Allison Gardner unveils the programme in full. <i>Photo by Stuart Crawford</i> Allison Gardner unveils the programme in full. Photo by Stuart Crawford

Glasgow Film Festival celebrated its fourth year in 2008. Among the premieres and previews, it also featured a Bette Davis retrspective and ran from February 14 to 24.

The GFT was the central hub, with additional screenings in Cineworld Renfrew Street and in the CCA.

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Glasgow Latest Reviews

A teenager finds her own way of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.
The Bank Job
The Bank Job
The true story of a group of bank robbers who stole more than they'd bargained for.
The fate of illegal immigrants on a London building site.
Zombie Strippers!
Zombie Strippers!
You need a one liner after reading the title?
Lars And The Real Girl
Lars And The Real Girl
A quiet young man falls in love with a woman who is perfect in every way - except that she's inflatable.
My Brother Is An Only Child
My Brother Is An Only Child
Two brothers growing up in small town Italy in the 1960s devote themselves to opposite ends of the political spectrum. Then they both fall in love with the same girl.
El Baño Del Papa
El Baño Del Papa
A man tries to build a public loo to cash in on a Papal visit.
Diary Of The Dead
Diary Of The Dead
Film students try to record the end of civilisation as they know it when the dead begin to walk. Plus read our with George A Romero.
Joy Division
Joy Division
An in-depth biographical account of the legendary Manchester band.
Cassandra's Dream
Cassandra's Dream
Two brothers in need of money are confronted with a terrible proposition.
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Glasgow Film Festival Features

Jaume Balagueró on REC
The Spanish director discusses his horror hit.
No laughing matter
Producer Chris Coen talks about remaking Funny Games.
Plight of the living dead
As Diary Of The Dead is released on DVD read our exclusive interview with George A Romero about zombies, the perils of the internet and a Sound Of Music remake.
Rec revealed
Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero talk about their monster Spanish hit.
Films that go bump in the night
A look at what Frightfest attendees thought of the films on offer at this year's GFF.
A grand day out
What do GFF attendees and volunteers think of the festival?
GFF diary, episode two
I am a fugitive from a chain gang...
GFF diary, episode one
Life is nothing if not totally ironic...
Remembering Bette Davis
A look at one of the great stars of yesteryear.
4th Glasgow Film Festival Programme Announced
GFF to feature Cassandra's Dream and Bette Davis retrospective.
Freeze frames
Director Asif Kapadia talks about finding the arctic location and cast for his latest film Far North.
Baby, it's been an incredible year
Juno director Jason Reitman on filmmaking, fatherhood and the future.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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