Edinburgh International Film Festival 2006

Rollercoaster of short film showcases - if you don't like one, don't panic, there will be another along in five or 10 minutes.

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US Shorts US Shorts
US Shorts and European Shorts 1
European Shorts 1 (Year: 2006; Director: See individual reviews; Writer: See individual reviews; Stars: See individual reviews)
A collection of shorts about the nature of identity.
European Shorts 2 (Year: 2006; Director: See individual reviews; Writer: See individual reviews; Stars: See individual reviews)
Collection of shorts on the subject of love.
Family Animation Programme 1 (Year: 2006)
Short film fun for all ages. Features Black Bum, The Genie In A Tin Of Ravioli, Hyperboy, Justice, Go!, Jumptrumprumpbump and The Little Matchgirl.
Family Animation Programme 2 (Year: 2006)
Second showcase of short film suitable for everyone. Features: Moongirl, Mr Meteor, Smile, Tree Robo.
GMAC Cineworks (Year: 2006)
Collection of shorts, featuring: [film]Crow Moon[/film], [film]As Far As You've Come[/film], Edie's POV, [film]Snakebite[/film], Oh Lucky Man, The Way We Played and Toll.
McLaren Animation 1 (Year: 2006)
Short film showcase. Featuring: The Adventures Of John And John, Apart, Codehunters, Famine, Herzog & The Monsters, Hope, The Imperfectionist, Katch, Look For Me, Mad World, Rabbit, Sleep With The Fishes and Temerario.
McLaren Animation 2 ()
Second showcase of animated action. Features: Abigail, Adore, Careful, Cold Calling, Collision, Dreams And Desires - Family Ties, Film Noir, The Girl Who Did Things She Didn't Like First, The Grotlyn, Leap Of Faith, Moron and Nocturne In Sea Shark.
McLaren Animation 3 ()
Third serving of short film animation. Featuring: Percepta, Seven Ages Of Animation, The Stunt, The Technical Hitch, Ten Thousand Pictures Of You, Unaccompanied Lady, About Sofia, Blind Date, Bows & Arrows, A Cat's Tail, David And Goliath, Fetch, Frozen Heart, Horn OK Please, Hyperboy, Justice, Go!, Immortal Stories, Kitchen, Life Goes On, My Friend Marjorie, Potapych - The Bear Who Loved Vodka, Ujbazizbeneki Has Lost His Soul, Waking Up Inside The Fish.
Scottish Shorts ()
Homegrown short film, featuring Accidents, Born To Run, The Corner Shop, Fritz, Harrachov and [film]Laid Off[/film].
Tartan Shorts ()
BBC-funded Scottish short films. Featuring: The Harvest, Kissing, Tickling And Being Bored and Trout.
UKFC Digital Generation (Country: UK; Year: 2006)
Work produced through the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund shorts programme from the past year. Featuring: Blood & Chips, Bowl Cut, Bows & Arrows, [film]Cubs[/film] and Ma Boy.
UKFC Digital Generation 2 (Country: UK)
Second showcase of films funded by the Film Council. Featuring: Making Of Parts, Mash Up, Phobias, The Visit, Ten Thousand Pictures Of You.
UKFC First Past The Post 1 (Country: UK)
The UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund presents short films made through this year's Completion Fund - which aims to help up-and-coming film-makers secure the cash to complete their projects. Features: Dad, Dog Flap, Exit The Situation, In The Mood, Kochana Cafe.
UKFC First Past The Post 2 (Country: UK)
Second showcase of Film Council funded first-time projects. Features: Normal For Norfolk, One Hundredth Of A Second, The Other Man, Savage, The Sofa.
UK Shorts (Year: 2006)
Mini masterpieces from up and down the country. Featuring: Bipolar, Death Of The Revolution, Do Not Erase, Ex Memoria, The Other Man, The Space Between Us.
US Shorts (Year: 2006; Director: See individual reviews.; Writer: See individual reviews.; Stars: See individual reviews.)
A collection of shorts from over the pond.
World Animation 1 (Year: 2006)
Global selection of short film. Includes: 7tonnes2 (Nicholas Devaux), Delivery (Till Nowak), Emergence (Jerome Boulbes), Eels (Martin Rahmlow), (A Long Day Of) Mr Calpaccio (Uruma Delvi), Oli's Chance (Johannes Weiland, Saschka Unseld), Our Man In Nirvana (Jan Koester), A Painful Glimpse Into My Writing Process (In Less Than 60 Seconds) (Chel White), X (Raphael Wahl), Zlydni (Stepan Koval).
World Animation 2 (Year: 2006)
Second segment of global shorts. Features: Guide Dog (Bill Plympton), Icthys (Marek Skrobecki), Kapitaal (Tom Meijidam), Macnetism (Alex Dubus), McLaren's Negatives (Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre), Mr Schwartz, Mr Hazen & Mr Horlocker (Stefan Muller), My Date From Hell (Tim Wemann, Tom Bracht), Printed Rainbow (Gitanjali Rao), A Ram And A Goat (Natalie Berezovaya).
World Shorts (Year: 2006)
Showcase of the best from global short filmmakerss. Features: The Agreement, City Scene, Cricket Head, A Little Bit Higher, The Unfinished War.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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