A girl with an eccentric, repressed childhood grows up attracted to the odd detail in everyday life and to the strangest people.
Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner
First movie ever made in Inuit, it tells a tale of love, tradition and revenge.
The Anniversary Party
A couple's anniversary proves to be a test of their fidelity as well as of friendship.
Bangkok Dangerous
A deaf mute gunman tries to escape the deadly Bangkok underground.
Battle Royale
Futuristic Japanese survival gameshow where school children fight for their lives.
The Believer
An intelligent Jewish boy grows up into an urban terrorist who hates Judaism.
Boyhood Loves
A young Frenchman returns from the city to the rural home of his youth to visit his dying father in this subtle, effective drama.
La Ciénaga
A long hot summer on Argentinian estate for dysfunctional extended family.
Chain Camera
High school life seen through the eyes of 16 student videologues.
The Chateau
Decent culture clash comedy in which two very different American brothers inherit a dilapidated French chateau.
The Chimp
A teenage boy confronts adulthood as he waits to join the army.
Chop Suey
Cinematic scrapbook.
The Circle
Women from prison try to stay clean and out of trouble in a country where they are not respected.
Cool And Crazy
Norwegian documentary telling the tale of a male voice choir and its members in the remote fishing village of Berlevag.
Idealistic young film maker must decide where his loyalties lie as the 1970s approach.
Cry For Bobo
Tartan short: a hilarious, old-fashioned slapstick comedy about a criminal clown.


The Deep End
A mother tries to protect her son from suspicion after his lover is found dead.
The Devil's Backbone
Ghosts haunt an isolated orphanage during the last year of the Spanish Civil War.
Dogtown And Z-Boys
Absorbing documentary about the birth of modern skateboarding, told by those who were there.
Down From The Mountain
Nashville concert for those who played on the soundtrack of O Brother, Where Art Thou.
A complex World War Two tale of intrigue, romance and code-breaking.
All aboard the magical mystery bus.
Fat Girl
Two teenage sisters at French holiday resort respond to agony and ecstasy of first time sex.
Infamous exploitation shocker with real-life barnyard oddities.
Friends Have Reasons
A loan undermines three friends relationship.
Gabriel And Me
A boy tries to become an angel so he can save his dad from dying.
Gas Attack
Something unthinkable happens in Glasgow.
Ghost World
Teenage rebel makes friends with middle-aged jazz collector and discovers alienation.
Hedwig And The Angry Inch
Musical, in which a transsexual punk rocker recounts her life story.
Here To Where
Documentary (or mockumentary) about one man's life in an airport.
Her Father's Daughter
A man decides to pose as his friend and claim to be the father of a child that isn't his.


The Icelandic Dream
Likeable Icelandic comedy.
The Inner Tour
Documentary sees a busload of Palestinian tourists visit Israel.
In July
Quirky German romantic comedy road movie that should raise a few smiles.
Jump Tomorrow
Unpretentious, entertaining romantic comedy of culture clashes.
A woman returns to Afghanistan to save her suicidal sister.
Lawless Heart
Relationship ensemble drama, as lives intersect following a death.
Left Turn
A woman gets more than she bargains for when she picks up an old lady hitchhiker.
A disaffected youth on Long Island becomes involved with a rich paedophile, after his father has been arrested for fraud.
Lifetime Guarantee: Phranc's Adventures in Plastic
Documentary about a Jewish lesbian folk singer who switches career to sell Tupperware.
Little Dieter Needs To Fly
The life of an extraordinary Vietnam war hero.
Little Otik
Grotesque take on the story of the little wooden boy.
Lucky Break
British cons plan an escape by staging a prison musical.


A look at the lives of five maids in Sao Paulo.
A widowed garage owner deals with his wife's death while trying to patch up his relationship with his son.
The Man Who Wasn't There
An introspective barber in a small Californian town in the Forties initiates a blackmail that goes wrong.
A man returns to his hometown... and regrets it.
My Brother Tom
Two school loners fall in love.
Night Shift
Would you be friends with this guy?
No Man's Land
Black comedy about the Bosnian conflict told from the viewpoint of a trench between warring factions.
The Orphan Of Anyang
Drama about a man who decides to protect a baby, whatever the cost.
Possible Loves
The effect of a single twist of fate on a lifetime of love.
Do girls have more fun?
Illuminating documentary showing the realities of the Arab-Israeli conflict through the eyes of seven children.


Coming-of-age tale set against the backdrop of a family holiday.
Raw Deal - A Question of Consent
A disturbing investigation of an alleged rape at a frat house.
Rivers And Tides
A portrait of Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy whose fleeting natural artworks have earned him international renown.
Documentary about the plight of Iranian girls who run away from home.
Straightforward, honest drama about culture and generational clashes in a French-Algerian family.
Southern Comfort
A female-to-male transsexual "hillbilly" is diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
Documentary charting the rise and fall of a dotcom company.
The State I'm In
Old revolutionaries still on the run flee from Portugal to Germany with their teenage daughter.
Station Jim
Whimsical tale about a station porter.
Dual storyline explores suburban hypocrisy.
A painter on a large rail bridge finds the life-change of retirement difficult.
Stylish German Se7en style thriller.
The last days of Lenin.
Tears Of The Black Tiger
Tongue-in-cheek Thai tale of love and revenge, in glorious technicolor.
This Filthy Earth
Two sisters scrape a living farming muddy land, without hope or release.
The Travelling Salesman
This weird Italian effort takes far too long to reach its destination.
Trouble Every Day
A tale of a depressive American doctor, honeymooning in Paris, and a nymphomaniac who eats men.


The Warrior
A repentant murderer is pursued through the mountains.
University don fights cancer by treating it as she does the sonnets of John Donne.
Yellow Asphalt
Three stories of the clash between traditional and modern cultures set among the Bedouin people, economically told.
You Really Got Me
A loser gets mixed up in the kidnapping of a rock star.

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