Edinburgh International Film Festival 2006

The EIFF organisers say: "Dedicated to groundbreaking new films from established international directors. Be the first to see another great, from a great."

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Summer Palace Summer Palace
Summer Palace and Ants In The Mouth
Ants In The Mouth (Hormigas en la boca) (Country: Spain; Year: 2004; Director: Mariano Barroso; Writer: Mariano Barroso, Alejandro Hernandez, Tom Abrans; Stars: Eduard Fernández, Ariadna Gil, Jorge Perugorría, José Luis Gómez, Samuel Claxton)
A thriller set in Cuba under the Batista regime.
Scottish Premiere
April Snow (Wae Chool, Oechul) (Country: South Korea; Year: 2005; Director: Hur Jin-ho; Writer: Hur Jin-ho, Lee Won-sik, Seo You-min, Shin Joon-ho; Stars: Bae Yong-jun, Son Ye-jin, Lim Sang-hyo, Kim Kwang-il)
Slow musings on betrayal and redemption.
UK Premiere
Change Of Address (Changement D'adresse) (Country: France; Year: 2006; Director: Emmanuel Mouret; Writer: Emmanuel Mouret; Stars: Emmanuel Mouret, Frédérique Bel, Fanny Valette, Dany Brillant, Ariane Ascaride, Claire Breniaux, Clément Delmas, Magali Leroy, Jérôme Flaum, Frédéric Niedermayer, Hans Joachim Kruse)
Unrequited love in Paris.
UK Premiere
Family Law (Derecho de familia) (Country: Argentina, Italy, Spain, France; Year: 2006; Director: Daniel Burman; Writer: Daniel Burman; Stars: Daniel Hendler, Arturo Goetz, Eloy Burman, Julieta Díaz, Adriana Aizemberg, Jean Pierre Reguerraz, Dmitry Rodnoy, Luis Albornoz, Darío Lagos, Damián Dreizik, Gerardo del Águila)
A family man begins to consider his relationship with his father.
UK Premiere
The Host (Gwoemul) (Country: South Korea; Year: 2006; Director: Bong Joon Ho; Writer: Baek Chul-hyun, Bong Joon Ho, Ha Won-jun; Stars: Song Kang-ho, Byeon Hie-bong, Park Hae-il, Bae Du-na, Ko Ah-sung)
A toxic monster terrorises Seoul.
UK Premiere
House Of Sand House Of Sand
House Of Sand and It's Winter
House Of Sand (Casa De Areia) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2005; Director: Andrucha Waddington; Writer: Elena Soares; Stars: Fernando Montenegro, Fernanda Torres, Ruy Guerra, Seu Jorge, Luiz Melodia)
Three generations of women experience despair and hope in a remote desert.
UK Premiere
It's Winter (Zemestan) (Country: Iran; Year: 2006; Director: Rafi Pitts; Writer: Rafi Pitts; Stars: Ashem Abdi, Mitra Hajjar, Ali Nicksaulat, Said Orkani, Zahara Jafari, Naser Madahi, Safari Ghassemi)
Poverty and isolation in modern Iran.
UK Premiere
Jindabyne (Country: Australia; Year: 2006; Director: Ray Lawrence; Writer: Raymond Carver, Beatrix Christian; Stars: Laura Linney, Gabriel Byrne, Chris Haywood, Deborra-Lee Furness, John Howard, Leah Purcell, Eva Lazzero, Sean Rees-Wemyss, Alice Garner, Simon Stone, Betty Lucas, Max Cullen, Mala Ghedia, Tatea Reilly, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell, Stelios Yiakmis), Official Site, Trailer
A close-knit Australian community is rocked when four men discover a murder victim’s corpse and do nothing about it.
UK Premiere
Labour Equals Freedom (Delo Osvobaja) (Country: Slovenia; Year: 2005; Director: Damjam Kozole; Writer: Damjam Kozole; Stars: Peter Musevski, Nastasa Barabara Gracner, Primoz Petkovsek, Marjuta Slamie)
Mid-life crises and marital breakdown in Slovenia.
UK Premiere
Luxury Car (Jiang Cheng Xia Ri) (Country: France, China; Year: 2006; Director: Chao Wang; Writer: Chao Wang; Stars: Tian Yuan, Wu You Cai, Li Yi Qing, Huang He, Cao Cheng)
A city call girl tries to shelter her beloved country-dwelling father from the realities of her life.
UK Premiere
April Snow April Snow
April Snow and Skin
