Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019

There will also be two short film showcases in this section - Shorts From Galicia and Spotlight On Contemporary Spanish Short Films

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Buñuel In The Labyrinth Of The Turtles Buñuel In The Labyrinth Of The Turtles
Buñuel In The Labyrinth Of The Turtles and The Hidden City
Buñuel In The Labyrinth Of The Turtles (Buñuel En El Laberinto De Las Tortugas) (Country: Spain, Netherlands, Germany; Year: 2018; Director: Salvador Simó; Writer: Eligio R Montero, Salvador Simó; Stars: Voices of, Jorge Usón, Fernando Ramos, Luis Enrique de Tomás, Cyril Corral, Pepa Gracia, Rachel Lascar, Gabriel Latorre, Philipp Nowicki, Fermín Núñez, Jorge Usón, Fernando Ramos, Luis Enrique de Tomás, Cyril Corral, Pepa Gracia, Rachel Lascar)
Animated feature about the master of Spanish surrealist cinema.
UK premiere
Cages (Jaulas) (Country: Spain; Year: 2018; Director: Nicolás Pacheco; Writer: Nicolás Pacheco; Stars: María Cabrera, Manolo Caro, Manuel Cañadas, Estefanía Santos de los, Antonio Dechent, Antonio Estrada, Mila Fernández, Marta Gavilán, Stefan Mihai, Belén Ponce de León, Manuel Tallafé, Carlos Tirado, María Cabrera, Manolo Caro, Manuel Cañadas)
A woman flees her oppressive marriage with her teenage daughter ... can they escape their cage?
UK premiere
Champions (Campeones) (Country: Spain, Mexico; Year: 2018; Director: Javier Fesser; Writer: David Marqués, Javier Fesser; Stars: Javier Gutiérrez, Athenea Mata, Juan Margallo, José de Luna, Sergio Olmo, Jesús Vidal, Gloria Ramos, Alberto Nieto Ferrández, Julio Fernández, Jesús Lago, Fran Fuentes, Roberto Chinchilla, Stefan López, Luisa Gavasa, Luis Bermejo)
The assistant trainer of a professional league side, Marco, is given community service in the form of coaching a very special basketball team of people with intellectual disability. Surprisingly even for Marco himself, he’ll be the one to learn a real lesson from the adventure alongside a team where the desire to live and placing importance on the things they actually have is what really matters.
UK premiere
The Deer (Oreina) (Country: Spain; Year: 2018; Director: Koldo Almandoz; Writer: Koldo Almandoz; Stars: Laulad Ahmed, Patxi Bisquert, Ramón Agirre, Iraia Elías, Erika Olaizola)
Khalil is a rootless young man who lives on the edge of town, where the industrial estates merge into the river and the marshes. Khalil gets by as best he can and spends his time with an old poacher, who shares a house on the riverbank with a brother who he hasn't spoken to in years. On the banks of the marshes, the tides mark the time for love and heartbreak, friendship and revenge.
Scottish premiere
The Hidden City (La Ciudad Oculta) (Country: Spain; Year: 2018; Director: Víctor Moreno)
Beneath the modern city, there lies a vast labyrinth, which the filmmaker explores.
UK premiere
Not The End Not The End
Not The End and The Deer
hOus3 (Country: Spain; Year: 2018; Director: Manolo Munguia)
A reunion dinner turns weird for a group of computer buffs on a weekend break.
International premiere
Love Beats (La Banda) (Country: Spain; Year: 2019; Director: Roberto Bueso; Writer: Roberto Bueso; Stars: Enric Benavent, Carlo Blanco, Gonzálo Fernández, Xavi Giner, Pepo Llopis, Baiana Plana, Hugo Rubert, Inma Sancho, Charlotte Vega, Enric Benavent, Carlo Blanco, Gonzálo Fernández, Xavi Giner, Pepo Llopis, Baiana Plana)
A Spanish musician who is living in London finds himself drawn back towards village life on a trip back to Valencia. Will nostalgia win out?
UK premiere
Notes For A Heist Film (Apuntes Para Una Pelicula De Atracos) (Country: Spain; Year: 2018; Director: León Siminiani)
Elías is a film director who dreamed of making a heist movie. During the summer of 2013 he reads a news story about the arrest of 'The Vallecas Robin Hood', the leader of 'the sewers gang'. He then feels that he has found the opportunity to make his dream come true. He sends a letter to the prison where he is serving his sentence. Against all odds, Elías receives a reply three weeks later. Robin Hood agrees for him to come and visit him in prison.
UK premiere
Not The End (Sin Fin) (Country: Spain; Year: 2018; Director: César Esteban Alenda, José Esteban Alenda; Writer: César Esteban Alenda, José Esteban Alenda; Stars: Javier Rey, María León, Juan Carlos Sánchez, Mari Paz Sayago, Paco Ochoa, Roberto Campillo, Asencio Salas, Paco Mora, Cristian Gamero, Rafael Chaves, Paco Inestrosa, Javier Rey, María León, Juan Carlos Sánchez, Mari Paz Sayago)
A man travels in time in a bid to rekindle his relationship.
UK premiere

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