Crack Willow

Crack Willow


Reviewed by: Craig Mcfarlane

I went into this film expecting nothing and went I left I felt like a little piece of me was somehow cheated. This film was not a treat to the senses and was completely incoherent, but before this review goes off on a tangent like the film does, I should explain a bit about the plot.

The film starts with the hero, Mark, looking after his father as he has a stroke. The banter between father and son is extremely touching and I was drawn into this story (the bit where they are playing Boggle brought a huge smile to my face), and gauging my fellow viewers' reactions to this part of the film, so were they. Then the story took a turn for the worse.

The second part of the film is just horrible and completely destroys the tone of the first segment. This part basically has a naked man going crazy and listening to a Dictaphone describing his relationship with his mother, and flashing his penis around in an amusing fashion.

In the third act , we are introduced to a woman who has been sectioned, but there is neither rhyme nor reason why she is there other than to be provocative and weird. And we are introduced to a "madman" who plays the trumpet, but wait for it, in the bathroom.

The only decent thing about this film is the lighting, as the "crazy scenes" are well shot. Other than that it is a truly lazy film.

The director wrote the script on a daily basis and it clearly shows. This really isn't a film you would show for a festival, and to be honest it's not a film I would show full stop.

Reviewed on: 21 Jun 2008
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Social reality meets dangerous psychosis - fun for all the family.

Director: Martin Radich

Writer: Martin Radich

Starring: Mark Bennett, Reg Bennett, Ryan Mitchell, Beki Dakin, Oliver Dempster, Jez Scott, Melanie Luby, Peter Dargavel

Year: 2008

Runtime: 89 minutes

Country: UK


EIFF 2008

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