15 Summers Later
A woman visiting a lonely beach with her boyfriend bumps into a high school friend, with bittersweet comic consequences.
2 Birds
A group of teenagers experiment with ketamine and find themselves out of their depth.
Things become complicated when two halves of a couple separately develop illicit interests in the same man.
A young hitchhiker meets an intriguing girl with a penchant for fabulous lies.
The Adventures Of Prince Achmed
Beautiful silhouette take on the Arabian nights and a piece of celluloid history.
All In Good Time
Young newlyweds are anxious to consummate their marriage but family keeps getting in the way.
Almanya - Welcome to Germany
Who or what am I - German or Turkish?' is the main question of this comedy about a Turkish family living in Germany since the late Sixties.
A failed asylum seeker dreams or running a bio-dynamic farm.
A mother moves with her young son to escape a violent husband, but something creepy is going on at her new address.
A Rejkjavik musician decides to put on a music festival in his own backyard.
Winner of the Queer Palm at Cannes 2011, a disturbing and provocative examination of one man's damaging self-hatred.
Better This World
A dramatic story of idealism, loyalty, and betrayal that reveals a great deal about the culture of protest and the paranoia of post-9/11 America.
Bill Cunningham New York
A documentary focusing on New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham and the fashion he captured on camera.
The Blue Angel
A middle-aged professor becomes infatuated with a night club dancer.
Bob And The Monster
Musician Bob Forrest talks about his days with Thelonius Monster and his struggle with heroin addiction.
Bonsái: A Story Of Love, Books And Plants
Tragic-comic love story between two youngsters amid books, literary quotes, coming-togethers and fall-outs.
A Boy And His Samurai
The difficult life of a boy and his single mother looks set to change when they take in an Edo-era samurai warrior who has been magically transported to their time.
A troubled young man on day release from prison takes a job in a morgue and is inspired to go looking for the mother who abandoned him as a baby.
Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest
The story of the legendary hop hop act, from high school to superstardom and beyond.
Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey
Documentary about the man behind the Muppet.
Bel Ami
An ambitious young man seeks to attain power in 1890s Paris by seducing and manipulating the bored wives of important men.
The Bengali Detective
A private detective with a passion for disco tries to clean up the streets of Kolkata in a documentary like no other.
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Retiring to India and the promised comforts of a luxury hotel, a group of elderly Britons get less than they bargained for and more than they could have dreamed of.
Birth Of A Nation
An experimental short providing a glimpse inside a summer camp where young Russian cadets develop their allegiance.
What would have happened to Butch Cassidy if he hadn't died in Bolivia?
Café De Flore
Lonely people whose love binds them in painful situations are united by music.
Carol Channing: Larger Than Life
Director Dori Berinstein captures the magic and vivacity of the ninetysomething showbiz icon.
A deaf art teacher struggling with bereavement seeks refuge in a spiritualist community only to encounter a ghost bent on vengeance.
Corman’s World: Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel
Tracks the triumphant rise of Hollywood’s most prolific writer-director-producer, the godfather of independent filmmaking.
Corpo Celeste
A young girl struggles to cope with a family move, while preparing for her confirmation ceremony.
The Crow
A restless soul comes back from the dead to seek vengeance.
Chinese Take-Away
A grumpy shopkeeper lends a helping hand to a young Chinese man who cannot speak his language, and his life changes forever.
An elderly lesbian couple flee the threat of a nursing home and head to Canada to marry, picking up a hitchhiker along the way.
When a garage owner hires a mysterious hitman to dispose of his business rival, things go from bad to worse.


The Day
Survivors travelling through a post-Apocalypse world take refuge in a remote farmhouse and face a showdown with mutant cannibals.
The Day I Was Not Born
A young German woman briefly visits Buenos Aires and finds herself recognising things, the beginning of a painful process of discovery.
A Muslim kid who doesn't fit in becomes friends with a Jewish boy but doesn't know how to resolve the initial misunderstanding about his background.
