16 Years Of Alcohol
Life and times of a budding drunk in the mean streets of Edinburgh.
All Over Brazil
World Cup summer of 1974 and all 13-year-old Steve wants to be is a glam rocker.
A man goes on a personal voyage of discovery with his Down Syndrome sister.
All Tomorrow's Parties
Confusing refugee shenanigans.
American Splendor
True story about misfit who creates a popular comic series based on his own life.
Anna Spud
Who wants holidays if getting there is beyond ruin?
Discourse on electricity - the hows and whats - with moveable graphs and animated thingies.
An Armenian terrorist returns home to see his family and exact revenge.
Belleville Rendez-Vous
Animated tale of a boy who loves cycling, his supportive Gran and a dog called Bruno.
A Big Girl Like You
A French provincial girl grows up fast in Paris.
Black Tape
A tortured relationship is captured on camera.
Blind Shaft
Moral parable about greed and deception in rural China.
Blind Spot
Gritty Slovenian drama about a girl trying to help her drug-addicted brother.
A Boy's Life
Documentary about a dysfunctional boy and his family in small town Mississippi.
A summer camp for kids who adore musicals.
Capturing The Friedmans
A documentary charting the implosion of a family after a child sex scandal.
Cabin Fever
Deadly virus attacks teens in the woods.
Le Chignon d'Olga
Introspective drama focusing on the trials and tribulations of a family.
A dysfunctional New Zealand family Christmas.
Oliver Stone interviews Fidel Castro.
A series of symbolic works about sexual development and creation.
Crimson Gold
Anatomy of a murder, Iranian style.


Dad's Dead
Nostalgia for a working-class Liverpudlian childhood turns sour.
A Decade Under The Influence
Documentary outlining Hollywood’s 1970s heyday.
Deserted Station
Story about a couple stuck in the desert evolves into a modern parable.
Eating For Two
Trying for a baby over fish and chips.
Echelon The Secret Power
Mockumentary on the workings of a global information-gathering organisation.
Elle Est Des Notres
A lonely French office temp fantasises about a more interesting life, which might include murder.
The birth of Romance.
A year in the life of two small town Texan cops.
Fear X
A dark noir-ish mystery about a man looking for his wife's killer.
Feathers In My Head
Coping with the loss of a child by indulging in brutal sex.
The Federation Of Black Cowboys
Documentary about black cowboys in Brooklyn.
Four Eyes
Dark Scottish comedy as a man tries to support his family by selling double glazing for the boss from hell.
Herman Can Sing
Puppetry ventriloquy.
The Hours Of The Day
Portrait of a serial killer from the Barcelona suburbs.


Infernal Affairs
Two men, working undercover for the police and Triads respectively, have to eliminate each other to save their jobs, and their lives.
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Once a gangster, always a gangster?
Interstella 5555 The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5sytem
Daft Punk and Leiji Matsumoto’s animated house odyssey.
In America
A family of Irish immigrants tries to find their feet in New York.
In My Skin
Marina De Van indulges in self-harm and enjoys it.
A family tries to evade capture following the military coup in Argentina.
Killing Time At Home
There is a website called www.disposablefriends.com.
The Lease
A divorced Lithuanian woman leases an apartment and is miserable.
Letters In The Wind
Teenage Iranian conscripts endure basic army training in the mountains.
Laurel Canyon
Culture-clash drama about a man and his fiancee who move with his mother.
Lonely Boy
An abused child grows into a sad recluse.


Mansion By The Lake
Chekov transposed to the failing aristocratic classes of Sri Lanka.
Man Of The Year
mass murderer runs amok in the dusty streets of Brazil
Mystic River
Murder mystery in Massachusetts resurrects memories of child sex abuse.
My Architect
A son searches for the spiritual heart of his architect father through his life and work.
Ned Kelly
The myth The Kelly Gang is brought down to earth in an unromantic biopic.
New Life
Exploitative, misogynistic film about men treating women as dogs.
Noi Albinoi
An icy tale of love and rebellion.
Nobody's Life
Flying by deceit of his pants.
One For The Road
Drink-drivers gang up on a boozy millionaire and relieve him of his large change.
The Other Final
Movie maker sets up an alternative World Cup final between the world's two worst teams.
Party Monster
Flamboyant drama based on the life of club-kid promoter Michael Alig.
A couple find something nasty in the woods.
Scottish estate agent works hard showing clients and colleagues the stairway to heaven.
The Plot
An intruder in an empty house leads to the discovery of a website address.
A mother and son escape from their past lives in Portugal.
Pork Chop
An old lady goes to the butchers - twice - and has a night in with a pal.
Facing the apocalypse, as a secret website devotes itself to the terrible isolation of ghosts and the parable of techno terror.


