14 Kilometres
The journey between North Africa and Spain, made by three and desperate young Africans.
24 Frames Per Second
A short, experimental film exploring mystical imagery.
Alone In Four Walls
Inside a juvenile Russian reform school.
Angels In The Dust
Documentary about a wealthy, privileged family who build a community for children whose lives have been devastated by HIV/AIDS.
The Appeared
Siblings are terrified by tortured ghosts and a brain dead father's legacy in Argentina.
The Art Star And The Sudanese Twins
An artist's obssessive attempt to adopt twins in Darfur.
Backstage look at the brains behind Gorillaz.
The Bride Wore Black
New Wave brat scholar Tarantino swears blind this was not the inspiration for Kill Bill? You decide.
A tour of New York City's bridges and the landscapes surrounding them.
Brussels Loops
Enigmatic short, featuring loosely connected images.
A dancer explores the experiences and passions of the matador.
Before The Rains
A sweeping period romance set in Colonial India.
Better Things
Award-winning short filmmaker makes his feature debut with a story of fractured relationships.
Bigga Than Ben: A Russians’ Guide To Ripping Off London
Two sneaky young Russians dodge the military draft and head for London, all the while figuring out the best means for screwing their respective systems.
The Black Balloon
An insightful family drama, about a young man who must deal with more than his fair share of troubles, like his autistic brother. Also, young love and being a new boy in school.
Black Box Shorts
Experimental short film showcase.
Blood Car
Troma-esque weirdness as a vegan invents a vehicle more reminiscent of Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors. Minus the crap Broadway songs, of course.
Cafe De Los Maestros
A celebratory film about the maestros of tango.
Captain Abu Raed
Uplifting tale about an airport janitor who spins stories for street kids after being mistaken by them for a pilot.
A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures
Does what it says on the tin - a personal documentary about a subject for which most blokes will have sympathy.
The Cool World
Stark portrait of 1960s Harlem.
Crack Willow
Social reality meets dangerous psychosis - fun for all the family.
The Crumblegiant
Half-remembered charcoal dreams from childhood.


Dance In The Sun
A dancer explores the forces of nature.
Dangerous Liaisons
Love and adultery... Who could resist!?
Death Defying Acts
Harry Houdini falls for a gypsy 'psychic' in an Edinburgh-set period romance.
Diary Of A Chambermaid
Dark comedy exposing the 1930s in thrall to fascism.
Donkey Punch
Seven go mad on a yacht. Plus read our with the director and stars of the film. The film is out to own on November 10.
A coming of age drama about two young brothers whose mother dies suddenly, leaving them to fend for themselves.
Eat, For This Is My Body
Avant garde 'documentary' loosely exploring the colonialist history of Haiti.
The disintegration of a marriage.
The Edge Of Love
Wartime drama about two women who form an unlikely friendship, united by their feelings for poet Dylan Thomas.
Encounters At The End Of The World
The infamous director Werner Herzog visits the Antarctic, determined not to make a movie about penguins.
Elite Squad
A special squad officer in the violent Brazilian slums tries to find a replacement. Read our with José Padilha.
Empty Space
A construction worker tries to escape from reality.
Enlightened Blood
A rupture in time and space unites six characters in huge life-altering ways.
A battle re-enactor struggles to recover the affections of his wife.
Fairytale Of Kathmandu
Following an admired writer to his spiritual home in Nepal leads to a difficult discovery.
Fear(s) Of The Dark
Ten animations from the dark side.
The Fall
Tarsem Singh's visually opulent fantasy epic borrowing the narrative device of The Princess Bride to widen and scorch the eyes.
Four Journeys Into Mystic Time
An anthology of short dance films.
A Film With Me In It
Unemployed actors come face to face with sudden death.
The Fire Within
A suicidal man struggling to avoid sliding back into alcoholism visits former friends and lovers to say goodbye.
Fujian Blue
Dual stories analyse societal breakdown in modern China.
Geriatrics: The Musical
Stop-motion claymation musical about four geriatrics in a ward.
God Man Dog
Multi-strand emotional drama.
Good Dick
Offbeat romance between a damaged young woman and with Marianna Palka and Jason Ritter.
Hamdi And Maria
The story of two ordinary people whose lives were irrevocably transformed by the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.
A missing girl's police reconstruction prompts her proxy to fill in the psychological gaps in herself.
Half Way Home
Portrait of a girl with auto-immune disease.


