Edinburgh International Film Festival 2006

The organisers said: "Think of Rosebud as your introduction to the new generation of directors. These films from first and second-time filmmakers celebrate what it is to be daring, radical, creative... and often imaginative with a budget."

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Wristcutters: A Love Story Wristcutters: A Love Story
Wristcutters: A Love Story and Black Sheep
3 Degrees Colder (3° kälter, Three Degrees Colder) (Country: Germany; Year: 2005; Director: Florian Hoffmeister; Writer: Florian Hoffmeister and Mona Kino; Stars: Bibiana Beglau, Sebastian Blomberg, Johann von Bulow, Alexander Beyer, Meret Becker, Florian David Fitz, Grisha Huber, Hubert Mulzer)
Five years after disappearing, a young man returns to disrupt the lives of those who knew him.
UK Premiere
Apart From That (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Jennifer Shainin, Randy Walker; Writer: Jennifer Shainin, Randy Walker; Stars: Susan Alotrico, Tony Cladoosby, Kyle Conyers, Alice Ellingson, Toan Le, Jessica Marlowe-Goldstein, Kathleen McNearney, Michael Sheiman, Gary Schoonveld, Kwami Taha)
An exploration of the lives of a group of partygoers.
International Premiere
The Aura (El Aura) (Country: Argentina; Year: 2005; Director: Fabian Bielinsky; Writer: Fabian Bielinsky; Stars: Ricardo Darin, Dolores Fonzi, Pablo Cedron, Alejandro Awada, Jorge D'Elia, Rafael Castejon, Manuel Rodal)
An epileptic taxidermist finds himself caught up in a heist.
UK Premiere
Birds Of Heaven (Les Oiseaux Du Ciel) (Country: France, UK; Year: 2005; Director: Eliane de Latour; Writer: Eliane de Latour; Stars: Fraser James, Djédjé Apali, Marie-Josée Croze, Sara Martins, Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Tella Kpomahou, Malik Zidi, Kad Merad, Agnès Soral, Michel Boheri, Jean-Baptiste Anoumon)
Two men from the Ivory Coast attempt to make the crossing into Europe, where they hope to make their fortunes.
UK Premiere
Black Brush (Fekete Kefe) (Country: Hungary; Year: 2005; Director: Roland Vranik; Writer: Roland Vranik; Stars: Csaba Hernadi, Gergo Banki, Andras Rethelyi, Karoly Hajduk)
A group of stoner friends take a trip in pursuit of their boss' missing money.
UK Premiere
Shut Up And Shoot Me Shut Up And Shoot Me
Shut Up And Shoot Me and Sherrybaby
Black Sheep (Schwarze Schafe) (Country: Germany; Year: 2006; Director: Oliver Rihs; Writer: Thomas Hess, Michael Sauter, Daniel Young, Jann Preuss, David Keller, Oliver Rihs, Olivier Kolb; Stars: Marc Hosemann, Barbara Kowa, Bruno Cathomas, Jule Bowe, Milan Peschel, Jenny Deimling, Robert Lohr, Michael Kinkel, Robert Stadlober, Tom Schilling, Daniel Krauss, Beat Marti, Kirk Kirchberger, Daniel Zillmann, Helga Senk, Eralp Uzun, Richard Hanschmann)
Five stories of bad taste and humour on the streets of Berlin.
World Premiere
Dam Street (Hong Yan) (Country: China; Year: 2005; Director: Yu Li; Writer: Li fang, Yu Li; Stars: Xingrao Huang, Yi Liu, Kechun Li, Yizhu Wang)
The experiences of a vulnerable young women in Eighties China.
UK Premiere
Deep (Diep) (Country: The Netherlands; Year: 2005; Director: Simone van Dusseldorp; Writer: Tamara Bos; Stars: Melody Klaver, Monic Hendrikx, Bart Klever, Joriik Scholten, Stijn Koomen, Damien Hope)
A teenage girl swims in the choppy waters of sexuality, out of her depth and determined not to drown.
