Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017

Part of a three-strand retrospective. A timely reflection of British culture past, Great Britain will revisit the back catalogue of George Harrison’s HandMade Films.

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Hyena Hyena
Hyena and The Long Good Friday
Bellman and True (Country: UK; Year: 1987; Director: Richard Loncraine; Writer: Richard Loncraine, Desmond Lowden, Desmond Lowden, Michael Wearing; Stars: Bernard Hill, Derek Newark, Richard Hope, Ken Bones, Frances Tomelty, Kieran O'Brien, John Kavanagh, Arthur Whybrow, Jim Dowdall, Peter Howell, Kate McEnery, Anne Carroll, Richard Strange, Peter Jonfield, Andrew Paul)
Story of a father and son embroiled in a bank robbery.
Britain (Country: UK; Year: 2011; Director: Bexie Bush)
Join a pair of armchairs who discuss the politics around Britain today.
Showing as part of short programme: Red White and Blue Animation
Britannia (Country: UK; Year: 1993; Director: Joanna Quinn; Writer: Joanna Quinn; Stars: Christine Pritchard, Ben Heneghan)
Animation about British imperialism.
Showing as part of short programme: Red White and Blue Animation
Dad's Dead (Country: UK; Year: 2003; Director: Chris Shepherd; Writer: Chris Shepherd; Stars: Ian Hart)
Nostalgia for a working-class Liverpudlian childhood turns sour.
Showing as part of short programme: Red White and Blue Animation
The Emperor (Year: 2001; Director: Elizabeth Hobbs; Writer: Elizabeth Hobbs)
The tale of a quest to free Napoleon Bonaparte from exile on the island of St Helena.
Showing as part of short programme: Red White and Blue Animation
Britannia Britannia
Britannia and Britain
Great (Isambard Kingdom Brunel) (Country: UK; Year: 1975; Director: Bob Godfrey; Writer: Richard Taylor, Bob Godfrey, Joseph McGrath, Robin Smyth, Paul Weisser; Stars: Richard Briers, Harry Fowler, Barbara Moore, Angus Lennie, Peter Hawkins, Dick Graham, Imogen Claire, Cyril Shaps)
Animation about the British engineer.
Showing as part of short programme: Red White and Blue Animation
How to Get Ahead In Advertising (Country: UK; Year: 1989; Director: Bruce Robinson; Writer: Bruce Robinson; Stars: Richard E Grant, Rachel Ward, Richard Wilson, Jacqueline Tong, John Shrapnel, Susan Wooldridge, Hugh Armstrong, Mick Ford, Jacqueline Pearce, Christopher Simon)
An advertising executive suffering a crisis of conscience grows a boil on his shoulder - and then it starts talking.
Hyena (Country: UK; Year: 2014; Director: Gerard Johnson; Writer: Gerard Johnson; Stars: Peter Ferdinando, Stephen Graham, Neil Maskell, Elisa Lasowski, MyAnna Buring, Richard Dormer, Gordon Brown, Tony Pitts, Orli Shuka, Gjevat Kelmendi, Thomas Craig, Lorenzo Camporese, Shaban Arifi, Alfred Doda, Mem Ferda)
The story of a corrupt cop caught up in the London crime scene.
The Inertia Variations (Year: 2017; Director: Johanna St Michaels)
Documentary focusing on THE THE front man Matt Johnson’s life and work.
Know Your Europeans: The United Kingdom (Country: UK; Year: 1994; Director: Bob Godfrey; Writer: Colin Pearson; Stars: Chris Barrie, Sarah Connolly, Bob Godfrey, Frances Jellard)
Animation about the British character.
Showing as part of short programme: Red White and Blue Animation
Mona Lisa Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa and The Emperor
The Long Good Friday (Country: UK; Year: 1980; Director: John Mackenzie; Writer: Barrie Keeffe; Stars: Bob Hoskins, Derek Thompson, Helen Mirren, Eddie Constantine, Bryan Marshall, Pierce Brosnan, Dexter Fletcher, Paul Barber, Kevin McNally, PH Moriarty, Gillian Taylforth, Karl Howman, Alan Ford)
A London kingpin is attempting to broaden his empire... but soon finds his gang are a target.
Mona Lisa (Country: UK; Year: 1986; Director: Neil Jordan; Writer: Neil Jordan, David Leland; Stars: Bob Hoskins, Cathy Tyson, Michael Caine, Robbie Coltrane, Clarke Peters, Kate Hardie)
