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The Little Soldier
Musings on the fate of noble men in war.
A vacuum cleaner salesman is confronted with a difficult request.
The God Who Wasn't There
A documentary challenging the historicity of Jesus Christ.
Oh, Woe Is Me
Divine intervention and a marriage in trouble.
A ghost story and found footage meet a hackneyed true-crime novelist.
What Is This Film Called Love?
Together with Sergei Eisenstein, his imaginary companion on a walking tour of Mexico City, Mark Cousins contemplates historical change, shot composition, and his own identity.
A Married Woman
A young woman is troubled by the difficulties in her relationships with her husband and lover.
The Cabin In The Woods
A group of friends go to a cabin in the woods, where they get more than they expected.
Through the story of another filmmaker's struggles to create art, Godard explores the essence of cinema and different ways of telling he truth.
My Reincarnation
A documentary look at the life of esteemed Buddhist intellectual Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, his teachings and his relationship with his son.


Article about the Dead By Dawn horror film festival
07 Apr 2012
A focus on the features from the horror film festival.
Article about the Dead By Dawn horror film festival
05 Apr 2012
Thrills and chills from the famous horror film festival.
Interview with Bela Tarr about Turin Horse
21 Jun 2011
Legendary director Bela Tarr discusses his latest and final film.
Ginger Rogers' passion for fashion: an examination of the star's eye for dress and design
03 Mar 2011
A look at the star's eye for dress and design
Fashion at the 2011 Academy Awards
28 Feb 2011
We take a look at the glamour hits on the red carpet.

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News Stories

Scorsese scores at Oscars
26 Feb 2007
Departed director finally wins at seventh attempt on feelgood night in Kodak Theatre.
Gown and out
19 Jan 2007
The lowdown on who dressed to impress at the Globes.
Helen is the golden girl
16 Jan 2007
Mirren shines at Golden Globes.
China Blue scores international first
16 Sep 2006
Documentary event uses new technology for live-streaming Q&A.

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