International Premiere
A Few Kilos Of Dates For A Funeral (Chand kilo khorma baraya marassem-e tadfin) (Country: Iran; Year: 2006; Director: Saman Salour; Writer: Saman Salour; Stars: Mohsen Tanabandeh, Nader Fallah, Mohsen Namjou, Mahmoud Nazaralian)
A black comedy set in a petrol station in the Iranian desert.
UK Premiere
First Love (Hatsu-Koi) (Country: Japan; Year: 2006; Director: Yukinari Hanawa; Writer: Yukinari Hanawa, based on the novel by Misuzu Nakahara; Stars: Keisuke Koide, Aoi Miyazaki, Masaru Miyazaki, Rena Komine, Yu Emoto)
A teenaged girl becomes involved in a spectacular bank robbery.
UK Premiere
3 Degrees Colder 3 Degrees Colder
3 Degrees Colder and Apart From That
Gretchen (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Steve Collins; Writer: Steve Collins; Stars: Courtney Davis, John Merriman, Becky Ann Baker, Stephen Root, Macon Blair, Yasmin Kittles)
An awkward teenager seeks revenge for a broken heart.
UK Premiere
Guernsey (Country: The Netherlands; Year: 2005; Director: Nanouk Leopold; Writer: Nanouk Leopold; Stars: Maria Kraakman, Fedja van Huêt, Johanna ter Steege, Frank Vercruyssen)
An aid worker's life changes dramatically after she discovers a body.
UK Premiere
Holly (Country: US, France, Israel, Cambodia; Year: 2006; Director: Guy Moshe; Writer: Guy Jacobson, Guy Moshe; Stars: Thuy Nguyen, Ron Livingston, Virginie Ledoyen, Udo Kier, Chris Penn)
An American fence in Vietnam risks everything to help a 12-year-old trafficked slave.
World Premiere
Hotel Harabati (De Particular A Particular) (Country: France; Year: 2006; Director: Brice Cauvin; Writer: Jérome Beaujour, Brice Cauvin, Pierre Scholler; Stars: Laurent Lucas, Hélène Fillières, Anouk Aimée, Julie Gayet, Anthony Roth Costanzo, Husky Kihal)
A dream holiday becomes a journey into madness.
UK Premiere
How Is Your Fish Today? (Jin tian de yu zen me yang?) (Year: 2006; Director: Xiaolu Guo; Writer: Xiaolu Guo, Hui Rao; Stars: Rao Hui, Zang Yulang,)
Critical documentary in dramatic camouflage?
World Premiere
Looking For Cheyenne Looking For Cheyenne
Looking For Cheyenne and Deep
Iceberg (L'iceberg) (Country: Belgium; Year: 2005; Director: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy; Writer: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy; Stars: Fiona Gordon, Dominique Abel, Lucy Tulugarjuk, Philippe Martz, Robin Goupil, Ophelie Rousseau, Therese Fichet, Georges Jore, Louis Lecouvreur, Bruno Romy)
Slapstick comedy about a runaway wife obsessed with ice.
Scottish Premiere
In Between Days (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: So Yong Kim; Writer: Bradley Rust Grey, So Yong Kim; Stars: Kate Clancey, Jamie Hebert, Taegu Andy Kang, Ivy Khan, Bokja Kim)
Love story about a migrant teen who falls for her best friend.
UK Premiere
Looking For Cheyenne (Oublier Cheyenne) (Country: France; Year: 2005; Director: Valérie Minetto; Writer: Valérie Minetto, Cécile Vargaftig; Stars: Mila Dekker, Aurélia Petit, Malik Zidi, Laurence Côte, Luc Leclerc du Sablon, Christine Dory)
A couple split up and stumble through life whilst still in love with each other.
UK Premiere
The Lost (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Chris Sivertson; Writer: Jack Ketchum, Chris Sivertson; Stars: Marc Senter, Shay Astar, Alex Frost, Megan Henning, Robin Sydney, Michael Bowen, Ed Lauter)
A teenager kills two girls just to see what it will feel like.