A driver gets in too deep when he agrees to help the high class call girl he works with search for a missing friend.
My Dad (Country: UK; Year: 2014; Director: Marcus Armitage; Writer: Marcus Armitage; Stars: Divian Ladwa)
A dad's influence on a youngster's life.
Showing as part of short programme: Red White and Blue Animation
Polygamous Polonius Revisited (Year: 1985; Director: Bob Godfrey)
Short animation.
Showing as part of short programme: Red White and Blue Animation
A Private Function (Country: UK; Year: 1984; Director: Malcolm Mowbray; Writer: Alan Bennett, Malcolm Mowbray; Stars: Michael Palin, Maggie Smith, Denholm Elliott, Richard Griffiths, Tony Haygarth, John Normington, Bill Paterson, Liz Smith, Alison Steadman, Jim Carter, Pete Postlethwaite, Eileen O'Brien, Rachel Davies, Reece Dinsdale, Philip Wileman)
In post-war Britain, a couple become involved in the bacon black market.
Dad's Dead Dad's Dead
Dad's Dead and How to Get Ahead In Advertising
Scrubbers (Country: UK; Year: 1982; Director: Mai Zetterling; Writer: Susannah Buxton, Roy Minton, Jeremy Watt, Mai Zetterling; Stars: Amanda York, Chrissie Cotterill, Elizabeth Edmonds, Kate Ingram, Amanda Symonds, Kathy Burke, Debby Bishop, Eva Mottley, Imogen Bain, Honey Bane, Camille Davis, Rachel Weaver, Dawn Archibald, Faith Tingle, Lilian Rostkowska)
Two girls escape from an open borstal.
A Sense Of Freedom (Country: UK; Year: 1979; Director: John Mackenzie; Writer: Peter McDougall, Jimmy Boyle; Stars: David Hayman, Jake D'Arcy, Sean Scanlan, Alex Norton, John Murtagh, Roy Hanlon, Martin Black, Fulton Mackay, Hector Nicol, Bill Barclay, Alexander West, Lesley Mackie, Frank Welshman, Kate Gardiner, Jan Wilson)
The life and imprisonment of Glasgow hard man and gangster Jimmy Boyle.
THE THE: Infected – The Movie (Year: 1987; Director: Peter Christopherson, Mark Romanek)
Visual accompaniment to the album of the same name.
Time Bandits (Country: UK; Year: 1981; Director: Terry Gilliam; Writer: Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam; Stars: John Cleese, Sean Connery, Shelley Duvall, Katherine Helmond, Ian Holm, Michael Palin, Ralph Richardson, Peter Vaughan, David Warner, David Rappaport, Kenny Baker, Malcolm Dixon, Mike Edmonds, Jack Purvis, Tiny Ross)
A young boy accidentally joins a group of time travelling dwarves on the hunt for treasure.
Tony (Country: UK; Year: 2009; Director: Gerard Johnson; Writer: Gerard Johnson; Stars: Peter Ferdinando, Greg Kam, Ricky Grover, Kerryann White, Frank Boyce, Sam Kempster, George Russo, Neil Maskell, Francis Pope, Mark Mooney, Vicky Murdock, Cyrus Desir, Lorenzo Camporese, Ian Groombridge, Lucy Flack, Frank Mccauley, Ian Kilgannon)
A lonely oddball comes under scrutiny after a child goes missing.
A Private Function A Private Function
A Private Function and Withnail And I
Withnail And I (Country: UK; Year: 1986; Director: Bruce Robinson; Writer: Bruce Robinson; Stars: Richard E Grant, Paul McGann, Richard Griffiths, Ralph Brown, Michael Elphick, Daragh O'Malley), Trailer
The cult film about the adventures of two out-of-work actors on holiday in the Lake District gets a big screen re-issue.

Filming sensations Mathieu Amalric on Pierre Léon, Jeanne Balibar and the sounds and colours of Barbara

Character arc Seth A Smith on filming with a two-year-old and bringing marbling to life in The Crescent

Keeping up appearances Marcello Martinessi on cultural conservatism and filmmaking honesty in The Heiresses

A different space Kelly Macdonald on working with Marc Turtletaub on Puzzle

Out of the past Susanna Nicchiarelli on Trine Dyrholm and the costume design in Nico, 1988

The iconic man Jonathan Baker on Becoming Iconic and Inconceivable

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