Edinburgh International Film Festival 2011

Exciting new feature films from around the world, many of them screening in the UK for the first time.

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Troll Hunter Troll Hunter
Troll Hunter and Oliver Sherman
Almanya - Welcome to Germany (Almanya - Willkommen in Deutschland) (Country: Germany; Year: 2011; Director: Yasemin Samdereli; Writer: Yasemin Samdereli, Nesrin Samdereli; Stars: Vedat Erincin, Fahri Yardim, Aylin Tezel, Lilay Huser, Demet Gül, Denis Moschitto, Petra Schmidt-Schaller)
Who or what am I - German or Turkish?' is the main question of this comedy about a Turkish family living in Germany since the late Sixties.
American Translation (Country: France; Year: 2011; Director: Pascal Arnold, Jean-Marc Barr; Stars: Pierre Perrier, Lizzie Brocheré, Jean-Marc Barr)
Young love has never been so menacing.
Angel And Tony (Angele et Tony) (Country: France; Year: 2010; Director: Alix Delaporte; Stars: Clotilde Hesme, Grégory Gadebois, Evelyne Didi, Jérôme Huguet, Antoine Couleau, Patrick Descamps, Lola Dueñas)
A touching portrayal of love against the odds.
Arrietty (Kari-gurashi no Arietti, The Borrower Arrietty) (Country: Japan; Year: 2010; Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi; Writer: Mary Norton, Hayao Miyazaki, Keiko Niwa; Stars: Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, Carol Burnett)
Studio Ghibli's reworking of an English classic about very small people trying to make their way in the world.
A Better Life (Country: United States of America; Year: 2011; Director: Chris Weitz; Writer: Eric Eason, Roger L. Simon; Stars: Damián Bichir, Jose Julian, Chelsea Rendon)
A Mexican illegal immigrant father and his son strive to improve their lot.
Jitters Jitters
Jitters and Mourning For Anna
Between 2 Fires (Country: Sweden, Poland; Year: 2010; Director: Agnieszka Lukasiak; Stars: Magda Poplawska, Kamila Nowysc, Simon Kassianides, Leila Haj)
How far would you go to protect your daughter? Would you become a refugee?
Bleak Night (Pa su kkun) (Country: South Korea; Year: 2010; Director: Sung-hyun Yoon; Stars: Lee Je-hoon, Seo Jun-young, Park Jung-min,)
Winner of the New Current Award at the 2010 Pusan International Film Festival.
By Day And By Night (De Día Y De Noche) (Country: Mexico; Year: 2009; Director: Alejandro Molina; Writer: Alejandro Molina, Roberto Garza; Stars: Sandra Echeverría, Marius Biegai, Manuel Balbi, Richie Mestre)
Gattaca meets THX1138 meets Blade Runner...
Charlie Casanova (Country: Ireland; Year: 2010; Director: Terry McMahon; Writer: Terry McMahon; Stars: Emmet Scanlan, Leigh Arnold, Valeria Bandino, Johnny Elliott, Thomas Farrell, Damien Hannaway, Ruth McIntyre, Glenn McMahon, Anthony Murphy, Tommy O'Neil, Anouck Sablayrolles)
A ruling class sociopath kills a working class girl in a hit-and-run then determines his fate with a deck of cards.
The Divide (Country: United States of America, Germany, Canada; Year: 2011; Director: Xavier Gens; Writer: Karl Mueller, Eron Sheean; Stars: Lauren German, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Biehn, Michael Eklund, Rosanna Arquette, Courtney B. Vance, Iván González)
A group of survivors from an unexpected attack on an apartment block hide out together, but discover they can't trust each other.
A Better Life A Better Life
A Better Life and Our Day Will Come
Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (Elite Squad 2, Tropa de Elite 2 - O Inimigo Agora É Outro) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2011; Director: José Padilha; Writer: Bráulio Mantovani, José Padilha, Rodrigo Pimentel; Stars: Seu Jorge, Wagner Moura, Tainá Müller, André Ramiro, Maria Ribeiro, Milhem Cortaz, Sandro Rocha, André Mattos, Rod Carvalho, Fabricio Boliveira, Pedro Van-Held, Irandhir Santos), Official Site
Conflict ensues as Brazilian politicians and police officers try to solve the problem of gang violence and corruption.
