Scottish Queer International Film Festival 2021

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Scars Scars
Scars and The Devotions
The Devotions (Year: 2021; Director: Mia Georgis; Writer: Barry Fitzgerald; Stars: Barry Fitzgerald)
Part biography, part testimonial and part imagined queer heavenly utopia, The Devotions explores the intersection between queerness and Catholicism.
Formations (Year: 2021; Director: April Flores; Stars: April Flores)
Roaming between rippling rock and the big desert sky, April worships herself and the ground she walks on, experiencing an erotic exchange with the desert.
Public Figure (Year: 2021; Director: Madalina Zaharia; Stars: Ryan Ormonde)
The body of a poet is tracked in four connected domestic locations.
Scars (Country: Canada, France; Year: 2020; Director: Alex Anna; Stars: Alex Anna)
The camera lingers over the faded white scars on a variety of body parts, then black ink animates over the top of them as a voice recounts the power and shame that comes with being a cutter.

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