UK Premiere
Love Sick (Legaturi Bolnavicioase) (Country: Romania; Year: 2006; Director: Tudor Giurgiu; Writer: Cecilia Stefanescu; Stars: Maria Popistasu, Ioana Barbu, Tudor Chirila, Catalina Murgea, Mircea Diaconu, Virginia Mirea, Tora Vasilescu, Valentin Popescu)
Two young women struggle to balance true love with responsibility.
UK Premiere
A Few Kilos Of Dates For A Funeral A Few Kilos Of Dates For A Funeral
A Few Kilos Of Dates For A Funeral and The Aura
Madeinusa (Country: Peru/Spain; Year: 2005; Director: Claudia Llosa; Writer: Claudia Llosa; Stars: Magaly Solier, Carlos Juan de la Torre, Yiliana Chong, Juan Ubaldo Huaman)
The festival of the Little Virgins in a Peruvian village offers one teenager an escape route.
UK Premiere
Midnight My Love (Cherm) (Country: Thailand; Year: 2005; Director: Kongdej Jaturanrasmee; Writer: Kongdej Jaturanrasmee; Stars: Petchtai Wongkamlao, Woranut Wongsawan, Siwa Traesang, Keunsith Suwanwattakee, Puritat Chaiseth)
A tender relationship forms between a cab driver and a young prostitute.
UK Premiere
Mutual Appreciation (Country: US; Year: 2005; Director: Andrew Bujalski; Writer: Andrew Bujalski; Stars: Justin Rice, Rachel Clift, Andrew Bujalski, Seung-Min Lee, Pamela Corkey, Kevin Micka)
A young musician struggles with his attraction to his best friend's girlfriend.
UK Premiere
Neo Ned (Country: USA; Year: 2005; Director: Van Fischer; Writer: Tim Boughn; Stars: Jeremy Renner, Gabrielle Union, Sally Kirkland, Cary Elwes, Summer LeAnn, Robert Peters, Steve Railsback, Ethan Suplee)
Oddball romantic comedy - not for everyone!
International Premiere
Princess (Prinzessin) (Country: Germany; Year: 2006; Director: Birgit Grosskopf; Writer: Birgit Grosskopf; Stars: Irina Potapenko, Henriette Müller, Desirée Jaeger, Amina Schichterich)
Girl gangs in German suburbia.
International Premiere
Holly Holly
Holly and Black Brush
The Ring Finger (L' Annulaire) (Country: France, Germany, UK; Year: 2005; Director: Diane Bertrand; Writer: Diane Bertrand, Yoko Ogawa; Stars: Olga Kurylenko, Marc Barbé, Stipe Erceg, Edith Scob, Hanns Zischler, Sotigui Kouyaté, Doria Achour, Anne Benoît, Louis Dewynter, Anne Fassio, Olivier Claverie)
After an industrial accident a woman moves town and takes up a very peculiar secretarial job.
UK Premiere
The Sacred Family (La Sagrada Familia) (Country: Chile; Year: 2004; Director: Sebastián Campos; Writer: Sebastián Campos; Stars: Patricia López, Néstor Cantillana, Sergio Hernández, Coca Guazzini, Macarena Teke, Mauricio Diocares, Juan Pablo Miranda)
Astringent comedy about an Easter family gathering.
UK Premiere
Seven Heavens (Seven Himmel, 7 Himmel, Sieben Himmel) (Year: 2005; Director: Michael Busch; Writer: Michael Busch; Stars: Daniela Schulz, Christoph Bach, Inga Busch, Lars Lollmann)
It's like deja vu all over again.
UK Premiere
Sherrybaby (Country: US; Year: 2005; Director: Laurie Collyer; Writer: Laurie Collyer; Stars: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Brad William Henke, Giancarlo Esposito, Sam Bottoms, Ryan Simpkins, Kate Burton, Bridget Barkan, Danny Trejo)
An optimistic ex-convict tries to rebuild her life.
