Giants
Charting Bassem Youssef’s rise as Egypt’s foremost on-screen satirist.
The Transfiguration
Tale of love, loss and vampires.
Trespass Against Us
A man looks to find a way to escape the criminal ways of his outlaw family.
Their Finest
A British film crew in the Second World War makes a propaganda film.
The Thing
A group of scientists at an Antarctic research station discover a killer alien that can mutate into any life-form it touches. See it in all its glory in big-screen re-release.
Umbilical World
A surrealist exploration of depression and mental illness.


Voyage Of Time: Life's Journey
An exploration of the universe and humanity's place within it.
The Warrior's Gate
A US teenager is magically transported to ancient China and learns to convert his video game skills into those of a Kung Fu warrior.
The Wee Govan Pipers
The story of a group of young Scottish, Nigerian and Chinese pipers from Govan.
Two methadone users struggle to escape from their desperate day-to-day situation.
Where To, Miss?
A young Indian woman battle to escape her traditional role and fulfil her dream of becoming a taxi driver.
A quiet, middle-aged zoo employee wakes up to discover that she has grown a tail.

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