The Advocate For Fagdom
A look at the rise and rise of gay zombie porn meister BruceLaBruce.
An elderly woman talks about the disappearance of her pregnant daughter under military rule in Argentina.
All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace
A documentary asking whether we are now dominated by the systems we built for our own convenience.
The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye
Documentary depicting the love story between Genesis P-Orridge and Lady Jaye.
Bob And The Monster
Musician Bob Forrest talks about his days with Thelonius Monster and his struggle with heroin addiction.
Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest
The story of the legendary hop hop act, from high school to superstardom and beyond.
Becoming Chaz
Born with a female anatomy, the child of musicians Sonny and Cher, Chaz Bono is now transitioning to live as a man, and he discusses his experiences in this very personal documentary.
Bombay Beach
Experimental documentary about residents who live on the shores of the Salton Sea.
Born in USSR
Animated allegory about the USSR.
The artist discusses his violent and abusive past and his quest for redemption.
Cave Of Forgotten Dreams
An exploration of the Chauvet caves in Southern France where the oldest known human paintings can be found.
Client 9
A profile of the man who, potentially, could have been president, and the scandal that bought about his downfall.


Do It Yourself!
Documentary about fashion designer, punk icon and cultural provocateur Vivienne Westwood.
Encounters At The End Of The World
The infamous director Werner Herzog visits the Antarctic, determined not to make a movie about penguins.
Flying Monsters 3D With David Attenborough
Giant flying 3D dinosaurs introduced by everybody's favourite natural history presenter.
Gun Fight
An exploration of the politics of gun control in the US.
Hell And Back Again
A documentary examining one soldier's experiences after he is taken out of action by a serious injury.
The Hollywood Complex
A visit to a special apartment complex and training centre for would-be child stars.


Inside Job
Documentary examining the US economic meltdown, which suggests it was no accident.
The Interrupters
A story of ex-gang members who are now protecting their communities from the violence they themselves once employed.
A documentary about a disability rights campaigner who suffers from cerebral palsy.
Just Do It
A first-hand look at the politics of civil disobedience in the UK.
An 12-year journey into the brutal and secretive world of Irish Traveler bare-knuckle fighting.
Life In Movement
A look back at the career of a talented dancer and choreographer tragically killed at the age of just 29.


Mama Africa
A documentary portrait of the acclaimed performer and political campaigner.
A Man's Story
A look at the meteoric rise to fame of fashion designer Ozwald Boateng.
Mrs Carey's Concert
The determined Mrs Carey prepares her pupils to deliver the concert of a lifetime at the Sydney Opera House.
My Brother The Islamist
A filmmaker watches as his brother embraces militant Islam and begins to encourage young recruits to become involved in a violent jihad.
The Nine Muses
A poetic exploration of mass immigration in postwar Britain.
The Perfect Fit
A look at the craft of making ballet shoes and the damage done in the pursuit of art.
Planet Kirsan
In the republic of Kalmykia, children are raised under the shadow of a national obsession with chess.
POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
The filmmaker sets out to finance a documentary about product placement in the movies by making his own product placement deals with major companies.
Position Among The Stars
The effects of globalisation in Indonesia’s rapidly changing society ripple into the life of a poor Christian woman living in the slums of Jakarta with her Muslim sons and teenage granddaughter.
Project Nim
The turbulent life of a chimpanzee whom scientists tried to teach sign language.


Following four door-to-door salesmen around the States in the late Sixties.
Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure
Two men record their loudmouthed neighbours, share their foul ramblings, and accidentally make them into underground stars.
Sound It Out
Documentary about the last record shop in Stockton.
Documentary about the three-times world champion Formula One driver.
Terry Pratchett: Choosing To Die
The much loved author, facing a severe form of Alzheimer's disease, considers the options for assisted suicide.
UK Uncut
A look at the development of the UK Uncut protest group, which is dedicated to challenging corporate tax avoidance.

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