Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2013

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Cutie And The Boxer Cutie And The Boxer
Cutie And The Boxer and Stories We Tell
As You Like It (Country: Romania; Year: 2013; Director: Paula Oneț)
A documentary capturing the poignant way in which a group of elderly Romanian villagers look after the portraits which already adorn their final resting place.
Beach Boy (Country: UK; Year: 2013; Director: Emil Langballe)
Danish filmmaker Emil Langballe describes what appears to be a budding romance between the young Kenyan boy Juma and the 50-year-old, overweight British woman Lynn, in a real-life version of the feature film by Ulrich Seidl Paradise: Love, set in Kenya, whose sex tourism trade promises women a romantic idyll, but all they hear are compassionate lies.
Captain Kang (Kang Seonjang) (Country: South Korea; Year: 2012; Director: Won Ho-yeon)
In his poetic and visually sophisticated movie, South Korean director Won Ho-yeon sensitively records the extent to which family solidarity can overcome the vicissitudes of fate in a story about an abandoned dream and a legless fisherman named Kang.
Cathedrals (Kathedralen) (Country: Germany; Year: 2013; Director: Konrad Kästner)
More than two million inhabitants could live in the recently built Chinese city of Kangbashi. The majority of the buildings, however, remain empty because money-mad speculators have bought up all the apartments. Breathtaking images reveal the inanimate chill of a city that has lost the fight against humanity’s insane lust for wealth.
Cutie And The Boxer (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Zachary Heinzerling; Stars: Ushio Shinohara, Noriko Shinohara)
Two fiercely creative artists continue to spar after 40 years spent head over heels in love.
The Pervert's Guide To Ideology The Pervert's Guide To Ideology
The Pervert's Guide To Ideology and The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
The Day Has Conquered The Night ( Le Jour A Vaincu La Nuit) (Country: France; Year: 2013; Director: Jean-Gabriel Périot)
Eight questions are asked of the unwilling inhabitants of an Orléans prison who appear in front of the camera to speak of their dreams and nightmares, allowing us to delve deep into minds altered by a life behind bars.
DK (Country: Czech Republic; Year: 2013; Director: Bára Kopecká)
A feature-length documentary about the life and death of radical architect David Kopecký.
Exhibits Or Stories From The Castle (Exponáty Alebo Príbehy Z Kaštieľa ) (Country: Slovak Republic; Year: 2013; Director: Pavol Korec)
A mosaic portraying the fate of people “who have lost everything; all they have left is life.”
The Expedition To The End Of The World (Ekspeditionen Til Verdens Ende) (Country: Denmark, Sweden; Year: 2013; Director: Daniel Dencik)
A massive three-masted schooner with an unusual scientific crew on board sets out for the majestic fjords of northeastern Greenland. Will the participants of the expedition discover any new animal species? Will they encounter a polar bear face-to-face?
Out of competition.
Father's Garden - The Love Of My Parents (Vaters Garten - Die Liebe Meiner Eltern) (Country: Switzerland; Year: 2013; Director: Peter Liechti)
The director examines his parents' relationship and changing gender roles.
Out of competition.
Fulmaya, The Girl With Skinny Legs (Country: Czech Republic; Year: 2013; Director: Vendula Bradáčová; Stars: Dorota Nvotová)
The central character of Vendula Bradáčová’s documentary, which focuses on the desire for freedom and the endeavour to give help to those who need it most, is well-known Slovak actress and singer Dorota Nvotová. For six years she has been helping orphans and the little kids forced to eke out a living on the streets of Kathmandu.
Out of competition.
Gangster Of Love (Gangster Te Voli) (Country: Croatia, Germany, Romania; Year: 2013; Director: Nebojša Slijepčević)
Nebojša Slijepčević investigates the mentality of the inhabitants of the Croatian town of Imotski through humorous situations and the disarming spontaneity of the main characters as they try to find a mate. Guided by the boss of the local dating agency, who looks like a gangster, maybe they´ll find “the one.”
Kiran (Country: Germany; Year: 2012; Director: Bettina Timm, Alexander Riedel)
Eight-year-old Kiran, who lives with his mother in a yurt at the foot of the French Pyrenees. We discover that the boy no longer shares her alternative disposition and preference for a life without the creature comforts of civilisation.
