A documentary film poem, a travelogue, a twin town odyssey across the world.
10 Rillington Place
The story of London serial killer John Christie.
A location scout who loses her digital library discovers she has also lost her memory of a young man she met one of her trips.
7 Boxes
A teenager finds himself with the custody of seven boxes... but everyone wants the contents.
About Time
A young man who discovers he can travel in time decides to use it to try and get a girlfriend.
A.C.A.B. All Cats Are Brilliant
A young activist struggles to get by and to find her place in a troubled Greece.
Avanti Popolo
A son tries to reconnect with his father in a film that explores the nature of film.
Before Snowfall
A youngster from Kurdistan tracks his sister across Europe after she flees before her wedding.
Beijing Flickers
When his life falls apart, a man finds support and positive opportunities in a community of outcasts.
Belleville Baby
The director looks back at her youthful romance in Paris with a small-time criminal.
The Berlin File
As a North Korean spy suspects he has been set up, a South Korean spy uncovers a conspiracy.
After discovering that their spouses are having an affair, two people decide to have one themselves.
Big Boy
Little Julio's family try hard to make him grow bigger.
A young ballad singer laments the way his small Scottish village is changing - and dying
The Bling Ring
A group of teenage fans monitors celebrities' activities over the internet in order to rob their homes.
The Boston Strangler
A fictionalised take on the story of the notorious serial killer and rapist.
Breathe In
The arrival of an exchange student reawakens a middle aged man's musical ambitions.
Burger Van Champion
A young woman hopes to win the heart of the man she adores by winning an eating competition.
Call Girl
Two young teenage girls are caught up in a sex scandal that goes to the heart of the Swedish government. Based on a true story.
Celestial Wives Of The Meadow Mari
An introduction to the customs and rituals of the Volga-Finnic people in Northern Russia.
Celluloid Man
The story of extraordinary cinema archivist PK Nair.
A Coffee In Berlin
Niko's life is falling apart but all he really wants is a cup of coffee.
A student takes time out in Oregon and learns some life lessons.
The Color Of The Chameleon
A young misfit is recruited to infiltrate a book club as a spy, with comic consequences.
The Complex
A young student gradually becomes aware that something sinister is afoot in her housing complex.
Comrade Kim Goes Flying
A romantic, musical tale about a coal miner who dreams of becoming a trapeze artist.
The Conjuring
A family find that their new rural home is already occupied - by something supernatural.
Three bickering siblings are forced to work together to build a house quickly so that their family land won't be confiscated.
After failing to win a sheep washing competition, a young shepherd considers life in the city.


Dark Matter
A visit to the ruined environment of a military testing site.
Days Of Grace
Kidnappings take place in Mexico during three World Cups.
The Deep
The story of a man who survived for nine hours in freezing seas after a shipwreck, and the impact of his legacy.
Desert Runners
Fancy racing 250km on foot? Across a desert? Four times?
A marriage comes under strain due a pregnancy and the presence of a rival - a shiny new BMW.
The East
A spy who has infiltrated an eco-terrorist group, finds her loyalties tested.
Emperor Vists The Hell
A powerful man who offends a divine messenger is condemned to an early death but told he can win a second chance if he can placate the ghosts of his enemies.
Everybody's Gone
Magical perspectives on life in a small Georgian town, as seen through the eyes of a small boy.
Everyone's Going To Die
A world weary criminal and a young German emigre forge an unlikely friendship.
Fair Wind - Notes Of A Traveller
Falling in love with the world at first sight.
Fantastic Voyage
An intrepid team of surgeons is miniaturised and travels through the body of a patient in desperate need.
Fat Shaker
Story of a man and his abusive father.
Fear Of Flying
A bird with a fear of flying deads the forthcoming winter migration.
First Cousin Once Removed
Chronicle of poet Edward Honig's loss of memory.
For Those In Peril
The lone survivor of a shipwreck, blamed for it for superstitious reasons, refuses to believe his fellow sailors are dead and sets out to find them.
Frances Ha
Lightning-in-a-bottle, Noah Baumbach’s love poem to his star and co-writer Greta Gerwig recalls Godard’s early celebrations of Anna Karina, but, as a New York movie, it’s beautiful in a brand new way.
Frankenstein's Army
Russian soldiers try to track down an evil scientist who is working for the Nazis.
From Tehran To London
An exploration of women's roles in modern Iran, told through the story of a poet.
Getting On
A woman labouring under the weight of housework with no reward, has an unusual visitor.
The Great Hip Hop Hoax
The true story of a lie.
Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction
A portrait of the actor, with singing.
The struggles and the glories of the world-famous scientist.
As life for his mother becomes increasingly complicated and frustrating, young Henry struggles to get his needs met.
Historic Centre
Four stories about life in Guimarães, Portugal.


Wen the man painting her house dies with no I.D., a young woman journeys into the slums to try and find his family, discovering a different world.
This documentary follows the efforts by various Palestinians to cross the 7m high wall that separates the Palestinian Territories from Israel.
I Am Breathing
A documentary about one man's experience of motor neurone disease.
A woman takes home a baby from hospital, devotedly caring for it. But she is not its mother - she is a kidnapper.
Jurassic Park
A trip to a dinosaur theme park turns deadly.
Juvenile Offender
Released from a young offenders' institution into difficult circumstances, a troubled young man searches for stability.
Kiss The Water
Portrait of salmon fly-maker Megan Boyd.
The Last Station
A contemplative film about the elderly residents of a Chilean nursing home.
The Last Time I Saw Macao
This stunning amalgam of film noir and Chris Marker cine-essay poetically explores the psychic pull of the titular former Portuguese colony.
A documentary shot in the North Atlantic and focused on the commercial fishing industry.
Longing For The Rain
A lonely housewife embarks on an intense erotic relationship with a ghost.
A Long Way From Home
Meeting a holidaying couple causes a retired couple to reassess life.
Lukas The Strange
As a film crew invades his small town home, a teenager hears that his father is a tikbalang - a half horse creature - and sets out on a magical voyage of discovery.
Affectionate look at a group of individuals who are obsessed with the moon.