Next Door (Naboer) (Country: Denmark, Sweden, Norway; Year: 2005; Director: Pål Sletaune; Writer: Pål Sletaune; Stars: Kristoffer Joner, Cecilie Mosli, Julia Schacht, Anna Bache-Wiig, Michael Nyqvist, Oysein Martinsen)
Dumped by his girlfriend and seduced by his neighbours, John is beginning to lose his mind.
UK Premiere
One Fine Day (Du Jour Au Lendemain) (Country: France; Year: 2006; Director: Philippe le Guay; Writer: Olivier Dazat, Philippe le Guay; Stars: Benoit Poelvoorde, Bernard Bloch, Anne Consigny, Constance Dolle, Anne Le Ny)
A loser gets lucky and finds that happiness is a decision he can't take.
UK Premiere
The Page Turner (La Tourneuse de Pages) (Country: France; Year: 2006; Director: Denis Dercourt; Writer: Denis Dercourt, Jacques Sotty; Stars: Catherine Frot, Deborah Francois, Pascal Greggory, Xavier De Guillebon, Christine Citti, Clotilde Mollet)
A concert pianist's past returns to unravel her present.
International Premiere
Palimpsest (Country: Poland; Year: 2006; Director: Konrad Niewolski; Writer: Igor Brejdygant; Stars: Andrzej Chyra, Magdalena Cielecka, Robert Gonera, Adam Ferency, Henryk Talar, Grzegorz Warchol)
A Polish detective investigates the murder of a colleague.
European Premiere
The Right Of The Weakest (La Raison Du Plus Faible) (Country: France; Year: 2006; Director: Lucas Belvaux; Writer: Lucas Belvaux; Stars: Eric Cavaca, Natacha Regnier, Lucas Belvaux, Patrick Descamps, Claude Semal, Elie Belvaux)
A group of unemployed men who see no hope in their future decide to try to turn their fortunes around with a hold-up.
UK Premiere
To Get To Heaven, First You Have To Die To Get To Heaven, First You Have To Die
To Get To Heaven, First You Have To Die and Jindabyne
Skin (Pele) (Country: Portugal; Year: 2006; Director: Fernando Vendrell; Writer: Carla Baptista, based on the novel by Henrique Galvao; Stars: Daniela Costa, Franciso Nascimento, Manuel Wiborg, Fernanda Lapa, Nuria Madruga)
A young Portuguese woman battles the constraints of racial and class prejudice.
International Premiere
Summer Palace (Yihe Yuan) (Country: China; Year: 2006; Director: Ye Lou; Writer: Ye Lou; Stars: Xueyun Bai, Lin Cui, Long Duan, Xiaodong Guo, Lei Hao, Ling Hu)
Coming of age in Eighties Beijing.
UK Premiere
To Get To Heaven, First You Have To Die (Bihisht Faqat Baroi Murdagon) (Country: Russia, France, Tajikistan, Germany, Switzerland; Year: 2006; Director: Jamshed Usmonov; Writer: Jamshed Usmonov; Stars: Khurshed Golibekov, Dinara Drukarova, Maruf Pulodzoda)
A recently married youth attempting to overcome impotence goes out searching for sexual release.
UK Premiere
Tuning (Country: Slovenia; Year: 2005; Director: Igor Sterk; Writer: Igor Sterk, Sinisa Dragin; Stars: Natasa Burger, Tomi Janezic, Polona Juh, Peter Musevski, Andraz Polic)
A middle aged couple contemplate divorce.
UK Premiere
Water (Country: Canada, India; Year: 2005; Director: Deepa Mehta; Writer: Deepa Mehta; Stars: Lisa Ray, Sarala, Buddhi Wickrama, Rinsly Weerarathne, Iranganie Serasinghe, Hermantha Gamage, Ronica Sajnani, Manorama, Rishma Malik, Seema Biswas, Vidula Javalgekar)
The final part of Mehta's elementary trilogy about India.
UK Premiere
Labour Equals Freedom Labour Equals Freedom
Labour Equals Freedom and The Right Of The Weakest
White Palms (Fehér Tenyér) (Country: Hungary; Year: 2006; Director: Szabolcs Hajdu; Writer: Szabolcs Hajdu; Stars: Orion Radies, Silas Radies, Zoltán Miklós Hajdu, Gheorghe Dinica, Kyle Shewfelt, Andor Lukáts, Oana Pellea)
The experience of a gymnast training in Eastern Europe and Canada.
UK Premiere

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