Scottish Queer International Film Festival 2021

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Beat 97 (Country: Brazil; Year: 2020; Director: Washington Calegari; Writer: Washington Calegari; Stars: João Attuy, Álvaro CostaAna Lúcia Felippe, Ângela Ribeiro)
Alvaro has been quarantined for 97 days without leaving home, and uses delivery apps to order everything he needs. When the delivery man arrives, an unexpected situation imposes a difficult decision on Alvaro.
From Time To Time, I Burn (De Vez Em Quando Eu Ardo) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2020; Director: Carlos Segundo; Writer: Carlos Segundo; Stars: Rubia Bernasci, Carla Luz, Letícia Teixeira, Luisa Guimarães)
An experimental Afro-Brazilian photographer exposes her pinhole camera to orchestrated bodies.
The Uninhabitable Ones (Country: Brazil; Year: 2020; Director: Anderson Bardot)
A Brazilian contemporary dance company is about to debut The Uninhabitable Ones (Inabitáveis), its newest performance that addresses Black homosexuality as its theme.
Unliveable (Inabitável) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2020; Director: Enock Carvalho, Matheus Farias; Writer: Enock Carvalho, Matheus Farias; Stars: Luciana Souza, Eduarda Lemos, Erlene Melo, Luciana Souza)
Just before the pandemic, the world experiences a phenomenon never seen before. Marilene looks for her daughter Roberta, a trans woman who went missing. While running out of time, she discovers a hope for the future.

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