Black Box Shorts

Black Box Shorts


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

In common usage a Black Box is going to be one of two things: A device designed to help investigators find out what happened after something has gone wrong, or the unknown gap between a given input and output.

For the most part, the shorts in the Black Box programme are the latter, but sadly some are far closer to the remnants of a disaster.

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Plot Point - At a big event in Times Square, something is going on - but what?

Fire In The Eye - Lightning strikes and misses the mark.

Gravity - Examination of a screen kiss.

Terminal Communication - Exploration of a triumph of bad road design.

New Educational Series - Canaries In Colour - Nostalgic pastiche of found material.

Inertia - Exploration of the difficulties of running in a suit of armour.

Who By Water - Archive footage of boat passengers.

3x1 - Views from a bridge.

Vertigo Rush - Examination of the dolly zoom special effect.

Mosaik Méchanique - Experimental exploration of a silent film.

Reviewed on: 03 Jul 2008
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Experimental short film showcase.

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Year: 2008


EIFF 2008

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