Glasgow Short Film Festival 2015

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Directed By Tweedie Directed By Tweedie
Directed By Tweedie and Cailleach
Boat (Country: UK; Year: 2015; Director: David Lumsden; Writer: David Lumsden; Stars: Owen Gorman, Jake Wilson)
The world is covered with water, Charlie is restricted to his boat searching for a home he may never find.
Cailleach (Year: 2014; Director: Rosie Reed Hillman)
Portrait of a crofter.
Directed By Tweedie (Country: UK; Year: 2014; Director: Duncan Cowles)
The filmmaker's grandfather learns about films by making one.
Magda (Year: 2014; Director: Raisah Ahmed; Writer: Raisah Ahmed; Stars: Bernadette Gniady, Nick Ikunda)
Repressed emotions erupt on a quiet afternoon as Magda and Haris pack away the life they once shared, until a box forces them to confront the loss of their son.
Our Father (Country: UK; Year: 2014; Director: Artur Zaremba; Writer: Artur Zaremba; Stars: Pierce Reid, Niall Greig Fulton, Sarah Barron, Blair White, Stephen Hosie)
A desperate phone call pushes a troubled helpline volunteer to breaking point.
Sea Front (Country: UK; Year: 2014; Director: Claire Lamond)
When you put your ear to a shell what do you hear?
Tracks (Country: US; Year: 2014; Director: Claire Oakley; Writer: Claire Oakley; Stars: John Bell, Gordon Brown)
In the tradition of generations before him, teenager Ed is taken stalking by his father, a weathered hunter, to make his first kill.

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