All About Eve
An aging star is challenged by a ruthless younger actress.
The life story of a self-obsessed young woman determined to succeed as a romance novelist at the beginning of the 20th Century.
La Antena
Dystopian fairytale about a 'city without a voice'.
The Bank Job
The true story of a group of bank robbers who stole more than they'd bargained for.
Bunny Chow
A group of Johannesburg stand-up comedians take a roadtrip to perform at a rock concert.
A glimpse into the lives of five women working in and around a beauty salon in Beirut.
Cassandra's Dream
Two brothers in need of money are confronted with a terrible proposition.
The Cottage
When wannabe big-time crooks kidnap a gangster's daughter and hole up in a remote cottage, they find there are scarier people out there than the mob.
Charlie Bartlett
A bright but troubled rich kid unexpectedly finds himself in the American ‘public school’ system – and finds a novel way of beating the bullies.
Children Of Glory
The Hungarian revolution as seen from the perspective of its water polo heroes.
Consenting Adults
The story of John Wolfenden and the legalisation of homosexuality in England.
Crazy Love
Documentary about a man who mutilates the woman he claims to love.


Dark Victory
A young heiress diagnosed with terminal brain cancer must decide how to spend her last few weeks of life.
Death Proof
Quentin Tarantino's glorious grindhouse send-up.
Diary Of The Dead
Film students try to record the end of civilisation as they know it when the dead begin to walk. Plus read our with George A Romero.
El Baño Del Papa
A man tries to build a public loo to cash in on a Papal visit.
Far North
A stranger enters the world of two isolated, nomadic women.
Four Minutes
A young prisoner receives piano lessons which change her life.
Funny Games
English language remake of the ice-cold horror about a family held hostage by a pair of preppy youngsters. Plus read our with producer Chris Coen.
The life of a lonely petrol station attendant is changed forever when he is befriended by a bored teenager.
The owner of a run-down bar, struggling to compete with the arrival of a jukebox across the road, gambles everything on a star who may not even turn up.


I Served The King Of England
The history of Prague recounted through one man's story, full of glamour and danger.
The Inheritance
Two brothers who hate each other drive to Skye to search for their dead daddy's money.
In Search Of A Midnight Kiss
Lonely in the run-up to New Year, a young man decides to post a personal ad to find someone with whom to spend that special midnight moment.
A teenager finds her own way of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.
Joy Division
An in-depth biographical account of the legendary Manchester band.
King Corn
Two friends plant an acre of corn and investigate how it grows, its history and its destination.
Lars And The Real Girl
A quiet young man falls in love with a woman who is perfect in every way - except that she's inflatable.
The Last Mistress
Exploration of aristocratic fidelity in 18th Century France.
Lonesome Jim
Struggling to make it on his own, a young man moves back into his parents' house, with ensuing awkwardness.


Margot At The Wedding
A neurotic woman undermines her whole family and her sister's impending marriage.
Michou D'Auber
The story of an Arab boy fostered in a conservative French village during the Algerian War.
Mister Lonely
Celebrity lookalikes get to know one another whilst a crazy old priest takes nuns flying.
My Blueberry Nights
A heartbroken woman travels across America in search of love.
My Brother Is An Only Child
Two brothers growing up in small town Italy in the 1960s devote themselves to opposite ends of the political spectrum. Then they both fall in love with the same girl.
My Nikifor
Biopic of the legendary naive painter Nikifor Krynicki.
The fate of illegal immigrants on a London building site.
Planet Terror
Survivors take on infected zombies in the second part of the double-bill formerly known as Grindhouse.


A news crew get trapped in an apartment block with a deadly virus and something else...
Controversial story, asking where, in the censored war in Iraq, do we find the truth? Plus read what Brian De Palma said about the film - and the redaction of it, .
Savage Grace
Accomplished telling of a real life upper class family's disturbing meltdown.
She Wanted To Be Burnt
A woman wakes to a living nightmare.
Youth Gang Terrorises Suburbia. Winner of European Film Academy Short Film Prix UIP.
Special People
A film-maker faces comic consequences when he tries to make something 'real' with a group of disabled teens.
Shotgun Stories
Blood ties and vengeance in rural Arkansas.
Son Of Rambow
Delightful comedy about childlike imagination and love of the movies.
The Spiderwick Chronicles
Moving to a creepy old house after their parents split up, three children encounter a dangerous but enchanting supernatural world.
A documentary exploring the use and meaning of political symbols.
A youth taught to steal in early childhood finds himself resorting to it almost compulsively as he searches for his mother.
A virgin's anatomical quirk means she bites off more than she can chew.
A middle-aged woman holidays with her bourgeois friends in Tuscany. Plus read our with Joanna Hogg.


We Are Together
Life in an African orphanage where the children are united by a love of singing.
Water Lilies
Love and sex become urgent issues for the young members of a sychronised swimming team.
Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?
Two sisters, a former child star and a now disabled Hollywood actress, are bound together by co-dependency and mutual resentment.
Coming of age drama about an intersex teen.
You, The Living
Surreal, dreamlike, and darkly comic sketches about life and death.
Zombie Strippers!
You need a one liner after reading the title?

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