Shirley Clarke: Early Works 1

Shirley Clarke: Early Works 1


Reviewed by: Chris

A strong selection of early, groundbreaking shorts from the experimental pioneer, this showcase ran as part of EIFF's Shirley Clarke retrospective. For full reviews click the links below. Featuring:

Bridges-Go-Round - A tour of New York City's bridges and the landscapes surrounding them.
Brussels Loops - Enigmatic short, featuring loosely connected images.
Bullfight - A dancer explores the experiences and passions of the matador.
Dance In The Sun - A dancer explores the forces of nature.
In Paris Parks - An exploration of children's experiences in the park.
A Moment In Love - Two dancers meet and explore dramatic rural scenery together.
A Scary Time - A film made for UNICEF showing the different things which frighten children around the world.

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2008
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Collection of early short films by the acclaimed director.

Director: Shirley Clarke

Year: 2008

Runtime: 40 minutes


EIFF 2008

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