A Moment In Love

A Moment In Love


Reviewed by: Chris

A balletic meeting between two lovers progresses from a woodland tryst up to the mountain tops.

There are some interesting camera effects with multiple exposures or a vanishing figure. Unlike Clarke’s early Dance In The Sun, or her later dance-based films (Four Journeys Into Mystic Time), A Moment In Love places cinema uppermost and the dancing second. As the dancers move, so does the camera, becoming almost like a dancer itself. Says Clarke, “I started choreographing the camera as well as the dancers in the frame". At one point, the dancers appear to be suspended in the clouds.

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Although an interesting piece, especially for pushing boundaries, this is more contrived than Clarke's ‘pure dance’ shorts, and the dancing is more rigid. It has the feeling of attempting something that is a bit beyond the technology of the time.

Reviewed on: 12 Jul 2008
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Two dancers meet and explore dramatic rural scenery together.

Director: Shirley Clarke

Year: 1956

Runtime: 11 minutes

Country: US


EIFF 2008

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