Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013

Tribute to the French director. There will also be a Symposium on Jean Grémillon event.

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Daïnah La Métisse (Country: France; Year: 1931; Director: Jean Grémillon; Stars: Laurence Clavius, Gabrielle Fontan, Maryanne, Charles Vanel, Habib Benglia, Gaston Dubosc)
A beautiful mixed-race girl turns heads on an ocean liner and leads her magician lover to a deadly revenge.
Screening with: The Charms of Life (Les charmes de l'existence) Jean Grémillon, Pierre Kast/France/1949/ 22 min
Lady Killer (Gueule d'amour) (Country: France, Germany; Year: 1937; Director: Jean Grémillon; Stars: Jean Gabin, Mireille Balin, René Lefèvre, Marguerite Deval, Jane Marken, André Carnège)
This dark romantic drama tracks the decline of a great seducer.
Lighthouse Keepers (Gardiens de phare) (Country: France; Year: 1929; Director: Jean Grémillon; Stars: Génica Athanasiou, Gabrielle Fontan, Geymond Vital, Paul Fromet)
A Brittany lighthouse keeper is bitten by a rabid dog shortly before he and his father leave for month-long duty at a remote lighthouse.
Screening with live piano accompaniment by Will Pickvance
The Love of A Woman (L'Amour d'une femme) (Country: France, Italy; Year: 1954; Director: Jean Grémillon; Stars: Micheline Presle, Massimo Girotti, Gaby Morlay, Paolo Stoppa, Julien Carette, Marc Cassot, Marius David)
Grémillon's last feature film about a woman who finds love with an engineer, who wants her to give up her profession.
Screening with André Masson and the Four Elements (Jean Grémillon/France/1958/23 min)
Misdeal (Maldone) (Country: France; Year: 1927; Director: Jean Grémillon; Stars: Charles Dullin, Roger Karl, Génica Athanasiou, Annabella, Daniel Lecourtois, Edmond Beauchamp)
A canal worker falls for a gypsy but is called back to his family to claim his inheritance...
Screening with live piano accompaniment by Will Pickvance
The Sixth of June at Dawn (Le 6 juin à l'aube) (Country: France; Year: 1946; Director: Jean Grémillon)
A great tribute to enormous sacrifices.
Stormy Waters (Remorques) (Country: France; Year: 1939; Director: Jean Grémillon; Stars: Jean Gabin, Madeleine Renaud, Michèle Morgan, Charles Blavette, Jean Marchat, Nane Germon)
A tugboat captain is tempted away from his loving, frail wife.
The Strange Monsieur Victor (L'Étrange Monsieur Victor) (Country: France, Germany; Year: 1937; Director: Jean Grémillon; Stars: Madeleine Renaud, Marcelle Géniat, Viviane Romance, Odette Roger, Raimu, Pierre Blanchar)
A respectable Toulon shopkeeper, who is secretly a fence for thieves, finds his life starting to unravel.
Screening with: The House of Images (La maison aux images) Jean Grémillon/France/1954/19 min
Summer Light (Lumière d'été) (Country: France; Year: 1942; Director: Jean Grémillon; Stars: Madeleine Renaud, Pierre Brasseur, Madeleine Robinson, Paul Bernard, Georges Marchal, Marcel Lesvesque)
At a small inn in a mining area of Provence, a young woman finds herself involved with three men.
White Spats (Pattes blanches) (Country: France; Year: 1948; Director: Jean Grémillon; Stars: Fernand Ledoux, Suzy Delair, Paul Bernard, Michel Bouquet, Arlette Thomas, Louise Sylvie)
Love rivalry and class conflict in a Brittany fishing village.
Screening with: Au coeur de l'Île de France Jean Grémillon/France/1954/23 min
The Woman Who Dared (Le Ciel Est à Vous) (Country: France; Year: 1943; Director: Jean Grémillon; Stars: Madeleine Renaud, Charles Vanel, Jean Debucourt, Raymonde Vernay, Léonce Corne, Raoul Marco)
In a provincial town, the wife of an aviator-turned-garage mechanic becomes obsessed with flying.
Screening with: Haute lisse Jean Grémillon/France/1956/16 min

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