Life With Jester (Život S Kašparem ) (Country: Czech Republic; Year: 2013; Director: Helena Třeštíková; Stars: Jakub Špalek)
23 years in the life of Jakub Špalek, a unique figure in Czech theatre, whose infinite love for the stage gradually became an obsession which had a fundamental impact on his private life.
Out of competition.
The Manor (Country: Canada; Year: 2013; Director: Shawney Cohen)
Shawney Cohen’s highly personal view of his Canadian Jewish family’s extravagant way of life, which includes running a strip joint.
The Man Who Made Angels Fly (Country: UK, France, Poland; Year: 2013; Director: Wiktoria Szymańska)
Deferring to the power of suggestion, Polish director Wiktoria Szymańska eschews a standard biopic of one of the world’s top living puppeteers, Michael Meschke, focusing instead on his uncanny ability to imbue his puppets for a few minutes with living emotion and inimitable expression.
Moon Rider (Country: Denmark; Year: 2012; Director: Daniel Dencik)
Made with 8mm film, this movie presents a portrait of talented Danish athlete Rasmus Quaade and his struggle to find a firm footing in the world of professional cycling.
My Father, My Mother And Me (Meine Kleine Familie) (Country: Austria; Year: 2012; Director: Paul-Julien Robert)
In his highly personal search for his biological father, Austrian filmmaker Paul-Julien Robert reveals the true nature of life in one of Europe’s biggest communes, formerly located in the town of Friedrichshof, whose members espoused common property ownership, free love, and a markedly controversial method of raising children.
The Pervert's Guide To Ideology (Country: UK, Ireland; Year: 2012; Director: Sophie Fiennes; Stars: Slavoj Žižek)
A documentary exploring the film criticism and philosophy of Slavoj Žižek.
Out of competition.
Pipeline (Truba) (Country: Russia, Germany, Czech Republic; Year: 2013; Director: Vitaly Manskiy)
Director Vitaly Manskiy sets off on the trail of the Trans-Siberian gas pipeline to find out what it’s like for ordinary people living in its vicinity.
Rogalik (Country: Poland; Year: 2012; Director: Paweł Ziemilski)
Via slow tracking shots, the camera glides through a series of ordinary Polish households and, like a prying voyeur, captures the hidden magic of everyday home life.
The Stone Roses: Made of Stone (Country: UK; Year: 2013; Director: Shane Meadows; Stars: Ian Brown, Mani, John Squire, Alan Wren)
Rock-doc on Manchester indie rock pioneers The Stone Roses.
Out of competition.
Stories We Tell (Country: Canada; Year: 2012; Director: Sarah Polley; Writer: Sarah Polley, Michael Polley; Stars: Michael Polley, Harry Gulkin, Susy Buchan, John Buchan, Mark Polley, Joanna Polley, Cathy Gulkin, Marie Murphy, Robert MacMillan, Anne Tait, Deirdre Bowen, Victoria Mitchell, Mort Ransen, Geoffrey Bowes, Tom Butler)
Sarah Polley investigates secrets in her own family.
Out of competition.
The Story Of Mr Love (Otázky Pana Lásky) (Country: Czech Republic; Year: 2013; Director: Dagmar Smržová)
Dagmar Smržová’s documentary is a touching and, above all, highly inspiring portrait of an energetic and ever-optimistic 30-year-old schizophrenic named Jiří Láska who is far from the usual apathetic patient of the psych ward.
Out of competition.
The Venice Syndrome ( Das Venedig Prinzip) (Country: Germany, Austria, Italy; Year: 2012; Director: Andreas Pichler)
A look at what remains of authentic Venetian life, investigating how the old-time residents are adapting to an invading force of tourism that is capable of obliterating almost everything of any real value.
Out of competition.
Wrong Time Wrong Place (Country: Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Germany, France; Year: 2012; Director: John Appel)
A contemplation of the line between life and death, drawing on interviews with several young people who were lucky enough to survive Anders Breivik’s murderous rampage on Norway’s Utøya island.
Out of competition.

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