Edinburgh International Film Festival 2008

The EIFF programme says: "Discover the varied work of an underground pioneer and heroine of the avant-garde."

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Four Journeys Into Mystic Time Four Journeys Into Mystic Time
Four Journeys Into Mystic Time and Portrait Of Jason
24 Frames Per Second (Country: US; Year: 1977; Director: Shirley Clarke)
A short, experimental film exploring mystical imagery.
Bridges-Go-Round (Country: US; Year: 1958; Director: Shirley Clarke)
A tour of New York City's bridges and the landscapes surrounding them.
Brussels Loops (Country: Canada, US; Year: 1957; Director: Shirley Clarke, Wheaton Galentine, Richard Leacock, DA Pennebaker)
Enigmatic short, featuring loosely connected images.
Bullfight (Country: US; Year: 1955; Director: Shirley Clarke)
A dancer explores the experiences and passions of the matador.
The Connection (Country: USA; Year: 1962; Director: Shirley Clarke; Writer: Jack Gelber; Stars: Warren Finnerty, Jerome Raphael, Garry Goodrow, Jim Anderson, Carl Lee, Barbara Winchester, Henry Proach, Roscoe Lee Browne, William Redfield, Freddie Redd, Jackie McLean)
A group of junkies improvise jazz as they wait for their heroin.
Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel With The World Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel With The World
Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel With The World and TeePee VideoSpace Troupe: The First Years
The Cool World (Country: USA; Year: 1964; Director: Shirley Clarke; Writer: Shirley Clarke, Carl Lee, Warren Miller, Robert Rossen; Stars: Hampton Clanton, Carl Lee, Yolanda Rodríguez, Clarence Williams III, Gary Bolling, Bostic Felton, Gloria Foster, John Marriott, Georgia Burke, Marilyn Cox, Jerome Raphael)
Stark portrait of 1960s Harlem.
Dance In The Sun (Country: US; Year: 1953; Director: Shirley Clarke; Stars: Daniel Negrin)
A dancer explores the forces of nature.
Four Journeys Into Mystic Time (Country: US; Year: 1979; Director: Shirley Clarke)
An anthology of short dance films.
In Paris Parks (Country: US; Year: 1954; Director: Shirley Clarke)
An exploration of children's experiences in the park.
Lions Love (...And Lies) (Country: USA, France; Year: 1969; Director: Agnès Varda; Writer: Agnès Varda; Stars: Peter Bogdanovich, Richard Bright, Carlos Clarens, Shirley Clarke, Eddie Constantine, Steve Kemis, Max Laemmle, Hal Landers, Jim Morrison, James Rado, Peter Rafelson)
Improvised snapshot of 1960s Hollywood.
A Scary Time A Scary Time
A Scary Time and Dance In The Sun
A Moment In Love (Country: US; Year: 1956; Director: Shirley Clarke)
Two dancers meet and explore dramatic rural scenery together.
Ornette: Made in America (Country: USA; Year: 1985; Director: Shirley Clarke; Stars: William S. Burroughs, Ornette Coleman, Brion Gysin, Demon Marshall, Eugene Tatum)
Clarke's final feature is a portrait of jazz legend Ornette Coleman.
Portrait Of Jason (Country: USA; Year: 1967; Director: Shirley Clarke; Stars: Shirley Clarke, Jason Holliday, Carl Lee)
Documentary about a gay black prostitute.
Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel With The World (Country: US; Year: 1963; Director: Shirley Clarke; Stars: Robert Frost)
Documentary about the life of the poet.
Rome Burns - A Portrait of Shirley Clarke (Country: USA; Year: 1970; Director: Andre S. Labarthe, Noel Burch)
Up close documentary about the director Shirley Clarke.
The Cool World The Cool World
The Cool World and 24 Frames Per Second
A Scary Time (Country: US; Year: 1960; Director: Shirley Clarke)
A film made for UNICEF showing the different things which frighten children around the world.
Shirley Clarke: Early Works 1 (Year: 2008; Director: Shirley Clarke)
Collection of early short films by the acclaimed director.
Shirley Clarke: Early Works 2 ()
Retrospective screening of early works by Shirley Clarke. Featuring: [film]Robert Frost: A Lover’s Quarrel With The World[/film] (Shirley Clarke), [film]Skyscraper[/film] (Shirley Clarke, Willard van Dyke).
Shirley Clarke: Late Works ()
A selection of the pioneering filmmaker's work from the 1970s and 1980s. Featuring: [film]24 Frames Per Second[/film] (Shirley Clarke), [film]Four Journeys into Mystic Time[/film] (Shirley Clarke), [film]Savage/Love[/film] (Shirley Clarke), [film]Teepee VideoSpace Troupe: The First Years[/film] (Shirley Clarke), [film]Tongues[/film] (Shirley Clarke).
Skyscraper (Country: US; Year: 1960; Director: Shirley Clarke)
Documentary on the Tishman Building in New York.
A Moment In Love A Moment In Love
A Moment In Love and In Paris Parks
TeePee VideoSpace Troupe: The First Years (Country: US; Year: 1971; Director: Shirley Clarke; Stars: John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, Jack Nicholson, Arthur C Clarke, Alan Watts)
Video segments from Shirley Clarke.
Tongues (Country: US; Year: 1982; Director: Shirley Clarke; Writer: Sam Shepard; Stars: Joseph Chaikin)
An experimental film about dying.

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