Documentary following a year in the life of skateboarder Josh ‘Skreech’ Sandoval.
Dreileben 1: Beats Being Dead
A young couple's passionate relationship plays out against the backdrop of a manhunt.
Dreileben 2: Don't Follow Me Around
A police psychologist renews old acquaintances when she is drafted in to help small town police find an escaped convict.
Dreileben 3: One Minute of Darkness
A suspenseful cat-and-mouse search between police and an escaped convict.
Death Watch
A man with a camera implanted in his brain is commissioned to film a documentary about a terminally ill woman's last days.
Decapoda Shock
After an accident offworld, an astronaut returns home looking for those responsible.
Do It Yourself!
Documentary about fashion designer, punk icon and cultural provocateur Vivienne Westwood.
A love triangle simmers under the threat of an alien invasion.
Electric Man
Two comic fans desperate to save their shop are delighted to find a rare first edition of Electric Man - but others are after it too.
Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone
A documentary about the 25 year career of Fishbone, the unique punk/funk underground band considered by many fans to be the best in the world.
A found-footage film about a group of young people making documentary in the Los Angeles canyons and encountering something primitive and terrible.
Family Portrait In Black And White
A middle aged Ukrainian woman raises twenty seven children in a crumbling rural house, whilst racial prejudice threatens the security of many of the adoptees.
Flash Gordon
An evil alien ruler plans to destroy the Earth, and only an American football quarterback can stop him.
An elderly man whose short term memory has been eroded by Alzheimer's disease goes on a series of adventures in the course of one dark night.
A tongue-in-cheek surrealist parable in which two ghosts go looking for the end of the world.
The Fisherman’s Daughter
Concerned by local gossip, a father follows his daughter one night and discovers a tragic secret.
Fixing Luka
The animated story of a small girl trying to figure out how her brother works.
The Forgotten Space
Film essay documenting fishermen's working conditions and sea trade.
Gerhard Richter Painting
A look at the creative process and inner life of the celebrated abstract painter.
Goodbye First Love
The emotional journey of a teenager is traced when her boyfriend leaves to travel the world.
As two men talk one night, a camera sits in the window, watching the street below. One of them is waiting for somebody to pass by.
Girl Model
A scathing documentary exposé of an industry that trades in adolescent girls, as ugly as it sounds.
God Save My Shoes
What is it about shoes that drives some women crazy? This documentary aims to find out - in dazzling style.
The Golden Bird
A boy who pursues a mysterious golden bird finds himself further and further from the world he thought he knew.
Goodbye Mandima
A documentary about a white boy growing up in Zaire and the difficulty he faces being taken 'home' to Europe.
Adaptation of Jo Nesbo's bestselling Norwegian thriller about a headhunter who moonlilghts as a thief.
Harold And Maude
A morbid young man falls in love with a vivacious septuagenarian.
Le Havre
A middle-aged shoe-shiner helps an illegal immigrant.
How To Die In Oregon
A look at Oregonians who choose physician-assisted suicide - and those battling to bring in similar laws in other states.
How To Re-Establish A Vodka Empire
A documentary maker exploring his family history uncovers a story that prompts him to take a on a life-changing business venture.
Hunky Dory
Marc Evans' latest feature is a sweet and sincere paean to the pre-punk 1970s.
A History Of Violence
Violence begets violence in a study of retribution and small town defiance.


If Not Us, Who?
A fictional take on the story of Gudrun Ensslin and Bernward Vesper in the run-up to the formation of the Baader Meinhof gang.
Into The Abyss: A Tale Of Death, A Tale Of Life
Werner Herzog's powerful exploration of violence and its consequences, told through Death Row inmates and others close to their crimes.
In Darkness
A self-centred, anti-Semitic, Catholic sewer worker shelters Jews from the Nazis, at first for money but gradually because he comes to care about them as a human being.
Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy
A young Edinburgh man struggles to escape the grip of a brutal drug dealer while falling in love with a Canadian woman.
Jeff, Who Lives At Home
Jeff believes that all things are interconnected and everything happens for a reason. Perhaps he's right.
A documentary about a disability rights campaigner who suffers from cerebral palsy.
The Jewel
A gripping conspiracy thriller story about the rise and fall of a major Italian food company, due to mismanagement, dodgy financial deals, shady politics and embezzlement.
What happens when an obssession with junk food goes too far...
A documentary about the mystery surrounding the imprisoned Russian oligarch.
Photography and recycling in Kinshasa.
Kirkcaldy Man
A documentary about Jocky Wilson, his home town of Kirkcaldy and the mystery of his disappearance.
The Kid With A Bike
A young boy searches for his father and his bike.
A trainee carer's scheme to rob a comatose patient's house by night triggers supernatural horrors.
The Last Farm
An ageing farmer is determined to do things his own way.
A detective investigating a murder finds out what "client attachment" means in this stylish 1940s thriller.
Long Distance Information
A phone call reveals the difficulties of estrangement within a family.
The Loves Of Pharaoh
A dramatic tale of life and love in Ancient Egypt.


A Man's Story
A look at the meteoric rise to fame of fashion designer Ozwald Boateng.
A young man goes looking for his birth mother and finds a troubled community in a land dominated by the turtle spirit.
The Mexican Suitcase
A documentary about the mystery of missing negatives created by iconic photographer Robert Capa and his friends during the Spanish Civil War.
The Making Of Longbird
An animator struggles with the character he is creating.
A look at the day to day life of an unremarkable man who is keeping a ten year old boy prisoner in his basement.
Mitsuko Delivers
Mitsuko is in her ninth month of pregnancy, but that doesn't stop her taking the lead when all around her are floundering. Yuya Ishii's breathless comic drama has satire, brio and originality to burn.
The Monk
The tragedy of a devoted servant of God whose very righteousness leads him on the path to damnation.
The Muppets
When the Muppet Theatre is theatened, three fans must reunite its former stars to save it.
Napoleon Dynamite
In praise of small town high school losers who discover their skills.
Night Shift
A documentary about a woman who uses a double decker bus to help sex workers on the streets of Glasgow.
A Night To Remember
The story of the sinking of the Titanic.
On The Ice
After a fight in which their friend is killed, two Alaskan teenagers try to cover up what happened and keep their mutual secret.
Once Upon A Time In Anatolia
A group of men set out to investigate murder in the steppe.
The Other F Word
An encounter with punk heroes who are adjusting to fatherhood.
Two young men who share an incurable illness face death together and try to find something precious in life.
Patience (After Sebald)
An exploration of the prose, poetry and artwork of WG Sebald and its place within European history and geography.
Philippa & Nancy
Two friends demonstrate their unusual method of picking up men.
Planet Of Snail
Documentary about a deaf-blind man and his wife.
Watching Joan Crawford watching life go by.
The Perfect Fit
A look at the craft of making ballet shoes and the damage done in the pursuit of art.
Pitch Black Heist
Two men team up to rob an office safe but they must work around a light-triggered alarm system.
The Plague Of The Zombies
A doctor investigates a series of mysterious deaths - and apparent reappearances - in a remote Cornish village.
Princess Mononoke
A prince becomes caught up in a battle between a mining town and a forest.


Red Dog
The story of a Western Australian legend and the tough, warm, independent people whose lives he touched.
When two young drunk people board the bus, Kristoffer remembers something he has long pushed away.
The Reptile
A young couple moving into a remote cottage find the villagers unwelcoming and learn that travellers on the moors are meeting with mysterious deaths.
The Raid
An elite SWAT team try to clear out an apartment complex controlled by a drug dealer, but nothing goes to plan.
The Renter
A young boy is dropped off at an elderly woman's house that seems filled with scary surprises.
