24 Frames Per Second (1977)
A short, experimental film exploring mystical imagery.
Bridges-Go-Round (1958)
A tour of New York City's bridges and the landscapes surrounding them.
Brussels Loops (1957)
Enigmatic short, featuring loosely connected images.
Bullfight (1955)
A dancer explores the experiences and passions of the matador.
The Cool World (1964)
Stark portrait of 1960s Harlem.
Dance In The Sun (1953)
A dancer explores the forces of nature.
Four Journeys Into Mystic Time (1979)
An anthology of short dance films.
In Paris Parks (1954)
An exploration of children's experiences in the park.
A Moment In Love (1956)
Two dancers meet and explore dramatic rural scenery together.
Portrait Of Jason (1967)
Documentary about a gay black prostitute.
Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel With The World (1963)
Documentary about the life of the poet.
A Scary Time (1960)
A film made for UNICEF showing the different things which frighten children around the world.
Shirley Clarke: Early Works 1 (2008)
Collection of early short films by the acclaimed director.
Skyscraper (1960)
Documentary on the Tishman Building in New York.
Savage/Love (1981)
An actor tries to please his unseen lover.
TeePee VideoSpace Troupe: The First Years (1971)
Video segments from Shirley Clarke.
Tongues (1982)
An experimental film about dying.

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