The Guard (Country: Ireland; Year: 2011; Director: John Michael McDonagh; Writer: John Michael McDonagh; Stars: Don Cheadle, Brendan Gleeson, Mark Strong, Liam Cunningham, David Wilmot, Fionnula Flanagan)
A small-town cop in Ireland finds himself drawn into an uneasy partnership with an FBI agent trying to smash a drug smuggling racket.
Jack Goes Boating (Country: US; Year: 2010; Director: Philip Seymour Hoffman; Writer: Bob Glaudini; Stars: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Ryan, John Ortiz, Daphne Rubin-Vega), Official Site
Love and friendship in the life of a limo driver and his pals.
Jitters (Órói) (Country: Iceland; Year: 2010; Director: Baldvin Z; Writer: Ingibjörg Reynisdóttir, Baldvin Z; Stars: Atli Óskar Fjalarson, Hreindís Ylva Garöarsdóttir Hólm, Haraldur Ari Stefánsson)
A refreshing coming of age story which plays like an Icelandic Skins.
King Of Devil's Island (Kongen Av Bastoy) (Country: Norway; Year: 2010; Director: Marius Holst; Stars: Benjamin Helstad, Stellan Skarsgard, Kristoffer Joner, Trond Nilssen)
A group of young inmates fight for their right to freedom.
Phase 7 Phase 7
Phase 7 and By Day And By Night
The Last Circus (Balada Triste De Trompeta) (Country: Spain, France; Year: 2010; Director: Álex de la Iglesia; Writer: Álex de la Iglesia; Stars: Carlos Areces, Antonio de la Torre, Carolina Bang)
Two clowns become embroiled in a tug of war for the heart of an acrobat.
The Lion King 3D (The Lion King) (Country: USA; Year: 1994; Director: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff; Writer: Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts; Stars: Matthew Broderick, Niketa Calame, Jim Cummings, James Earl Jones, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Jeremy Irons, Robert Guillaume, Rowan Atkinson, Moira Kelly, Whoopi Goldberg, Zoe Leader, Cheech Marin, Madge Sinclair, Jonathan Taylor Thomas), Trailer
A guilt-ridden lion cub goes on an adventure. Reissued in 3D.
Meet Monica Velour (Country: US; Year: 2010; Director: Keith Bearden; Writer: Keith Bearden; Stars: Kim Cattrall, Dustin Ingram, Brian Dennehy, Keith David, Jee Young Han, Daniel Yelsky, Jamie Tisdale, Jay Malack, Tony Cox, Sam McMurray, Lauren Mae Shafer, Tevis R. Marcum, Elizabeth Wright Shapiro, Peter Carey, Kojo Asiedu)
A young dork seizes the chance of a lifetime to meet the former porn star he idolises.
Mourning For Anna (Trois temps aprés la mort d'Anna) (Country: Canada; Year: 2010; Director: Catherine Martin; Writer: Catherine Martin; Stars: Guylaine Tremblay, François Papineau)
A meditative and hypnotic meditation on grief and loss.
My Brothers (Country: Ireland; Year: 2010; Director: Paul Fraser; Writer: William Collins; Stars: Timmy Creed, Paul Courtney, TJ Griffin, Kate Ashfield, Don Wycherley, Sarah Greene, Terry McMahon, Eamonn Hunt, Siobhan Palmer)
Three brothers go on an unpredictable road trip to replace their dying dad's watch.
The Turin Horse The Turin Horse
The Turin Horse and My Brothers
Oliver Sherman (Country: Canada; Year: 2011; Director: Ryan Redford; Writer: Ryan Redford, based on the short story by Rachel Ingalls.; Stars: Garret Dillahunt, Donal Logue, Molly Parker, Kaelan Meunier, Marla J. Hayes, Fiona Highet, Duane Murray)
Nerve splintering drama about man's dual capacity for compassion and violence.