Magic Magic
A young American starts to unravel on a trip to Chile.
The Making Of Us
A drama exploring the politics of creative control in art, theatre and cinema.
Mister John
A bored Englishman investigating his brother's mysterious death in Singapore falls for his widow and the possibility of a different life.
Monsters University
Mike and Sulley get some scary life lessons.
A cop on the verge of retirement gets behind the wheel of his high speed pursuit vehicle one last time to stop a major heist.
An under-pressure politician finds a day spent mushroom picking with his wife goes south after they get lost in the woods.
My Dog Killer
A troubled teenager with violent friends discovers a secret about his absent mother than makes him contemplate a cruel act.
Nae Pasaran
Story of the Scottish factory workers who stood against the military coup in Chile from afar.
National Security
A pro-democracy activist faces off against his torturers, determined not to reveal his secrets.
After sound designer Miguel dies, his friends go to his house, where he has left a soundscape for them to explore.
Not Another Happy Ending
A publisher tries to improve an author's creativity by making her life less happy.
Of Snails And Men
When their factory is threatened with closure, a group of men plan to raise the funds to buy it by selling their sperm.
Once I Entered A Garden
Conversations across the Israeli-Palestinian divide, and memories of a love affair.
Outpost 3: Rise Of The Spetsnaz
A member of Russia's elite special forces must battle to survive after he is captured by the Nazis and comes face to face with their grotesque zombie experiments.
Paris Countdown
Two ageing nightclub owners find events slipping out of control one dangerous night.
An elderly couple living on the coast of Mexico remember their son, who was killed trying to cross the border into the US.
People's Park
A single tracking shot captures life in the People's Park in Chengdu, China.
A Play for Freedom
Is censored art better than no art at all?
A boy works hard to try and enter the elite class at his school, but is kept out by a brutal clique.


Reaching For The Moon
The poet Elizabeth Bishop falls in love and finds inspiration.
Roland Hassel
The iconic retired detective sets out to solve the mystery behind the assassination of Olof Palme.
A man on the run escapes, along with his daughter, into a dream.
The Sea
An art historian explores haunting memories in the village he visited as a child.
Seconds Of Lead
A cinema projectionist remembers witnessing a massacre.
Shooting Bigfoot
A young British filmmaker travels to the US to meet bigfoot hunters, but discovers that they may be more dangerous than they seem.
Sink Or Swim
Meditations on swimming and age.
Six Acts
A deep dive into the grey area of sexual abuse told through the story of Gili, a teenager who in order to improve her lame social status hooks up with several different boys, all from her new school.
Sofia's Last Ambulance
Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, has more than two million inhabitants and only 13 ambulances... this documentary follows one of them.
Soylent Green
On an overheated, overcrowded future Earth, a detective investigates the death of a wealthy corporate mogul.
Stories We Tell
Sarah Polley investigates secrets in her own family.
A Story Of Children And Film
A look at the way children have been represented in film from around the world.
Struck By Lightning
Even being killed by a bolt of lightning won’t keep Carson Phillips quiet.
Dixie moves to London with his girlfriend, determined to become the manager of a rock band. Nothing will deter him.
In a near-future Iran, a man goes about his solitary life.
This is Martin Bonner
Two men embark on an unlikely friendship.
Three Sisters
Three peasant sisters - aged ten, six and four - try to get by in the mountains after their mother abandons them and their father has to go away to work.
The Turtle's Rage
"We will not return. We cannot. Where would we return to?" - a personal consideration of Palestine.
Upstream Color
A man and woman are drawn together as they try to reassemble their wrecked lives.
Up & Away
Two brothers and their donkey set off on a quest to travel from Kurdistan to America and meet their hero - Superman.
Identities shift and life grows ever more confusing as a high school student pursues an online romance with a woman who has a violent husband.


The lines between fiction and reality blur for an all-female Shakespeare troupe.
Virgin Forest
Thoughts and confrontations about family history at the home of the director's deceased grandmother.
The Way We Dance
A student joins a hip hop club. On finding that her moves are too hot for others to handle, she is encouraged to explore martial arts.
We Steal Secrets: The Story Of WikiLeaks
A profile of the Wikileaks organisation and the various people who contributed to its success.
What Maisie Knew
A divorce and custody battle from the perspective of a young girl.
When Night Falls
Rough justice in China, based on a true story.
White Epilepsy
Bodies interact as if in a dream.
A World Not Ours
Personal study of life in the Ain el-Helweh refugee camp.
A visit to a Chinese ghost town.

Casey Affleck liberated by ghosts Star talks Oscars, Rooney Mara and hiding under a sheet

In the city of the world's desire Ceyda Torun on KEDi, cats, femininity and the soul of Istanbul.

A nice cup of tea and a murder Jamie McKeller on The Book Club, legalising murder, serial killers and cake.

Completing the trip Bertrand Tavernier on Jacques Becker, Claude Sautet, Jean-Pierre Melville and his Journey Through French Cinema.

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