In Paris Parks
An exploration of children's experiences in the park.
The Immortal Story
Rarely-seen Welles feature about an expat orchestrates a tale of sexual and emotional manipulation.
International Shorts: Childproof
A look at life from youngsters' perspectives.
In The City Of Sylvia
A boy dreams of finding a lost love.
Jesus Christ Saviour
Klaus Kinski (so immortally captured in Werner Herzog's My Best Fiend) gives a showstopping performance with a defiant monologue.
The Juche Idea
Deconstruction of the North Korean official state ideology.
Jules Et Jim
A French love triangle, spanning the years. Out on reissue in May.
Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight
A businessman reaches the end of his tether.
The King Of Ping Pong
Coming-of-age drama sees trouble brew between two siblings.
The Kreutzer Sonata
A husband's jealousy threatens to drive him mad.
Last Time In Clerkenwell
Birds go bonkers.
Left Bank
Atmospheric horror film in the vein of Rosemary's Baby, with a descent into obsession and madness with the previous occupants of her boyfriend's flat.
Lemon Tree
Allegorical story about a lemon tree under threat when an Israeli government minister moves in next door.
Let The Right One In
A touching story of first romance... with a side-serving of horror.
Life Track
A disabled man allows a mute girl into his private space.
Lift To The Scaffold
Moreau's first lead role about an unfaithful wife who finds nothing but trouble after a fling with her lover.
The Lovers
Controversial drama about a married mum who walks out on her husband.
Love And Other Crimes
"What happens if you fall in love on the very day you intend to leave forever?"


Madame Tutli-Putli
A woman boards a train with all her worldly goods.
A repressed schoolteacher vents her frustration on the local community.
Man On Wire
Documentary about tightrope walker Phillippe Petit's attempt to cross between the twin towers of the World Trade Center.
Married Life
How do you avoid humiliating you wife with a divorce? Kill her.
Mechanical Love
Artificial Intelligence and the Uncanny Valley, androids that we can love bookend the story.
Milky Way Liberation Front
Black comedy adventure about a screenwriter whose personal and professional world is falling apart.
Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
An actress dresses up a former governess so she can experience a glamorous life as they help one another with romantic problems.
Grief and desire on a road trip.
A Moment In Love
Two dancers meet and explore dramatic rural scenery together.
Mum And Dad
Brit horror, sees an airport worker face the perils of a close-knit family. In cinemas and on DVD this Boxing Day. Plus read our with Perry Benson.
Documentary about Barney Rosset, who challenged obscenity laws most famously in the case of Lady Chatterley's Lover.
Of Time And The City
A portrait of 20th Century Liverpool.
The Order Of Myths
Using dual Mardi Gras parades, The Order of Myths delves into cultural exploration and integration in a community still stuck in tradition.
Disabled misfits kidnap a singer.
An in-depth look at drag queens in preparation for the Miss Gay America.
The story of wallpaper and marriage in a house on a lake in Sweden.
A medical diagnosis leaves a young dancer and his sister in care(e)r gridlock.
Patti Smith: Dream Of Life
Intimate portrait of the icon.
Portrait Of Jason
Documentary about a gay black prostitute.
A young man explores his sexuality in a decadent French brothel.


