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Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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A mediocre entry in the V/H/S series which will no doubt still be considered a must for some fans, V/H/S/94 is elevated quite a bit by the quantity and sometimes the quality of special features included in the package. These include a full length version of the VeggieMasher advert which is one of the film's highlights, plus a significant quantity of deleted material. Notably, there's enough of the final segment to have taken the story in a completely different direction. Although this is a bit crude, it's well acted and one can't help but feel that something was lost when it was, presumably, reshaped to fit in better with everything else.

A varied group always makes for a better commentary track, and frankly it's often more entertaining listening to people talk about this film than watching it. They clearly had a good time. Between this, the interview section and the ComicCon panel, there's a fair bit of repetition, but each has its moments.

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The V/H/S series has always focused heavily on special effects, in part because they're how a lot of new genre directors like to make their mark. Low budgets force creativity, so there's plenty to discover here, and three featurettes feels like quite an indulgence.

Reviewed on: 25 Feb 2024
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V/H/S/94 packshot
Another entry in the popular horror anthology series, this time featuring body horror and a sewer-dwelling monster.

Product Code: B0CQD47HLN

Region: 0

Extras: Filmmaker commentary; Simon Barrett section commentary; interview with the directors; ComicCon panel; three special effects featurettes; deleted scenes; full VeggieMasher advert; behind the scenes images.

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