On the Shore (Beau Rivage) (Country: France; Year: 2011; Director: Julien Donada; Stars: Daniel Duval, Chiara Caselli, Thomas Gonzalez, Françoise Arnoul, Cyril Guei, Nanou Garcia, Aurélia Petit, Catherine Rouvel)
In Nice, fifty-year-old police officer Michel Matarasso feels old, weary, and desperate for an all-consuming love.
Our Day Will Come (Notre jour viendra) (Country: France; Year: 2010; Director: Romain Gavras; Writer: Romain Gavras, Karim Boukercha; Stars: Vincent Cassel, Olivier Bartelemy, Justine Lerooy)
A bullied youth and a troubled psychiatrist embark on a strange journey together.
Phase 7 (Fase 7) (Country: Argentina; Year: 2010; Director: Nicolás Goldbart; Writer: Nicolás Goldbart; Stars: Daniel Hendler, Federico Luppi, Jazmin Stuart, Jose 'Yayo' Guridi)
A couple have trouble with their neighbours as the apocalypse dawns.
Post Mortem (Country: Chile, Mexico, Germany; Year: 2008; Director: Pablo Larraín; Stars: Alfredo Castro, Antonia Zegers, Jaime Vadell, Amparo Nobuera, Marcelo Alonso)
A mortuary worker begins an unlikely romance with a burlesque dancer against the backdrop of Chile's 1973 military coup.
Between 2 Fires Between 2 Fires
Between 2 Fires and Angel And Tony
Rabies (Kalevet) (Country: Israel; Year: 2010; Director: Ahron Keshales, Navot Paposhaddo; Writer: Ahron Keshales, Navot Paposhaddo; Stars: Lior Ashkenazi, Ania Bukstein, Ofer Shechter, Yael Grobglas, Ran Danker, Menashe Noy, Danny Geva, Henry David, Liat Har Lev, Efrat Boimold, Yaron Motola, Efrat Rayten), Official Site
As a psycho killer lurks in the woods, a group of nervous people might represent a bigger threat to each other.
Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project (Szelid Teremtés - A Frankenstein Project) (Country: Hungary, Germany, Austria; Year: 2010; Director: Kornél Mundruczó; Stars: Rudolf Frecska, Kitty Csíkos, Kornel Mundruczo, Lili Monori, Miklos Szekely)
There are other ways to create a monster.
Troll Hunter (Trolljegeren, Trollhunter) (Country: Norway; Year: 2010; Director: André Øvredal; Writer: André Øvredal; Stars: Otto Jespersen, Hans Morten Hansen, Tomas Alf Larsen, Johanna Mørck, Knut Nærum, Robert Stoltenberg, Glenn Erland Tosterud), Official Site
A group of student filmmakers get more than they bargained for when tangling with a man tasked with protecting Norway from giant trolls.
Tomboy (Country: France; Year: 2011; Director: Celine Sciamma; Writer: Celine Sciamma; Stars: Zoé Héran, Malonn Lévana, Jeanne Disson, Sophie Cattani, Mathieu Demy)
Ever wondered what it would be like to switch sex? Laure, 10, does.
Truth About Men (Sandheden Om Mænd) (Country: Denmark; Year: 2010; Director: Nikolaj Arcel; Writer: Lars Kaalund, Nikolaj Arcel; Stars: Thure Lindhardt, Tuva Novotny, Rosalinde Mynster, Signe Egholm Olsen, Henning Valin Jakobsen)
A scriptwriter struggles to find a successful narrative for his own life in this ambitious romantic comedy.
The Lion King 3D The Lion King 3D
The Lion King 3D and On the Shore
The Turin Horse (A torinói ló) (Country: Hungary, France, Germany, Switzerland, United States of America; Year: 2010; Director: Béla Tarr; Writer: László Krasznahorkai, Béla Tarr; Stars: János Derzsi, Erika Bók, Mihály Kormos)
This Berlinale 2011 Silver Bear winner is rumoured to be the swansong from the Hungarian master.

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