A man sets out to find justice after his dog falls victim to a random act of violence.
Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel With The World
Documentary about the life of the poet.
The Rocker
The original drummer of an Eighties hair metal band gets a second chance at stardom when his nephew’s group makes it big.
Rome Burns - A Portrait of Shirley Clarke
Up close documentary about the director Shirley Clarke.
A Scary Time
A film made for UNICEF showing the different things which frighten children around the world.
Scottish Short Documentary Award Screening
Collection of Scottish short documentaries.
Scottish Short Film Showcase
Four Scottish shorts, shown at the EIFF.
Shirley Clarke: Early Works 1
Collection of early short films by the acclaimed director.
A teenager suffering from a debilitating illness moves to a small town only to encounter more bullies - plus something worse waiting in the woods.
Sick Sex
The libido blues for an ill girl.
Documentary on the Tishman Building in New York.
Sleep Dealer
Node Runner - if they catch you you're through!
sleep furiously
Rural Wales faces change from all sides as the population ages.
Close-up and personal view of the slums using hidden cameras and brilliant editing.
Somers Town
A boy heads to London to seek his fortune and finds friendship.
Son Of A Lion
Father and son's ideologies clash in their Pashun tribe.
Space Travel According To John
A ten year old boy explains his space travel plans in this award winning animated film
Low budget monster horror with romantic undertones.
An actor tries to please his unseen lover.
The popularity of a pub's knitting circle.
The Song Of Sparrows
This Iranian morality tale deals with an ostrich farmer who loses his job and is forced to travel to and from the city.
Standard Operating Procedure
Errol Morris' documentary on the infamous photographs at Abu Ghraib prison.
Stone Of Destiny
If Ealing were still alive... they'd probably grab this script and run with it!
Now a carer for his dying friend, a former prisoner laments the way that he has frittered away his life.
Summer Hours
Drama about a priceless art collection and a family's decision about how best to use it, for both memory and intrinsic worth.
A Thousand Years Of Good Prayers
Cultural and generational gaps explored by aging Chinese man visiting his daughter.
Three Miles North Of Molkom
Spiritual fulfilment meets simple-minded satisfaction in a clash of ideologies.
Time To Leave
The last great taboo - a dissection of a young man coming to terms with death with the help of his grandmother.
Famous Dutch actress faces bankruptcy by hiring an accountant and giving another party.
To See if I’m Smiling
Candid revelations about things seen and done in the Israeli military.
Trail Of The Screaming Forehead
50s B-movies take a turn for a spoofing, as alien soul-sucking foreheads flood the world.
Mystery on the Tran Siberian Express.
The Trial
A man wakes up to discover the police want to talk to him, but he has no idea what he's supposed to have done.
TeePee VideoSpace Troupe: The First Years
Video segments from Shirley Clarke.
When a man accidentally travels back in time, he finds restoring the status quo is easier said than done. Plus read our exclusive interview with director Nacho Vigalondo.
An experimental film about dying.
The Upsetter: The Life Of Lee Scratch Perry
Documentary focussing on the Jamaican music producer.


Very Young Girls
An examination of young girls as they are duped, tricked and coerced into selling themselves for sex in a surprising, and people-focussed film.
The Visitor
An ageing, lonely man rediscovers his love of life when he visits New York and shares his home with two strangers.
Viva Maria!
Malle's comic western starring Bardot and Moreau as strip-tease pioneers.
An experimental directorial quartet taking on the four ages of a single character's life.
The Wackness
A teen drug dealer swaps spliffs for psychiatry in the long, hot New York summer of 1994.
A robot - Wall·E, left alone on Earth begins to explore the cosmos with a companion, the sleek and sultry EVE.
Warsaw Dark
A night club dancer becomes embroiled in a political assassination.
The Wave
A high school teacher demonstrates with his class the true meaning of autocracy.
Web Site Story
Screening with Blood Car at EIFF 2008, this is a musical about deceptive internet seduction.
With A Girl Of Black Soil
South Korean family drama about an economically impoverished family and their difficulties with one another.
War Child
A rising hip-hop star uses his music to raise awareness about his homeland’s ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Filming sensations Mathieu Amalric on Pierre Léon, Jeanne Balibar and the sounds and colours of Barbara

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A different space Kelly Macdonald on working with Marc Turtletaub on Puzzle

Out of the past Susanna Nicchiarelli on Trine Dyrholm and the costume design in Nico, 1988

The iconic man Jonathan Baker on Becoming Iconic and Inconceivable

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