Salmon Fishing In The Yemen
When an idealistic sheikh persuades a fisheries expert to try and introduce salmon to the Yemen, the expert soon finds himself himself out of his depth, but love blossoms along the way.
The story of a fateful meeting between two men, one night in Belgrade.
Sing Your Song
Documentary charting the career of Harry Belafonte - singer, actor and political activist.
A father breaks his dinnertime silence when his daughter reveals plans to go out for the evening.
Silver Tongues
A couple travel across country taking on different roles and presenting challenges to strangers.
Simple Simon
A teenager with Asperger's syndrome embarks on a quest to find the perfect girlfriend for his recently-dumped brother.
Singin' In The Rain
A silent film idol romances a Hollywood starlet in this much-loved classic.
Slacker 2011
A tribute to Richard Linklater's Slacker made by members of the Austin Filmmakers Society.
Sleeping Sickness
Absorbing and boldly original drama revolving around a German doctor in present-day Cameroon.
The Somnambulists
Richard Jobson's committed, imaginative response to our collective apathy to the war in Iraq.
Stopped On Track
A raw, compelling study what happens to a ordinary family when a husband and father becomes terminally ill.
St Nick
Two children move into an abandoned house and strive to fend for themselves as everyday life goes on around them.
Ordinary folk by day, caped crusaders by night; a look into the lives of real life superheroes.
Superman: The Movie
Classic comic book adaptation about an orphaned alien who becomes humanity's saviour.
The Swell Season
Documentary following the songwriters and stars of Once, after their triumphant Oscar win.
Time To Spare
A fortysomething man is bereft when the little sister he has raised leaves home, but nothing ever turns out the way you expect.
Tales Of The Night
Enchanting, magical tales told using silhouette animation and screened in 3D.
Animation based on Yoshihiro Tatsumi's manga memoir A Drifting Life and other short stories.
An unhappy, overweight boy with a difficult home life finds inspiration in a deputy headteacher who loves to break the rules.
This Is Not A Film
Jafar Panahi's postcard from Iran.
This Must Be The Place
An oddball retired rock star takes a roadtrip across America inspired by his dead father.
Three Walls
A documentary about the development of the office cubicle and the melancholy atmosphere it has created.
Tilt is a love story set against the backdrop of the changing political and social environment in Europe in the late 80s and early 90s. Can this love survive the challenges of emigration, a violent homeland and an immoral social atmosphere?
A young woman falls prey to a fatal attraction in this reworking of Tess Of The D'Urbervilles, transposed to modern day India.
A young woman's life is turned upside down when she suddenly finds out that she's more than six months pregnant.
Two Years At Sea
A portrait of Jake, an outsider who lives in the wilderness of his own creation.
The chief of a band of battle-weary Norse warriors is about to hand over power to his son when they are confronted by something entirely unexpected.
Up There
A dead man stuck in a dead end job welcoming new arrivals to the afterlife fears things will get even worse when he accidentally loses a soul.


Vincent Wants to Sea
A young man with Tourette's syndrome escapes an institution, along with two friends, to travel to Italy and fulfil his mother's last wish.
Wang's Arrival
A bored subtitler is unexpectedly asked to translate the interrogation of a Chinese-speaking visitor from another world, with dramatic consequences.
We, the Masses
A man falling over in the snow discovers other men, whom he follows on a strange journey.
An Alzheimer's sufferer finds a new place in the world after entering an old folk's home.
Where Do We Go Now?
A group of Lebanese women try to ease religious tensions between Christians and Muslims in their village.
Wild Bill
A fresh-out-of-jail ex-con, finds himself landed with taking care of his kids... whether they like it or not.
The Wise Kids
Three teenagers struggle with issues round religion and identity as one of them tries to come to terms with being gay.
Your Sister's Sister
A tightly focused comedy drama exploring the bonds between siblings, best friends and lovers.

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