The Rage In Placid Lake
Subversive comedy about an oddball making his way in a bland world.
The Red And The White
The bloody civil war in Russia that followed the October Revolution.
Japanese futuristic action pic about a probable alien invasion.
The River
A romantic comedy road movie, with thriller elements, in Senegal.
Room For The Night
A man alone in his car discovers the emotional alienation of sex for hire.
Royal Bonbon
A vagrant lays claim to the kingdom of Haiti.
Screaming Men
Finnish male voice choir have a scream on tour.
The Separation
A Siamese twin is unable to accept his oneness after being separated.
A boy comes to terms with his new baby sister.
Silence. The Stigmatised
What do you do when you meet someone who knows you better than yourself?
Since Otar Left
Three Georgian women deal with the absence of Otar, the only man in the family.
The Sky The Plane The Girl
The tale of a flighty romance.
Solid Air
Is a gambler really fighting for his dad - or just trying to win cash to pay off a debt?
Song For A Raggy Boy
Autobiographical account of life as a boy offender in an Irish Catholic reform school.
Documentary about black cultural renaissance during apartheid in an area of Johannesburg in the Forties and Fifties.
So Close
Kill-for-hire sisters get martial arts kicks.
Spare Parts
Drama about Slovenian immigrants being smuggled over the Italian border.
Sredni Vashtar
Spooky tale of a sick boy and a shed at the bottom of the garden.
A Story That Begins At The End
A high-caste Indian landowner discovers a wart on his chin that grows like Topsy.
Structure Space Form
Art is the shape of the city.
Style Wars/Style Wars: Revisited
Remastered 21-year-old documentary about graffiti artists in New York.
Success With Sweet Peas
Animation about gardening and friendship.
Swimming Pool
A prickly English author looks for inspiration in a hedonistic housemate.
A Thousand Clouds of Peace Fence the Sky, Love, Your Being Love Will Never End
A 17-year-old Mexican boy agonises over his lover, who has walked out on him.
A Thousand Months
Life in a poor Moroccan village, where a school chair is the most valued object.
Today And Tomorrow
A rather bad day for Paula.
Traces Of A Dragon: Jackie Chan And His Lost Family
Jackie Chan reveals the secrets of his family history.
The Trigger
An old Taiwanese gangster agrees on one last hit, which involves a young ex-con, trying to go straight.
Trilogy 1: On The Run
A homegrown terrorist escapes from jail in Grenoble and stays one step ahead of the police.
Trilogy 2: An Amazing Couple
Second part of Belvaux's trilogy is played mostly for laughs as a man comes to believe his wife is caught up in conspiracy.
Trilogy 3: After Life
Final part in the trilogy about a Grenoble detective and an escaped con.
Torremolinos 73
Comedy in which an encyclopedia salesman and his wife start shooting “scientific reproduction” Super 8 films.
Explosive action thriller set on a Korean subway.
The Tulse Luper Suitcases: Part One The Moab Story
A meandering historical epic life story of a traveller/natural historian/writer.


Vendredi Soir
A one-night stand between strangers who meet in a Parisian traffic jam.
A biographical fragment of the life and sacrifice of a disabled priest.
Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself
A suicide addict, a bookish brother and a single mother emotionally interact in Glasgow.
Wise Guys
Gangster paperboys embark upon a dodgy spree.
Wondrous Oblivion
Racial prejudice in South London, circa 1960, is relieved by cricket coaching in the back garden.
Korean SWAT team makes a drama out of a crisis.
Young Adam
Rootless drifter working on Scottish canal barge discovers dead woman in the water.

Filming sensations Mathieu Amalric on Pierre Léon, Jeanne Balibar and the sounds and colours of Barbara

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A different space Kelly Macdonald on working with Marc Turtletaub on Puzzle

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