International Premiere
Shut Up And Shoot Me (Sklapni a zastrel me) (Country: UK, Czech Republic; Year: 2006; Director: Steen Agro; Writer: Steen Agro; Stars: Karel Roden, Andy Nyman, Anna Geislerova, Robert Polo, Denisa Knoblochova)
A bumbling Englishman hires an equally incompetent assassin to kill him.
Scottish Premiere
How Is Your Fish Today? How Is Your Fish Today?
How Is Your Fish Today? and Love Sick
Special (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Hal Haberman, Jeremy Passmore; Writer: Hal Haberman, Jeremy Passmore; Stars: Michael Rapaport, Paul Blackthorne, Josh Peck, Robert Baker, Jack Kehler, Alexandra Holden, Ian Bohen, Christopher Darga, Erich Anderson, David Bear, Karyn Bryant, Amanda Carlin, Howard Ferguson, Howard Ferguson-Woitzman, Andrew Leeds)
An unexpected reaction to medication persuades an ordinary man that he's developing superpowers.
International Premiere
Summer '04 (Sommer '04, Sommer '04 an der Schlei) (Country: Germany; Year: 2006; Director: Stefan Krohmer; Writer: Daniel Nocke; Stars: Martina Gedeck, Robert Seeliger, Svea Lohde, Peter Davor, Lucas Kotaranin)
Unexpected thrills on a Baltic holiday.
UK Premiere
Sundays In August (Year: 2005; Director: Lee Jin-woo; Writer: Lee Jin-woo, Kim Yang-hee; Stars: Yang Eun-yong, Im Hyung-kook, Oh Jung-sae)
A post car crash tale of survivors and other displaced egos.
European Premiere
Twelve And Holding (12 And Holding) (Country: US; Year: 2005; Director: Michael Cuesta; Writer: Anthony Cipriano; Stars: Linus Roache, Annabella Sciorra, Zoe Weizenbaum, Jeremy Renner, Jayne Atkinson, Marcia DeBonis, Conor Donovan, Jesse Camacho)
A tragic accident changes the course of three children's lives.
UK Premiere
The Uncertain Guest (El Habitante Incierto, The Uninvited Guest) (Country: Spain; Year: 2004; Director: Guillem Morales; Writer: Guillem Morales; Stars: Andoni Gracia, Mónica López, Francesc Garrido, Agustí Villaronga, Minnie Marx)
A man in an isolated house admits a stranger, then doesn't know whether or not he's gone.
UK Premiere
Gretchen Gretchen
Gretchen and Hotel Harabati
Windows On Monday (Montag Kommen Die Fenster) (Country: Germany; Year: 2006; Director: Ulrich Köhler; Writer: Ulrich Köhler; Stars: Amber Bongard, Isabelle Menke, Ilie Nastase, Sülke Pierach, Ursula Renecke, Elisa Seydel, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Trystan Wyn Puetter)
A possibly pregnant wife walks out on her family.
International Premiere
Wrestling Grounds (L'Appel Des Arenes) (Country: Senegal, Burkina Faso, Morocco, France; Year: 2006; Director: Cheikh Ndiaye; Writer: Cheikh Ndiaye; Stars: Abdoul Aziz Ndiaye, Ibrahima Mbaye, Moustapha Gueye, Mohamed Ndao, Seynabou Sarr, Doudou Kaire, Khadidja Gueye, Pape Thiam)
The honour and respect for a cultural sport beside the dangers and excitement of night life in Dakar.
UK Premiere
Wristcutters: A Love Story (Country: USA; Year: 2006; Director: Goran Dukic; Writer: Goran Dukic, Etgar Keret; Stars: Patrick Fugit, Shannyn Sossamon, Shea Whigham, Tom Waits, Will Arnett, Cameron Bowen, John Hawkes, Leslie Bibb, Abraham Benrubi, Mikal P. Lazarev, Mary Pat Gleason), Official Site, Trailer
A young man kills himself and awakens in a land where everything is "just a little bit worse".
International Premiere

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