Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017

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Last Men In Aleppo Last Men In Aleppo
Last Men In Aleppo and Brother Jakob
Amazona (Country: Colombia; Year: 2017; Director: Clare Weiskopf, Nicolas van Hemelryck; Writer: Nicolas van Hemelryck, Gustavo Vasco, Clare Weiskopf)
A story of a mother and daughter trying to heal the wounds of the past.
UK premiere
Americano (Country: Spain; Year: 2017; Director: Americano; Writer: Fon Cortizo), Trailer
The story of a former homeless teenager now fighting discrimination against hte LAtin qand LGBTIQ communities.
International premiere
Becoming Cary Grant (Country: US, UK, France; Year: 2016; Director: Mark Kidel; Writer: Mark Kidel, Nick Ware; Stars: Jonathan Pryce, Judy Balaban, David Thomson, Barbara Jaynes, Mark Glancy)
The star's own words are used to tell his life story.
UK premiere
Brother Jakob (Bruder Jakob) (Country: Germany; Year: 2016; Director: Eli Roland Sachs; Writer: Eli Roland Sachs)
Story of the filmmaker's journey to understand his brother's conversion to Islam.
UK premiere
The Challenge (Country: Italy, France; Year: 2016; Director: Yuri Ancarani)
Documentary follows wealthy Qatari sheikhs who moonlight as amateur falconers, with no expenses spared along the way.
UK premiere
Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World
Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World and On The Sly: In Search Of The Family Stone
Correspondences (Correspondências) (Country: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English/Italian/Greek/Russian; Year: 2016; Director: Rita Azevedo Gomes)
The story of poet Jorge de Sena's 20 year exile and his correspondence with Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.
UK premiere
Donkeyote (Country: UK, Germany, Spain; Year: 2017; Director: Chico Pereira; Writer: Gabriel Molera, Chico Pereira, Manuel Pereira; Stars: Paca Molera Pereira, Mamen Gómez Heredia, Manuel Molera Aparicio)
Manolo and his donkey Gorrión plan a journey.
UK premiere
Delicate Balance (Frágil equilibrio) (Country: Spain; Year: 2016; Director: Guillermo García López; Writer: Guillermo García López)
The stories of a Japanese executive, a sub-Saharan community and an evicted family in Spain are intertwined in this documentary.
UK premiere
The Farthest (Country: Ireland; Year: 2017; Director: Emer Reynolds; Writer: Emer Reynolds)
On the 40th anniversary of Voyager’s 11bn-mile flight (and counting), this is a behind-the-scenes account from those who built and nurtured this unprecedented deep space achievement.
UK premiere
The Groove Is Not Trivial (Country: US; Year: 2016; Director: Tommie Dell Smith; Stars: Alasdair Fraser)
Music documentary focusing on fiddle player Alasdair Fraser.
International premiere
Becoming Cary Grant Becoming Cary Grant
Becoming Cary Grant and Amazona
It's Not Yet Dark (Country: Ireland; Year: 2016; Director: Frankie Fenton)
This is the incredible story of Simon Fitzmaurice, a young filmmaker who becomes completely paralyzed from motor neurone disease but goes on to direct an award-winning feature film through the use of his eyes.
UK premiere
Last Men In Aleppo (Country: Denmark; Year: 2017; Director: Feras Fayyad, Steen Johannessen (co-director))
Documentary tracking the work of the White Helmets in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo.
UK premiere
Leaning Into The Wind: Andy Goldsworthy (Country: UK; Year: 2017; Director: Thomas Riedelsheimer; Stars: Andy Goldsworthy)
Documentary showing Andy Goldsworthy at work.
European premiere
On The Sly: In Search Of The Family Stone (Country: US; Year: 2017; Director: Michael Rubenstone; Writer: Michael Rubenstone; Stars: Rusty Allen, Frank Arellano, Hamp 'Bubba' Banks, Dick Cavett, Clive Davis, Gordon DeWitty, Greg Errico, David Froelich, George Johnson, Jeff Kaliss, David Kapralik, Michael Lang, Jerry Martini, Alec Palao, Stephen Paley)
Documentary about funk star Sly Stone.
International premiere
Pecking Order (Country: New Zealand; Year: 2017; Director: Slavko Martinov; Stars: Doug Bain, Sarah Bunton, Bob Dawber, Brian Glassey, Brett Hawker, Mark Lilley, Rhys Lilley, Clint O'Brien, Ian Selby, Marina Steinke)
Documentary investigates the world of New Zealand chicken breeders.`
European premiere
Teenage Superstars Teenage Superstars
Teenage Superstars and The Challenge
Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World (Year: 2017; Director: Catherine Bainbridge)
The role of Native Americans in contemporary music history.
UK premiere
Teenage Superstars (Country: UK; Year: 2017; Director: Grant McPhee; Writer: Grant McPhee, Angela Slaven; Stars: Thurston Moore, Kim Deal, Edwyn Collins, Jim Reid, Bobby Gillespie, Alan McGee, Duglas T. Stewart, Stephen McRobbie, Rose McDowall, Gerard Love, Sean Dickson, Eugene Kelly, Martin Hayward, Jowe Head, David Keegan)
A documentary about the pre-Britpop Scottish music scene.
World premiere
Tokyo Idols (Country: UK, Japan, Canada; Year: 2017; Director: Kyoko Miyake; Writer: Kyoko Miyake)
Exploration of the J-pop teenage girl band phenomenon.
UK premiere
Treblinka (Country: Portugal, Russia; Year: 2016; Director: Sérgio Tréfaut; Writer: Sérgio Tréfaut; Stars: Isabel Ruth, Kiril Kashlikov)
Film essay based on the memoirs of Chil Rajchman, who was sent to the death camp.
UK premiere
When We Were Wild (Una vez fuimos salvajes) (Country: Spain; Year: 2017; Director: Carmen Bellas; Writer: Rafa Alberola, María Antón Cabot, Carmen Bellas)
Documentary is an imagined conversation between the author and the neighbourhood of San Cristobal on the outskirts of Madrid.
International premiere. Screening with Americano Fon Cortizo

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